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The Impossibility of Religious Freedom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Impossibility of Religious Freedom - Essay Example The arguments leading to the determination of the case are in themselves suggestive of the position taken by Sullivan. The court’s determination argument, the free religious practice of rights must be based on a sincerely held religious belief†¦Moreover, that Holt proved it, by being neither slight nor idiosyncratic with tenets of Islam is arbitrary. The argument as explained by Sullivan essentially means that it rests with the courts to debate and establish whether or not the religiously-motivated practices are enjoying protection under the first amendment of the constitution. The court had to determine the growth of mustache was sincerely and genuinely motivated by the Islam religion. The condition in itself amounts to a violation of the religious freedom in the sense that the interrogation of legitimacy. Sullivan ably supports his position that â€Å"through interrogating the legitimacy of religious behavior in this first instance, the court fundamentally destroys the very idea of religious freedom. He continues, By requiring authentication of the religious motivation, the courts extend free exercise clause onto the behavior that is legitimized by virtue of external proofs like sacred texts, clerical pronouncements, widespread adherence or historical tradition. The argument implies that by the courts attempting to widen the scope of free practice, to accommodate all the subjective and unsubstantiated claims of motivating religion, they risk subjecting all the laws to exceptions.

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Rabindranath Tagore Essay Example for Free

Rabindranath Tagore Essay Rabindranath Tagore] ( 7 May 1861 – 7 August 1941), sobriquet Gurudev,was a Bengali polymath who reshaped his regions literature and music. Author of Gitanjali and its profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, he became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. In translation his poetry was viewed as spiritual and mercurial; his seemingly mesmeric personality, flowing hair, and other-worldly dress earned him a prophet-like reputation in the West. His elegant prose and magical poetry remain largely unknown outside Bengal. Tagore introduced new prose and verse forms and the use of colloquial language into Bengali literature, thereby freeing it from traditional models based on classical Sanskrit. He was highly influential in introducing the best of Indian culture to the West and vice versa, and he is generally regarded as the outstanding creative artist of modern India.[5] A Pirali Brahmin from Calcutta, Tagore wrote poetry as an eight-year-old.[10] At age sixteen, he released his first substantial poems under the pseudonym BhÄ nusiá ¹Æ'ha (Sun Lion), which were seized upon by literary authorities as long-lost classics. He graduated to his first short stories and dramas—and the aegis of his birth name—by 1877. As a humanist, universalist internationalist, and strident anti-nationalist he denounced the Raj and advocated independence from Britain. As an exponent of the Bengal Renaissance, he advanced a vast canon that comprised paintings, sketches and doodles, hundreds of texts, and some two thousand songs; his legacy endures also in the institution he founded, Visva-Bharati University. Tagore modernised Bengali art by spurning rigid classical forms and resisting linguistic strictures. His novels, stories, songs, dance-dramas, and essays spoke to topics political and personal. Gitanjali (Song Offerings), Gora (Fair-Faced), and Ghare-Baire (The Home and the World) are his best-known works, and his verse, short stories, and novels were acclaimed—or panned—for their lyricism, colloquialism, naturalism, and unnatural contemplation. His compositions were chosen by two nations as national anthems: the Republic of Indias Jana Gana Mana and Bangladeshs Amar Shonar Bangla. The composer of Sri Lankas national anthem: Sri Lanka  Matha was a student of Tagore, and the song is inspired by Tagores style.

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Life is But a Stage... :: Personal Narrative Essay Example

Life is But a Stage... Â   This fall I performed the role of Stage Manager in the local high school production of Thornton Wilder's Our Town. Our director didn't cast the role as the traditional lead, white male that most productions use; we cut the role into two female parts of different race. Without the traditional portrayal to fall back on, we had to create our characters from scratch. The thought crossed my mind a few times that my character didn't really have a name. Certain names remind you of stereotypes, and based on a name you can make some easy, general choices on how to portray that character. Mindy is a ditz, Christine can easily be a nerd, and Irma can make a nice old maid. That name association gives you a point to start from, after which you can explore other things. But where on earth do you start with a name like Stage? Â   I formed an image of a guy wearing dirty overalls, walking barefoot and playing guitar outside his cabin in the woods. He liked to philosophize about the world, and found that a little Bailey's in his coffee made that world slightly clearer. He didn't need people around and didn't completely understand them -- or maybe he did, and just got frustrated because they didn't understand themselves. He usually walked with his hands in his pockets, looking either up at the trees or down at the ground, but never focused at eye level. Somewhere in the process I adopted a feminine perspective on my character, very much a tomboy but also very much a woman. Â   At two points in the show I took on other roles. . . in Act Two I played the minister at the wedding, which was a background character and not very distinct. Then, with fairly short notice I took on the role of Joe the undertaker in Act Three. I learned the blocking and the lines quickly, but my problem was that I had to change into Joe right on-stage, and just after my favorite Stage Manager speech. I decided to use a few simple physical traits to help get into character. First I buttoned my shirt, which in three seconds was the only thing I could think of to give the audience some clue that I was changing identities. I developed a squint, changed the tone of my voice, and I gave Joe a limp by keeping my left knee locked.

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Performance Appraisal Essay

Performance Appraisal is a formal management system that provides for the evaluation of the quality of an individual’s performance in an organization, and is usually prepared by the employee’s immediate supervisor, and the procedure typically requires the supervisor to fill out a standardized assessment form that evaluates the individual on several different dimensions and then discusses the result of the evaluation to the employee (Grote, 2002). According to Grote, too often, performance appraisal is seen merely as a once-a-year drill mandated by the personnel department, but in organizations that take performance appraisal seriously and use the system well, it is used as an ongoing process and not merely as an annual event. To obtain the best information possible if performance appraisal data must be used, four phase model of performance appraisal must be used, and these are through, performance planning, performance execution, and performance review. In performance planning, this is usually set at the beginning of the year, the manager and individual get together for a performance-planning meeting in which they discuss what a person will achieve over the next 12 months. In the performance execution, the manager provides coaching and feedback to the individuals to increase the probability of success and creates the condition that motivate and resolves any performance problems that arise and in the midway through the year, they meet to review the individual’s performance thus far against the plans and goals that they discussed in the performance planning meeting (Grote, 2002). In performance assessment, the manager reflects on how well the subordinate has performed over the course of the year, assembles the various forms of paperwork that the organization provides to make this assessment, and fills them out, and the manager also recommend a change in individual’s compensation based on the quality of the individuals work (Grote, 2002). The completed assessment form is then reviewed and approved by the appraiser’s boss, department head, or the compensation manager. In performance review, the manager and the subordinate meet, usually about an hour, and they review the appraisal form that the manager has written and talked about how well the person performed over the past 12 months, and at the end of the review meeting, they set a date to meet again to hold a performance-planning discussion for the next 12 months, at which point the performance management process anew (Grote, 2002). Self-ratings fit to this approach in the way that, it is needed by the manager in the performance assessment to be able to fully evaluate the employee.

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The Internet

While some consider it as a blessing others regard it as a curse, because the internet like everything else in the world has a good and a bad side to it. The one of the main reasons that many people blame is that there is no sense of censorship in the world of the internet.Without censorship many things spin out of control. People start using the internet as a method of spying rather than a manner of communication they abuse this blessing by placing information or data that is unacceptable such as hacking, others may use it for fraud or theft. When these actions are committed they are considered a as a form of crime, and like all other crimes they are intolerable by society.A student no longer needs to spend long hours in libraries searching for a desired piece of information. A web search engine can provide the needed material just at a click of a button and no matter which remote corner of the world you are in, the Internet will keep you side by side of the latest developments in y our area of interest.As with every new technology there are those who speak high of the Internet and there are those who portray it in an unfavorable source of knowledge. And as with other new technologies there is nothing wrong with the Internet itself. It is we who are to decide whether the internet is a curse or a blessing.The question as per whether the internet is a blessing or a curse for this millennial generation is attracting a global attention. As a topic of global interest, one just have to take a position but with an unbiased sense of judgment. The advent of internet has brought unprecedented breakthrough in every sphere of human endeavour and perhaps also some negative impact.Internet simply put, is a cloud based medium that enable dissemination of information internationally among millions of users through a network connecting computers and other compatible gadgets. The information could be accessed in a written form through electronic mail, recorded videos, instant me ssaging, video chat, pictorially etc.From every sense of fairness, Internet has turned the Universe to one global village and has done more good than evil. Can we say that internet is both a blessing and a curse? We should be able to take a position at the end of this discourse.Benefits of the Internet (Advantages)The benefits of the internet have to do with the blessings and advantages associated with its usage. They are discussed below:Knowledge Pool: There is hardly any topic that has no definition online. Scholars gladly research into any area of interest and make their findings available for the benefits of all seekers of knowledge on the internet. Fastest medium of information dissemination: It is the fastest medium of information dissemination especially if it is bulky. I remember waiting for the news vendor (print media) several hours to catch a glimpse of the latest news several years ago. But now, just go online, and you are current and abreast with latest news even before the news paper seller.An instructional media for Teachers: Students can learn and be taught at the comfort of their homes online (e-learning). They can attend classes even when they are thousands of Miles away from the school or learning centres. This is achieved via the aid of a projector connected to the internet. With other supportive accessories and gadgets, they can even have student-teacher interaction,a two way channel that consummate the learning process. Source of Income: It is a veritable source of income for millions of persons around the globe. Internet Service Provision in itself is a business whether at the multinational or local level. Today we have several online publishers and freelancers getting their livelihood through this medium.Medium for Data Storage: Data and information that need easy and quick retrieval can be better stored online. Though this may have some side effects but it is better. We live in a world prone to all forms of disasters such as fire occur rence, flood and theft just to mention a few. Documents stored online are safe in case of such occurrences. Business Transactions: Today we hear of e-commerce. This is made possible through the internet. Buying and selling with ease online is becoming the best practice and it has proved to  be safer and more convenient.Entertainment Media: It has assumed the widest spectrum for the entertainment media. Easy access to audio and video streaming with variety of choices especially with a very strong network. In most cases you pay data connection fee only while the movies are free. Although they have their own remote benefits. Medium of Advertisement: Online advertisement is one of fastest growing advertising media. There is hardly any site one visit without seeing one form of advert or the other. The fastest means of letting the World know what your business is and any other important information is to advertise it online.The Dark Side of the Internet (Disadvantages)The internet has s ome disadvantages. They are as follows:1. Malicious Spy: Some unscrupulous individuals take advantage of internet lapses to spy and access the privacy of some well meaning users . They have various means of achieving this nefarious act, most especially through Computer or electronic viruses.Through this medium some persons has lost valuables too numerous to quantify. To forestall this act, a reliable anti- virus or anti-spyware should be installed on Computer systems and similar gadgets that are online.2. Moral Decadence: The advent of internet has brought about a number of vices as a result of all manner of information that are allowed on online. For example there is unrestricted access to pornographic videos. This no doubt can corrupt Teenagers and even adults who lack discipline. Apart from pornography there are other movies that are not healthy for Children and Teenagers.3. Distraction: It can cause distraction if not properly harnessed with discipline even among adults. Too muc h time is spent by youngsters on irrelevant browsing at the expense of other meaningful engagements such as studying their books.4. Terrorism: Coordinated terrorist attacks are made possible in most cases via the internet. It easier for them to use this medium than any other means of communication for the sake of secrecy.5. Fraud: Internet is one of the greatest avenue through which fraud has been committed. This most often is possible through deceit and false identity. As a result the unsuspecting public are prone to be victims. It is one of the biggest media for trading as indicated in the benefits of online transaction.We have seen situation of impersonation and declaration of false identity and sometime one wonder why they sail through even with all these numerous warnings and awareness creation about this type of activities. This is a â€Å"Food for Thought†.In my own opinion I think the reason why many fall prey is because of greed. An attempt to get rich â€Å"overnig ht† as a result they can’t exercise enough patience for proper investigation.From the forgoing I think one can easily take position as per whether Internet is a Blessing or a Curse especially for this millennial generation. The benefits derivable from the use of the internet far outweigh the disadvantages.More so, some of the disadvantages are manageable. It is a matter of discipline and curbing one’s will power. Teens phase of life are explorative in nature. If they are given proper foundation with respect to the consequences using the internet wrongly, they will abide. Sanity comes with good upbringing with parents and guardians showing good example.A lot have been done to curb the activities of hackers online and to a very high extent it has proved very effective. Employ the services of Virus protection Software and you can be sure you are secured online. There is also online Parental control and monitoring Software to guard against wards transcending their bo und.Internet Service providers (ISP) are also on their heels monitoring the activities of those who uses their services maliciously especially for fraudulent purposes. Such accounts can be monitored and closed down though it takes a lot to do so.

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New Deal Flaws essays

New Deal Flaws essays During the 1930s and 1940s the United States went through a lot of problems such as World War II and the Great Depression. During the Great Depression President Roosevelt made up a plan to alleviate the effects of the Depression, but according to Jim Powells FDRs Folly, the New Deal did not fix the unemployment status of so many people, and the TVA which had many negative impacts on the economy, which might have influenced the United States to join the World War II. One major problem that the Unites Sates had during the Great Depression was unemployment, and FDRs Folly explains how the New Deal didnt fix this problem. During the 1930s the unemployment never went under 14 percent, and even in 1941 for the military buildup for World War II, still 9.9 workers were unemployed. The FDR started to build things like schools, railroads, and parks so people could have that job, but all it meant was the more money they spent, the more taxes all the people had to pay off to the government which still left the people in depression. They also spent more money in the states that were better off than the worse states, like they would spend more money in the West instead of the South. So the New Deal did not help the states with a higher percent of Black population, Farmers and such. So the New Deal really didnt help people get jobs, and if it did then it would mean you would have to pay off more taxes in the end of the year. The Tennessee Valley Authority was a program from the New Deal that was supposed to bring electricity to the people with an affordable cheap price. It also encompassed many FDR interests, conservation, utility regulation, regional planning and social economic. Powell explains that it had a negative impact on the economy, because of all the floods it had caused and how much it had cost to build all these dams. This made so many floods that it equaled up to the size of the...

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Analysing Abuse Of Migrant Domestic Worker Social Work Essay Essays

Analysing Abuse Of Migrant Domestic Worker Social Work Essay Essays Analysing Abuse Of Migrant Domestic Worker Social Work Essay Essay Analysing Abuse Of Migrant Domestic Worker Social Work Essay Essay In twelvemonth 2004, the first of all time recorded of the state worst abused and tortured of migratory worker, Nirmala Bonat. The intelligence has brought to illume the sad and painful incidents as a 19th twelvemonth old Indonesian amah told a disking narrative of how she was repeatedly burnt with an Fe and scalded with boiling H2O by her Malayan employer. The Malayan image of a lovingness state has been tarnished when images of abused Indonesian domestic workers were featured in major newspapers. The studies made great impact as it drew series of reaction from disgusted and angry Malaysians who could non believe the fact that members of our really ain community could perpetrate such barbarous Acts of the Apostless. I merely could non bear by looking at the images of Nirmala Bonat being brutalized by her employer. What has she done to merit such terrible penalty from her employer? If so, Nirmala Bonat is unqualified in her day-to-day modus operandis work, she should hold been returned to her agent for replacing. Manhandling a human being or psyche, who is here to gain a better life and life is like perpetrating a merciless offense. Five old ages subsequently in 2009, another similar Nirmala Bonat instance doing the headlines one time once more. An Indonesian amah by the name, Siti Hajar was tortured by an old Malayan lady without any sense of humanity at all towards her. Mistreating migratory domestic worker or assistant is no longer something new in the society. Siti Hajar s predicament made the Malayan and Indonesian media a headlines one time more. News says that she being allegedly scalded with boiling H2O, tortured and starved. The worst still she is merely fed with field rice and on occasion her employer have asked the amah who is a Muslim to digest porc meat is simply inexcusable at all. One after another, Siti Hajar instances has led to an alleged colza, physical maltreatment, denial of wages and basic rights of three Indonesian adult females by their employer in Sungai Siput, Perak. Such Acts of the Apostless are merely inhumane. Up to dated, statistics shows more than hundred of thousand Indonesian adult females are believed to work in Malayan places as trusting to gain a better life. Malaysia as the 2nd largest finish for Indonesian amah after Saudi Arabia besides Kuwait, Jordan, Hong Kong and some other states including amah working in the United States of America. There are few inquiry that I would wish to raise up here ; are the Indonesian amahs working aboard under a good status? Do they have the right for their wages or even acquiring a freedom of human right? Never, I do understand why the Philippines amahs were non abused or even being tortured physically. Is it due to the communicating dislocation between the amah and the employer? By holding a amah or migratory domestic assistant, would it do things much easier or hard for us? Not to bury, most amah from Indonesia which are brought into the state, simply are from a lower class. This is because a much more skilled and choice 1s would be sent to other states which offer a greater moneymaking amount of money, states like Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. This would take to Malaysian employer felt that they are being cheated as they have to be prepared to accept those lower classs migratory domestic worker. While the agents are allowed to capitalise on a moneymaking concern as they frequently wash their custodies off every bit shortly as the workers are delivered to the employers. Such state of affairs left no option for the employer as they would necessitate to develop the lower classs domestic worker in family direction from basic ; How to acquire the wash done? Cleaning up the bathrooms? Geting the rubbish out of the house? Baby-sitting? Helping our married womans in the kitchen or even thought of assisting you and your household with cookery? With all this state of affairss, the employer would stop up with tonss of load and wretchedness. Before I go any farther in discoursing the possible steps that can be taken as to control these issues efficaciously, allow us take a glimpse at the Malayan jurisprudence and policies on migratory workers. The system that is being pattern in Malaysia has put migratory domestic workers at complete disadvantage every bit far as seeking for justness is concerned. This is because the migratory domestic workers are at a bigger disadvantage as they are non even considered workers and as such do non fall under the commissariats of the Employment Act. Laws and policies are enforced with great velocity and efficiency when migratory workers violate these Torahs and the state of affairs is different when the employer does the same offenses. Even tough, migratory workers make ailments against their employers, they will be subjected to assorted signifier of maltreatments including verbal and physical menaces. This once more causes them to populate under terrible emphasis and fright. I have seen and heard many instances where workers are instantly got their contract terminated and being repatriated back to their place state where they are loaded with immense debts and poorness. Therefore, domestic workers particularly would set up with the maltreatments and anguish instead than returning to their states empty handed. The following point that I would wish to include in this essay is the signifiers of maltreatments endured by migratory domestic workers in Malaysia. Press studies simply stated that the rewards to workers are non paid as per the contract even after they have fulfilled all the contract footings. Nevertheless, migratory domestic workers spend a batch of money to come to this state and most of the rewards earned are frequently used to pay up loans and debts, which they have secured and as to feed their households back place. When employers do non pay the rewards, the workers suffer the most. Beside that, migratory domestic workers are frequently forced to populate in cramped, dirty and severely equipped hovels or crowded into houses meant for a little household. Some even sleep on the kitchen floor with merely a piece of thin mattress. To be exact, domestic workers are non given a proper suites of their ain and such lodging installations that are non fit for populating would take to adv ance unhealthy conditions. The state of affairs, which I have pointed out, brought an environment where employers feel they have the immunity power . Hence migratory domestic workers are virtually at the clemency of their employers who are confident that they would be able to acquire away with about anything. Some employers are to the full cognizant that even if the affair is brought to the attending of the governments such as the civil tribunals or industrial tribunal, the immigrant policies in Malaysia would do it about impossible for the migratory worker to successfully seek justness or damages without first either running out of money or clip both which is wholly controlled the policies stipulated by the Immigration Department. It is non until the exclusive ground of Nirmala Bonat s instance received so much attending and speedy damages was given because the badness of her hurts doing the headlines of every local newspaper forepart page. Public call on her instance has prompted the Malayan governments to swing into immediate action. The responds show that Malayan can administrate justness fleetly and efficaciously when it chooses to make so. It is pertinent to observe that many instances go unreported in the media. High profile instances that drew attending has forced Malaysia taking up the steps to look into on amah maltreatments by inspecting on places, interviews of amahs and employers and besides by presenting a helpline. Therefore, as to control the jobs efficaciously, I call on the authorities to allow fleet action to migratory workers in seeking justness and protection. Employers who break the jurisprudence must be made accountable. The authorities should enforce heavier penalty to maid maltreaters. Law and policies that impede or detaining the justness system must be either amended or removed together. The Malayan authorities demand to guarantee that enforcement bureaus such as the Immigration Department, Civil or Industrial Court and the Police Force to implement the jurisprudence without prejudice and bias. Whereby there are instances been brought to my attending that migratory workers have frequently been subjected to extortion by enforcement forces. Enforcement forces have besides been known to take the employers side in haling workers to follow with unjust footings of employment. These allegations of extortion and gross misconduct by enforcement forces must be investigated. Enforcement must be carried out fleetly and impartially against employers who do non obey the jurisprudence. The governments must non wait boulder clay there is a public indignation as to acquire into action. In other words, all relevant governments are to halt all type of torment on migratory domestic workers instantly. I personally think that the authorities should put minimal work and life environment criterions that employers must adhere to. These can be achieved efficaciously as the authorities must sign the International Convention on Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers and Members of their Families, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1990 and guarantee its full execution. The cultural differences in Malaysia as for a domestic worker to work 24 hours, seven yearss a hebdomad with no off twenty-four hours while being paid rewards below the national poorness line. I would wish to press all migratory domestic workers who have been abused to courageously step frontward and expose their employers as to set a halt of maltreating them. The agents excessively should be accountable for their sloppiness and irresponsibleness as most Muslims amahs who work in non-Muslim places were required to bath Canis familiariss and handled porc. Such act would absolutely insensitive on the portion of the employers and the agents. The solution would be that non-Muslim employers should be allowed merely to engage non-Muslim amahs while Muslim employers to convey in Muslim amahs. The phrase Learn to populate without amahs struck my head as I was watching Nanny 911, a telecasting series of a Nanny assigned to places as to assist out American twosomes in managing and pull offing their households. I would wish to province that work forces and kids should besides make housekeeping. House jobs are non every bit easy as you think it would be. We Malayan are a lucky batch as we can afford to hold amahs with low-cost rates and yet there are ailments of Indonesian amahs now are inquiring for a small more. Therefore, I would state we should make the day-to-day jobs, place and outside ourselves. I have seen how typical it can be as merely the adult females do everything at place as the work forces and kids merely laze about. Mind you there are tones of work to be done in the house besides caring for the kids. There is the sweeping and swabbing, cleaning the lavatories, rinsing dishes, the wash, the ironing, the cookery, dusting the Windowss and cabinets and the list go es on. This is non just to adult females particularly, we should hold a balance and as for the work forces and kids should impart a assisting custodies in helping with the family jobs. I think it is about clip for us to larn to make something ourselves as this is something that we should chew over over. I would wish to propose that we should non entirely depend on amahs from aboard. We could develop our local adult females particularly the individual female parents or strictly a fulltime homemaker. We could hold them to come over on day-to-day footing or even by the hours as another option in controling the jobs. This will take to a cost effectual and less hazard of domestic assistant or amah being abuse as they are non necessitate to remain with the employer. Career adult females with households to take attention of should alter their mentality as puting the whole duty of the family works entirely to the amah as their retainer. Therefore to ease their concerns particularly those holding kids could direct them to a nursing or a child care centre during the yearss and pick them up after work. The facets of pull offing clip with work and family responsibilities are truly difficult to pull off. I would state, why non we do it ourselves as life has become much more easy with new innovations with the latest engineering of electrical contraptions in making family plants. Childs are really much a fast gait scholar in everything if they were taught on how to make manage family jobs. We should develop our kids to be more subject and independent from a younger age as to acquire rid off the exclusive hope on amahs. Parents can get down by stating them how to maintain their infinite clean and tidy, like make up their beds as they got up from slumber, wash their ain home bases or even acquire the rubbish out of the house. I would love to Live a life without the amah , the married woman should inquire the male partner for aid, cooperation and portions the duty in pull offing the house and their kids. In most develop states particularly the westerner, we could see that the male gender does non experience ashamed when semen to household plants. The hubby and married woman would take bends and portion equal duties in raising and taking attention of the household. It is approximately clip as the long-standing issue on the supply of amahs is eventually approaching a decision between Malaysia and Indonesia with the sign language of the Letter of Intent ( Lol ) on amendments to the Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) on the Recruitment and Placement of Maids from Indonesia on the 18th May 2010. The Indonesian authorities is expected to raise its prohibition since June last twelvemonth as to let its citizen to work in Malaysia once more. Both authorities functionaries have been keeping meetings to decide issues in relation to the amahs issue. Among the issues agreed to is that amahs in Malaysia will be given one twenty-four hours off hebdomadal and their right to keep on to their passports. However, employer and the amah concern could hold to predate the twenty-four hours off in stead of compensation and an employer could besides keep onto a amah s passport if both parties agreed. The lone issue that is still pending is the pay paid to migrant dom estic workers as it requires more treatments. Finally, I hope the authorities would acknowledge Migrant Domestic Workers as workers and allow them all the rights that come with the position. This hopefully will decide the job. Possibly the employers should besides be required to subscribe an project non to physically mistreat the amah and if they are unhappy, the amahs are to be returned to the bureau for farther preparation or acquiring a new replacing. BIBLIOGRAFI 1. Prof Datuk Dr. Nik Safiah Karim, Head of PERTIWI ( 2009 ) . The Maids: Ease V Burden. Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam ( PERTIWI ) . 2. Prof Madya Dr. Rusinah Siron, Social Analysis. ( 2009 ) . Get the better of your life without Indonesian amah. Universiti Tenaga Malaysia ( UNITEN ) , Kuala Lumpur. 3. Article Maid trade shortly , The Star, 19th May 2010. 4. Article Learn to populate without amahs , The Star, 24th May 2010. 5. Immigration Department of Malaysia. 6. Malayan Employment Act. 7. hypertext transfer protocol: // Nirmala Bonat instance: Housewife found guilty, 18 old ages gaol.

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Life and Travels of Ibn Battuta, World Explorer and Writer

Life and Travels of Ibn Battuta, World Explorer and Writer Ibn Battuta (1304–1368) was a scholar, theologian, adventurer, and traveler who, like Marco Polo fifty years earlier, wandered the world and wrote about it. Battuta sailed, rode camels and horses, and walked his way to 44 different modern countries, traveling an estimated 75,000 miles during a 29 year period. He journeyed from North Africa to the Middle East and Western Asia, Africa, India and Southeast Asia. Fast Facts: Ibn Battuta Name: Ibn BattutaKnown For: His travel writing, which described the 75,000-mile journey he took during his rilha.Born: February 24, 1304, Tangier, MoroccoDied: 1368 in Morocco  Education: Schooled in the Maliki tradition of Islamic lawPublished Works: A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling or The Travels (1368 Early Years Ibn Battuta (sometimes spelled Batuta, Batouta, or Battutah) was born in Tangier, Morocco on February 24, 1304. He was from a fairly well-to-do family of Islamic legal scholars descended from Berbers, an ethnic group indigenous to Morocco. A Sunni Muslim trained in the Maliki tradition of Islamic law, Ibn Battuta left his home at the age of 22 to begin his rihla, or voyage. Rihla is one of four forms of travel encouraged by Islam, the best known of which is Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. The term rihla refers to both the travel and the genre of literature that describes the journey. The purpose of rihla is to enlighten and entertain readers with detailed descriptions of pious institutions, public monuments and religious personalities of Islam. Ibn Battutas travelogue was written after he returned, and in it he stretched the conventions of the genre, including autobiography as well as some fictional elements from the adjaib or marvels traditions of Islamic literature.   The first seven years of Ibn Battutas Travels took him to Alexandria, Mecca, Medina, and Kilwa Kiswani.   Wikipedia Users Setting Off Ibn Battutas journey began from Tangier on June 14, 1325. Originally intending to make a pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, by the time he reached Alexandria in Egypt, where the lighthouse was still standing, he found himself entranced by the people and cultures of Islam.   He headed for Iraq, Western Persia, then Yemen and the Swahili coast of East Africa. By 1332 he reached Syria and Asia Minor, crossed the Black Sea and reached the territory of the Golden Horde. He visited the steppe region along the Silk Road and arrived at the oasis of Khwarizm in western central Asia.   Then he traveled through Transoxania and Afghanistan, arriving in the Indus Valley by 1335. He stayed in Delhi until 1342 and then visited Sumatra and (perhaps- the record is unclear) China before heading home. His return trip took him back through Sumatra, the Persian Gulf, Baghdad, Syria, Egypt, and Tunis. He reached Damascus in 1348, just in time for the arrival of the plague, and returned home to Tangier safe and sound in 1349. Afterwards, he made minor excursions to Granada and the Sahara, as well as to the West African kingdom of Mali. A Few Adventures Ibn Battuta was mostly interested in people. He met and talked with pearl divers and camel drivers and brigands. His traveling companions were pilgrims, merchants, and ambassadors. He visited countless courts. Ibn Battuta lived on donations from his patrons, mostly elite members of Muslim society he met along the way. But he was not just a traveler- he was an active participant, often employed as a judge (qadi), administrator, and/or ambassador during his stops. Battuta took a number of well-placed wives, generally daughters and sisters of the sultans, none of whom are named in the text.   Ibn Battuta is thought to have reached Asia.   Wikimedia Users Visiting Royalty Battuta met countless royals and elites. He was in Cairo during the reign of the Mamluk Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun. He visited Shiraz when it was an intellectual haven for Iranians fleeing the Mongol invasion. He stayed in the Armenian capital of Staryj Krym with his host, the governor Tuluktumur. He detoured to Constantinople to visit Andronicus III in the company of the Byzantine emperor Ozbek Khans daughter. He visited the Yuan emperor in China, and he visited Mansa Musa (r. 1307–1337) in West Africa.   He spent eight years in India as a qadi in the court of Muhammad Tughluq, the Sultan of Delhi. In 1341, Tughluq appointed him to lead a diplomatic mission to the Mongol emperor of China. The expedition was shipwrecked off the coast of India leaving him with neither employment nor resources, so he traveled around southern India, Ceylon and the Maldive islands, where he served as qadi under the local Muslim government. History of the Literary Rilha In 1536, after Ibn Battuta returned home,  the Marinid ruler of Morocco Sultan Abu Ina commissioned a young literary scholar of Andalusian origins named Ibn Juzayy (or Ibn Djuzzayy) to record Ibn Battutas experiences and observations. Over the next two years together, the men wove what would become the Book of Travels, based primarily on Ibn Battutas memories, but also interweaving descriptions from earlier writers.   The manuscript was circulated around different Islamic countries, but not much cited by Muslim scholars. It eventually came to the attention of the west by way of two adventurers of the 18th and 19th centuries, Ulrich Jasper Seetzen (1767–1811) and Johan Ludwig Burckhardt (1784–1817). They had separately purchased abridged copies during their travels throughout the Mideast. The first English language translation of those copies was published in 1829 by Samuel Lee. Five manuscripts were found by the French when they conquered Algeria in 1830. The most complete copy recovered in Algiers was made in 1776, but the oldest fragment was dated 1356. That fragment had the title Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Traveling, and is believed to have been a very early copy indeed if not an original fragment.   The complete text of the travels, with  parallel Arabic and a French translation, first appeared in four volumes between 1853–1858 by Dufrà ©mery and Sanguinetti. The full text was translated first into English by Hamilton A.R. Gibb in 1929. Several subsequent translations are available today.   Criticism of the Travelogue Ibn Battuta recounted tales of his travels throughout his voyage and when he returned home, but it was not until his association with Ibn Jazayy that the stories were committed to formal writing. Battuta took notes during the journey but admitted that he lost some of them along the way. He was accused of lying by some contemporaries, though the veracity of those claims is widely disputed. Modern critics have noted several textual discrepancies which hint at substantial borrowing from older tales.   Much of the criticism of Battutas writing is aimed at the sometimes confusing chronology and plausibility of certain parts of the itinerary. Some critics suggest he may have never reached mainland China, but did get as far as Vietnam and Cambodia. Parts of the story were borrowed from earlier writers, some attributed, others not, such as Ibn Jubary and Abu al-Baqa Khalid al-Balawi. Those borrowed parts include descriptions of Alexandria, Cairo, Medina, and Mecca. Ibn Battuta and Ibn Juzayy acknowledge Ibn Jubayr in the descriptions of Aleppo and Damascus.   He also relied on original sources, relating historical events told to him in the courts of the world, such as the capture of Delhi and the devastations of Genghis Khan. Death and Legacy After his collaboration with Ibn Jazayy ended, Ibn Batuta retired to a judicial post in a small Moroccan provincial town, where he died in 1368. Ibn Battuta has been called the greatest of all travel writers, having traveled farther than Marco Polo. In his work, he provided priceless glimpses of the various people, courts and religious monuments around the world. His travelogue has been the source of countless research projects and historical investigations. Even if some of the stories were borrowed, and some of the tales a bit too marvelous to be believed, Ibn Battutas rilha remains an enlightening and influential work of travel literature to this day. Sources Battuta, Ibn, Ibn Juzayy, and Hamilton A.R. Gibb. Ibn Battuta, Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354. London: Broadway House, 1929. Print.Berman, Nina. Questions of Context: Ibn Battuta and E. W. Bovill on Africa. Research in African Literatures 34.2 (2003): 199-205. Print.Gulati, G. D. Ibn Battuta in Transoxiana. Proceedings of the Indian History Congress 58 (1997): 772-78. Print.Lee, Samuel. The Travels of Ibn Batuta Translated from the Abridged Arabic Manuscript Copies. London: Oriental Translation Committee, 1829. Print.Morgan, D. O. Battuta and the Mongols. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 11.1 (2001): 1-11. Print.Norris, Harry. Ibn Battuta on Muslims and Christians in the Crimean Peninsula. Iran the Caucasus 8.1 (2004): 7-14. Print.Waines, David. The Odyssey of Ibn Battuta: Uncommon Tales of a Medieval Adventurer. London: I.B. Tauris Cp, Ltd, 2010. Print.Zimonyi, Istvn. Ibn Battuta on the First Wife of Ãâ€"zbek Khan. Central Asiatic Journal 49.2 (2005): 303-09. Print.

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International case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

International case - Essay Example Database management skills of the staff were weak and there were pressures to reduce costs. The system development process was complex and risk-prone. The focus of the new information system was to manage flow and water demand information. Data exchange between different stakeholders of the project was not fully automated as their information systems were not designed for data and information exchange among other stakeholder agencies. The implementation process of KOBWA happened at a time when roles were yet to be assigned to the new staff. The paper and spreadsheet based processes had to be shifted to computer-based systems gradually for ease of functions in the operations. Deficiency of staff also presented a hurdle in the implementation process. Manual processes were used for preparing regular reports on the water quality status as the graphical display routines designed for checking flow data could not be leveraged for examining water quality data. Map displays were also documented manually. A close connection between the water quality data and the GIS databases was desired for raising water quality status maps. Getting the data from field, DWAF, MNRE, and other data suppliers was again a manual process realized through spreadsheets or text export files from different agencies and transferring them into Hydstraâ„ ¢. There was good scope of committing errors due to non-automation of the processes; it needed many resources on checking data in the database. As manual processes required staff which was deficient, resources had to be employed for comprehending the reactionary change in the water quality with flow and long & short term routines. It could affect the standard and utility of the information as precious time got wasted in database maintenance and preparing status reports

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See attach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

See attach - Essay Example According to the play paragraph presented, the relation between the speaker and other people has been affected by his mentality or perception towards them. He sees other people as advantaged having compared his daily occurrences to theirs. According to his perception, his life occurrences are the worst compared to any other person. All these can be proven by the utterances in the last four sentences of the given play paragraph. The speaker in the last paragraph of the play admits that he cannot meet his full objective based on his personality and set to fake and try a new pattern. As per my perception, the speaker is very intelligent and trusts his personality. This can be proven by his words in the first three sentences that he is determined to prove villain since he cannot prove a lover in the fair well-spoken days (Wells, 32). The speaker is a hard working and determined person. His change of pattern shows that he is a character that can go to extreme to achieve his desire. This can be explained by his utterance in the seventh sentence of the given paragraph. In this sentence, the speaker plots to set his brother Clarence and the king in a deadly hate to prove villain (Wells, 32). Comparing the two lines of the play paragraphs, the speaker failed in accomplishing his life desire in the right path as those who chose the villain path succeed. This has brought a change in the speaker’s perception about his personality that he is set to abandon his personality achieve his desire. The soul reason is to prove villain and drive people back to reality. As per my perception, induction is always the best mode of logical thought though surrounded by minor setbacks (Wells, 34). Induction is a slow process that is based on reality while deduction is based on presumption that tends to drive people to the shortest way possible to achieve their life desire. According to the first paragraph, the

Research the development of endoxaban as well as the target and Essay

Research the development of endoxaban as well as the target and mechanism of action. Illustrate aspects of the discovery and development process that are relevant to endoxaban - Essay Example , however jus most recently in the January of 2015.1 In the USA, the drug has been approved both for the prevention of the systematic formation of blood clot in the non–central-nervous-system, as well as for the prevention of stroke1. The drug is currently approved for medical use in the treatment of the thrombosis of deep veins, as well as in the treatment of pulmonary embolism, after a period of 5 to 10 days therapy involving the application of a parenteral-based coagulant.3 The development of the Endoxaban oral drug started several years ago, but the first official request for investigation and approval by the Daiichi Sankyo company was made to the Ministry of Health in Japan in 6 April 2010.2 The investigation of the drug commenced and the approval of its commercial production and sale was approved in Japan by the Ministry of Health on 22 April 2011, making the drug a fully approved medication for the prevention of venous thromboembolisms (VTE).4 At the international level, the drug has undergone successful investigations, with the first clinical investigation being initiated towards the end of 2009, where a clinical study was undertaken usinig 21,000 patients in the USA, Europe and Japan.3 The second clinical trial was subsequently undertaken in Japan, followed by the third clinical investigations, all of which have demonstrated the efficacy and safety profile of oral Endoxaban when comparable to that of warfarin, which is the most common used antico agulant in the USA.4 The first clinical investigations of the drug, since the drug was first subjected to clinical investigations in 2009, has indicated that the drug has the acceptable profile of both safety and efficacy of use for medication.5 The second and the third phases of the clinical investigations have affirmed the safety and efficacy profiles of the oral Endoxaban, resulting in its approval for the medical use in the prevention of both venous clotting and stroke. Despite the fact that the Endoxaban

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The Parliamentary Contribution to Democracy Essay

The Parliamentary Contribution to Democracy - Essay Example Parliament is the essential and definitive link between the citizen and the government and should therefore be the cardinal institution of any nation's democratic system. Genuine representative democracy is possible only in a country with a strong Parliament. A strong Parliament ensures a good and accountable government endowed with a robust and sensitive law making mechanism. The citizens of a country have a say in the decisions that affect their lives only when a strong Parliament is in existence in that country. Over a period of time, Parliament's power to hold the Executive to account has been on the decline irrespective of the political character of the Government involved. Important legislation becomes law after being subjected to cursory investigation and this allows the entry of laws which have been poorly drafted and ill thought through. This has been the experience in the United Kingdom. The domination of the Legislature by the Executive has assumed great importance and it has been generally conceded that, the Executive dominates the Legislature and that any discussion in this regard concerns itself mainly with the level of this dominance. Such studies have in the main concentrated on the parliament's performance in the legislative process and there is a discernible neglect of other key functions of parliament such as scrutiny for example. The diminishing role of Parliament and the increasing power of the Executive in the British political system has been the subject of many discussions and a number of concrete remedies have been suggested by various authorities. Inter Alia, these authorities have frequently referred to a so called golden age when the balance between legislature and executive was more equitable. "The argument appears to start from a misinterpretation of what the role of Parliament has been in the past which is a question of description or what the role ought to be is a question of prescription. This lacks the evidence of past commentators, like Mill or Bagehot which always correctly interpreted. Indeed, the lessons of history itself are not infrequently misapplied"2 The Liaison Committee had submitted two reports, in order to clarify its views on the discussion taking place in respect of the relationship between Parliament and the Executive3, these reports are Shifting the balance: select committees and the executive, or the 1st report of 1999-2000, HC 300, March 20004 and Independence or control or the 2nd report of 1999-2000, HC 748, July 20005. Although the primary focus of the Committee's attention is the select committee system6, it addresses this in the overall context of the executive-parliamentary relations, as can be seen from its conclusions in the first report. These conclusions state that twenty years have elapsed since the setting up of the departmental select committees and that their establishment was a major step in making the Executive accountable to Parliament, and ultimately to the citizen and the taxpayer. Although, these committees had done a lot of important work their full capability had been neither realized nor

Methods Section Report Rubric Lab Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Methods Section Rubric - Lab Report Example The water was added until the towels became saturated and could no longer hold additional water. The weight of the saturated paper towels was also weighed and recorded. The weight of water held by the paper towels was determined by getting the difference between the weight of the wet and dry paper towels (Baxter, Shavelson, Goldman, and Pine4). This difference in weight was recorded for each type of paper towel. The procedure was repeated eight times for each type of paper towel to obtain nine replicates. The results were recorded in a table. A fully saturated paper towel of each type was used as positive control for each replicate to determine a standard level of saturation before taking weight measurements. The hypothesis was tested by getting the average and total amount of water held by each type of paper towel. The final results (average and totals) were then compared for the two types of paper towels. The type of paper towel that held the highest amount of water was regarded the most absorbent towel. Baxter, Gail P., Richard J. Shavelson, Susan R. Goldman, and Jerry Pine. "Evaluation of Procedure-Based Scoring for Hands-On Science Assessment." Journal of Educational Measurement 29.1 (1992): 1-17.

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The Parliamentary Contribution to Democracy Essay

The Parliamentary Contribution to Democracy - Essay Example Parliament is the essential and definitive link between the citizen and the government and should therefore be the cardinal institution of any nation's democratic system. Genuine representative democracy is possible only in a country with a strong Parliament. A strong Parliament ensures a good and accountable government endowed with a robust and sensitive law making mechanism. The citizens of a country have a say in the decisions that affect their lives only when a strong Parliament is in existence in that country. Over a period of time, Parliament's power to hold the Executive to account has been on the decline irrespective of the political character of the Government involved. Important legislation becomes law after being subjected to cursory investigation and this allows the entry of laws which have been poorly drafted and ill thought through. This has been the experience in the United Kingdom. The domination of the Legislature by the Executive has assumed great importance and it has been generally conceded that, the Executive dominates the Legislature and that any discussion in this regard concerns itself mainly with the level of this dominance. Such studies have in the main concentrated on the parliament's performance in the legislative process and there is a discernible neglect of other key functions of parliament such as scrutiny for example. The diminishing role of Parliament and the increasing power of the Executive in the British political system has been the subject of many discussions and a number of concrete remedies have been suggested by various authorities. Inter Alia, these authorities have frequently referred to a so called golden age when the balance between legislature and executive was more equitable. "The argument appears to start from a misinterpretation of what the role of Parliament has been in the past which is a question of description or what the role ought to be is a question of prescription. This lacks the evidence of past commentators, like Mill or Bagehot which always correctly interpreted. Indeed, the lessons of history itself are not infrequently misapplied"2 The Liaison Committee had submitted two reports, in order to clarify its views on the discussion taking place in respect of the relationship between Parliament and the Executive3, these reports are Shifting the balance: select committees and the executive, or the 1st report of 1999-2000, HC 300, March 20004 and Independence or control or the 2nd report of 1999-2000, HC 748, July 20005. Although the primary focus of the Committee's attention is the select committee system6, it addresses this in the overall context of the executive-parliamentary relations, as can be seen from its conclusions in the first report. These conclusions state that twenty years have elapsed since the setting up of the departmental select committees and that their establishment was a major step in making the Executive accountable to Parliament, and ultimately to the citizen and the taxpayer. Although, these committees had done a lot of important work their full capability had been neither realized nor

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Abercrombie & Fitch Positioning Strategy Research Paper

Abercrombie & Fitch Positioning Strategy - Research Paper Example An analysis on Abercrombie & Fitch can show how it has positioned its brand, and how effective the strategy is. This can be done using the four P’s of the marketing mix as noted by Smith, (2013), namely product, promotion, place and price. A look at the product shows that it clearly stands out. There is a lot of competition in the clothing industry, but Abercrombie & Fitch has managed to continue leading in terms of products. This company sells outfits like tank tops, underwear, jeans, fragrances, t-shirts and footwear for the youth and kids only, unlike its rival companies such as American Eagle Outfitters and Gap Inc who stock all types of clothes, footwear and fragrances for everyone. It is a company for young kids between the age of 7-14 year, teens between 14-18 years and also stocks women underwear and loungewear (Joseph, 2013). This is one aspect in the market mix that makes it distinct from the other companies. In addition, as the CEO of the company, Mike Jeffries puts it, his business is for the lovely, the attractive and cool and those who are not overweight. The company’s cloth line is unique in design. ... In fact, most of the people do not get to know about Abercrombie through the television or magazines. Word of mouth from its customers works well for them, and on Abercrombie television, the advertising is done. Of importance to note is their way of advertising, which makes use of sex appeal. This has greatly been condemned religious denominations and human rights organizations, complaining that the company campaigns for pre-marital sex among the youth, especially the young girls. However, the company CEO, Mike Jeffries confidently asserts that he and his team represent healthy sexuality, playful and glorious camaraderie which is usually found in the company’s target market (Joseph, 2013). The company, in early 2003 used its magazine, Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly, to further reach out to existing customers and potential customers. The magazines production was however stopped as people accused the company of promoting soft pornography. The company also advertises its products through its website (Abercrombie. Com) and through its subscription catalogs which have over 400,000 subscribers. Their advertisements all reach out to the young people where they show the ‘effect’ of using the company’s products like perfumes. A good example is the Abercrombie effect advertisement. They also indirectly use negative publicity to promote their products (Joseph, 2013). Price is the other element in the marketing mix. Price is a great determinant on who will buy at a certain company and how much of a product they will buy. When the price of a product is law, more people are likely to purchase it and vice versa (Smith, 2013; Graham, 2013). For Abercrombie & Fitch,

Analysis on the Studio System of Hollywood in the Golden Era Essay Example for Free

Analysis on the Studio System of Hollywood in the Golden Era Essay The Fall of Monopoly ‘As far as the filmmaking process is concerned, stars are essentially worthless and absolutely essential. ’ -William Goldman It started with Florence Lawrence as the ‘Biograph Girl’ in the early 1900’s, and bred into the formation of the Universal Studios by one smart producer by the name of Carl Laemmle. The birth of Hollywood had never experienced a joyful transition for editors and actors, who back in the day were treated like hired help by directors. The silent film era was not the commercial enterprise it is today; it was a mere impression of Vaudeville, and studios generated cheap and generic content, while actors remained anonymous and low paid. Florence was one of the popular actresses of the time who helped create a celebrity culture that was infact a farce used by Studios to promote their cinematographic content. And this farce became known in history as the Golden Age of Hollywood. The celebrity culture that is idolized today was in actuality a ploy used to attract an audience following. Stars were created, not born. The Studio System comprised of The Big Five (MGM, Paramount, Warner Brothers, RKO and Fox), who are credited for creating some of the most legendary stars of the time, thus leading to the term ‘star system’. Studios invested a great deal of time and money into grooming and publicizing an actor, and owning him in the process, simply by signing him to a contract. When an actor had inscribed his name on the formidable piece of paper, he had no future of his own. Depending on his talent and the response his image got from the audience, he was either crucial or dispensable to the Studio he had been employed by. The industry was relentless when it came to the treatment of actors. Fame, in all its shallow glory, was a high price to pay for the compensation of no personal life and no personal choice. Actors were required to play the roles they were assigned to without question or argument, made to indulge in publicity stints, and traded off or loaned to another Studio on mutually agreed upon arrangements without their consent. Performers were very similar to the posters their faces were displayed on because they had absolutely no control over their careers, just as a poster has no control over how it is used or interpreted. An example of the extent to which a Studio went to glamourize its artists is Rita Hayworth, who was coerced into changing her name from Margarita Casino and made to get plastic surgery performed (hairline electrolysis) to make her more marketable. However, that is not to say that actors were treated with any respect when the silent era fell off its crippling platform. The past was not a happy place for an actor before the term ‘celebrity’ came into being. The release of ‘The Jazz Singer’ is known to be the pedestal on which the studio era was founded upon because it was the first motion picture with a few minutes of synchronized sound. When sound entered the frame, Vaudeville rapidly depleted into obscurity, and former Vaudeville actors were faced with the bitter reality of unemployment, forcing them to migrate into the film industry. This immigration created a domino effect for the entertainers already present in the enterprise. They had never been exposed to the element of voice being incorporated into a motion picture, and could not adjust to the inclusion of sound. Various hurdles included bad voices, thick accents and the inability to remember dialogues. Moreover, the Big Five circulated their own theatre chains, and adopted specific genre as labels for their reputation and glory. In this process, actors were never given much flexibility to explore or expand their potential, but were in a constant state of repeating the same theme over and over again in each new production. On a more positive note, this repetition led to the recognition of some very creative artists, who explored a theme with such unabashed inquisition that no two films were ever shown in a tiresome cycle of alliteration. ‘One well-known actor in this situation was Gene Kelly. Gene Kelly was associated with musical films such as  An American in Paris,  Les Girls,  Brigadoon, and  Singin’ in the Rain. In virtually all of his movies, Kelly would sing and go through intricate dance numbers. MGM, the studio Kelly was contracted with, knew people expected this from Kelly, so the studio made sure to put Kelly in musical films. The few movies Kelly was in that weren’t musicals did not do nearly as well as the ones he sang and danced in. When people saw a trailer for a movie with Gene Kelly in it, they expected to see a musical; this expectation kept people coming back to see more of Kelly’s movies, which brought MGM more and more revenue. ’ The Studio System did not only control the lives of its performers within the confines of its sets or production houses. An employee had no concept of privacy or freedom of indulging in the luxuries offered outside the bubble of the world of film. Due to the incredulous amount of acclamation an actor received, he could not ruin his public image, even by making the mistakes a common citizen could afford to overlook. Studios had contracts drawn with ‘morality clauses’ that forbade an employee from engaging in the utility of drug abuse, divorce and adultery as these would lead to the consequence of a foiled public image, thus resulting in loss of annuity. However, even though such social control was oppressive, it retained a modest reputation and acted as a form of deterrence for the artists. However, the violation of these clauses led to no direct effect on the perpetrators, because the Studio they were assigned to would pay off the witnesses or offer exclusive stories to tabloids in exchange for not reporting on the truth of the matter. In this sense, actors were provided with free reign to do as they pleased. ‘Cinema is the culmination of the obsessive, mechanistic male drive in western culture. The movie projector is an Apollonian straight-shooter, demonstrating the link between aggression and art. Every pictorial framing is a ritual limitation, a barred precinct. -Camille Paglia Was it the male drive in western culture -if the term western culture can be deemed as appropriate- that led to the birth of explicit content in Hollywood, or the market demand for it? Censorship created a massive propaganda in the late 1920’s. It was one of the major reasons why The Motion Picture Commission was established in 1921, the strongest form of government that induced censorship on films for the next 44 years. It began with ‘The Kiss’ in 1896, in which a man and a woman shared a kiss that barely lasted half a minute, leading on to ‘Know Thy Husband’ (1919), in hich the protagonist contracted a horrible disease after indulging in his primal desires in the city, evolving further into ‘Outside the Law’ (1921), a crime film with the same connotations. Hollywood was never subtle with its aesthetic imagination, and actors, as a result, developed a notorious reputation. Infact, Hollywood itself was renowned to be a place infested with scandal and immoral behavior. This splintered imagery of the sensational mirror that reflected the flaws of Hollywood was not for the righteous offence of the general public alone. Celebrities suffered directly from the environment they presided in- literally in the fatal sense. For instance, one of the most tragic deaths a star faced was Thelma Todd, a young actress who had costarred in a number of classic comedies with the Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, and Buster Keaton (Monkey Business’ ‘Horse Feathers’). She died at the age of 30, in 1935, believed to have committed an accidental suicide when she was found dead in her car, although the general opinion suggested suspicions of cold blooded murder. Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls. -Ingmar Bergman The Studio System gave rise to legendary personalities, faces of people that are remembered as icons of inspiration and unadulterated talent. It gave rise to films like ‘Casablanca’, ‘Gone with the Wind’, ’The Maltese Falcon’ and ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. It gave us Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, and countless other idols to look up to and admire. However, with the emergence of Sound and Studio, even when Hollywood acquired so much recognition and wealth, it lost the sense of morality and the image of an honest corporation by degrading its own reputation, and that of its main components, the actors. Cinema is now associated with superficial glamour, it is a world that is infested with deceit and facade. A false pretense of joy through fame, a bubble of happiness that does not seem to exist in the first place. Ironically, the fall of the Studio System began with the reason for its accession. War brought people to theatres, and war became its undoing. After World War II legal, technological and social developments converged on the Hollywood film industry, undermining the economic foundation of the studio system. The antitrust suit against Paramount in 1948, combined with the increasing strength of unions, encouraged the growing practice of freelancing’. This decision not only outlawed the practice of block booking, it also forced the studios to sell their theater chains, and reduce the number of productions. What was once a monopoly of the ‘Big Five’ turned out to be a doorway for minor studios and independent filmmakers to thrive in. As far as the actors were concerned, they found the opportunity to become more genre savvy, and demand the right to refuse a contract, or opt to go to a free agency instead. They found the leeway to become more selective and demanding in their preferences regarding their professional services. The star system crumbled, but the stars found liberation. References:

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The Profound Effect Of Jimi Hendrix Music Essay

The Profound Effect Of Jimi Hendrix Music Essay Jimi Hendrix was a profound artist. He left an amazing and great impression on everyone that he met with or even played before. This impression spread even further when he released an album. He took the guitar to a whole new level and with that he affected music and the people who listened to it for years to come; even now his music and stage presence influences and shapes todays music. There are so many different aspects that were affected by his music. He was able to change the way a guitar would be looked at and even how it would be played. He changed the way people performed on stage and how they dressed. If you do a Google search for Jimi Hendrix you get about 17.9 million results if this does not show how many people have been inspired by Hendrix I dont know what could. Jimi Hendrix was an amazing and vibrant soul. To understand where the body and soul of Hendrixs music comes from we must start with where he came from and how he was raised. Hendrix was born Johnny Allen Hendrix in Seattle, Washington on November 27, 1942. When he was born his mother was only 17. His parents Lucille and Al had a struggling relationship and it eventually lead to their divorce on December 17, 1951. Many say that it was Lucilles drinking that caused the relationship to dissipate. This seems to be true due to her cause of death. Lucille died on February 2nd, 1958 due to cirrhosis of the liver which caused her spleen to rupture. With the problems that Al faced with Hendrixs mother he decided to change his name to James Marshall Hendrix. This was said to have been for Als late brother Leon Marshall Hendrix. Hendrix was the one of five children. The rest of his siblings spent most of their time in foster care. His father had difficulty finding a job after world war two so sometimes Hendrix spent time with his grandmoth er in Vancouver, British Columbia. While Hendrix was growing up his father ran across a ukulele while cleaning out a garage and gave it to Hendrix. He took a liking to it right away so his father bought a second hand acoustic guitar from an acquaintance he knew. Hendrix learned to play by practicing for many, many hours a day. He talked to those who knew how to play and took their tips and advice and began learning how to play. He started watching how other people played the guitar and he decided to take his learning a step further by listening to records and trying to play them. When he first began to learn how to play he was faced with one main problem. The guitars were designed for right-handed people. This lead to one of Hendrixs most noticeable playing styles. He played a right-handed guitar upside-down so as to allow him to play left-handed. After Hendrix took a huge liking to the guitar his father decided he needed an upgrade. So sometime around 1958-1959 his father purchased him a white Supro Ozark electric gu itar. He purchased this for Jimi even though he could not get an amplifier with it. This did not stop Hendrix who went on to learn everything he could about playing the guitar. Hendrix had many, now famous, inspirations to follow while growing up. He listened to the likes of Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Chuck Berry, and many other rock and soul bands. He played in a few small bands while going to school and eventually dropped out of high school. The first formal band that he was a member of was The Velvetones, a small band who played for no pay. Following this band Hendrix joined the Rocking Kings who played professionally. At one point Hendrix left his guitar backstage after a venue and it was stolen. His father decided to purchase Hendrix another guitar which happened to be a Silvertone Danelectro which Hendrix went on to personalize. Hendrix continued playing and eventually got caught up in car theft and this led to his choice of joining the Army. Hendrix enlisted into the U.S. armed forces on May 31st, 1961. He was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division and was stationed in Fort Campbell. There were many stories about why he was discharged from the military, but the most commonly accepted reason was that Hendrix had broken an ankle in a jump and was then honorably discharged soon after. While in service Hendrix met up with a bass player by the name Billy Cox and formed a friendship with him. They went on to play together from that day till just before Hendrixs death. After his discharge from the service Hendrix decided to work on playing music. He became a backup musician for the likes of: B. B. King, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson and, Ike and Tina Turner. He started this portion of his career in Clarksville, Tennessee. His work with the previously mentioned artist lead him to New York where joined up with the Isley Brothers. He eventually left them and ran across Little Richard and has been found to have said I wanted to do with my guitar what Little Richard does with his voice (Band of Thebes). After a short stint with Little Richard, Hendrix went back to playing for the Isley Brothers. Later that same year Hendrix joined Curtis Knight and the Squires and performed with them for around eight months. He then signed a three-year recording contract with Ed Chalpin that stated that he would receive a 1% royalty. This would cause Hendrix a few problems later down the road. In 1966 Hendrix decided to start his own band called, The Blue Flame. This band wa s made up of Randy Palmer on bass, Danny Casey on drums, and Randy Wolfe on guitar (mainly slides and rhythm). The band did well for a while but Hendrix was looking for more. One day Hendrix ran across Linda Keith who introduced him to the Rolling Stones manager and producer who both decided to pass on taking in Hendrix. She then introduced him to Chas Chandler who was looking for some new talent to manage and produce. He liked Hendrixs song Hey Joe and decided to try and make it a hit, this lead to Hendrixs move to London. Chandler changed Hendrixs stage name from Jimmy to Jimi and then helped setup The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The new band was made up of Noel Redding on bass, Mitch Mitchell on drums and of course Jimi Hendrix on guitar and vocals. Hendrix met many more famous or soon to be famous people along his path to stardom these included people like Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton and the band Cream. Hendrix did great in this position and stayed here for almost the rest of his career. He released many hit songs and also many great albums. Redding was not taking a liking to the bass and eventually left and started his own band which Hendrix allowed to open up for some of his performances. With this change Hendrix had the band changed to Gypsy Sun and Rainbows with Billy Cox on bass. Hendrix went on to play at many different venues most notably was Woodstock. Hendrix went on recording music until his death in September 18th, 1970. With some knowledge of how Hendrix grew up and became famous we can see that he overcame many different things in his life that allowed him to prosper. Hendrix did many things for music while he composed and played it. He has forever changed the guitar and the way it is played, especially the electric guitar. His first realization when he grew up to play a right-handed guitar left-handed had a profound effect on the sound of the electric guitar. This due to the slant of the bridge pickup which allowed his low notes to be bright and crisp and his high notes to be mellow and droning. This was opposite of the intended effect. Hendrix also used the tremolo bar excessively which caused him to have to tune his instrument extremely often and sometimes it was enough to break strings which Hendrix played around, this not being an easy feat while playing live at a performance. These were not his only playing styles. Hendrix also used many different technical effects on his guitar. These are to include what most moderday artist call pedals. These allowed Hendrix to add the wah wah effect to his music and also the fuzz box. Hendrix was also known for the Octavia octave doubler which was used by him frequently. He worked with Roger Mayer who was a sound engineer. The majority of Hendrixs music involved high volumes and excessive power and also feedback manipulation. This is just one way Hendrix affected music. Hendrix may have been the founder of his guitar techniques but he was also famous for some of his stage antics. This was one huge characteristics of Hendrix. When he got on stage he was a showman. He loved doing things that allowed him to shine. He would get up on stage and play with his teeth. He would also play the guitar behind his back and between his legs. He also used his left fretting hand to do some of his tricks for him. He would play the guitar using just his left (this is probably one of the most used tricks today). He would also use his thumb to fret the low notes while using the rest of his fingers to play melodies over these notes. He loved being a showman and doing thing for the crowd for example the burning of his guitar on stage. These together made a great stage presence for Hendrix. These antics would go on to influence many different groups throughout the music history. Hendrix also affected fashion. This may not have been as profound as his music but the way Hendrix dressed throughout his life was quite different to the norm. Hendrix dressed in bright colors and in designs that most men would not wear. He would eventually create his own style without probably even realizing it. His style was mimicked for years during the 60s and 70s and began to grow less and less popular after his death. Jimi Hendrix was an amazing artist. He has changed the way the world looks at the guitar and music on a whole. He has inspired many different new artist and many different new genres of music. Jimi Hendrix was a profound artist who left a profound effect on the world of music.

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St. Anselns Ontological Argument For The Experience Of God :: essays research papers

St. Anselm’s ontological argument for the experience of God. God’s existence may vary from philosopher to philosopher, but according to the late St. Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury there was absolutely no doubt that God’s presence is certain, and yet the philosopher desires the understanding of faith. As stated; if god cannot be thought to exist, then whomever which may be conceived, only a fool would believe that he God does not exist. Only a fool says from his or her heart there is no God, was the largest idea discussed in the presentation quoted by Anselm. It is one thing for an object to be in the understanding, and another to understand that objects exist, he both, has it in has understanding and he understands that it exists because he has made it. There is not a doubt that there exists a being, than which nothing greater can be conceived. And it exists both in the understanding and in reality, then, so truly than a being which nothing greater can be conceived to exist, our God? If a mind could conceive of a being better then thee, the creature would rise above the Creator; and this is absurd. God can be conceived to not exist; but in the later, not at all. For example, no one who understands what God is can conceive that God does exist; God is that than which a greater cannot be conceived. The nonexistence of that than which a greater cannot be conceived is inconceivable. Gaunilo’s argumentative criticism claims that in the dual existence, with understanding and in reality, for this reason it must exist. For if it does not exist, any lord who really exists will be more

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Global Warming And International Impact Essay

Impact on Africa: o Africa has been predicted as most vulnerable continent to climate change and variability due to multiple stresses and low adoptive capability. o Due to climate change, by 2020, about 250 million people are estimated to be affected by water stress. o Due to global warming, there is a likely a sharp decline in the manufacture of agricultural products in Africa. o There is possibility of submerging of low lying areas with large population due to global warming by the turn of the 21st century. ASIA: †¢ In the next two to three decades, there is likelihood of melting of glaziers in Himalayas which would affect the water resources drastically. †¢ Due to global warming, it is estimated that there will be water scarcity in Asia. †¢ It is anticipated that there will be death due to diarrheal disease due to droughts and floods. Australia and New Zealand: ? Water scarcity is anticipated by 2030. ? Loss of biodiversity is expected especially in Queensland Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef. . 17. ANTHROPOCENTRISM: Anthropocentrism is a concept which is concerned with preservation of a sustainable, vigorous environment which is essential for enduring happiness of human beings. It also demands that one has to foster a fortified, enriched anthropocentric idea of human interest to replace the main sectional, short-term and self-regarding notions. Further, it has been identified that anthropocentrism is the root cause of human overpopulation, ecological crisis and disappearance of many non-human genus what we term these in single phrase as ‘global warming’. As an anthropocentrist, I will struggle for protecting this universe from global warming as a precaution to save the mother earth from impending dangers of global warming. DEEP ECOLOGY: Likewise, deep ecology is an extension of ecological philosophy which values humanity as a fundamental element of environment. Deep ecology puts great emphasis on ecosystem, non-human species and processes in nature than conventional green and environmental movements. Deep ecology concept stresses that living environment all together like humanity has the same privilege to habitat and flourish. Deep ecology dissuades utilitarian environmentalism. As an environmental ethic, I will blend both the aesthetic and individualistic notions to safe guard the environment as there is no universe without clean environment. ECOLOGY EXTENSION: Enacting legislation to protect the environment is not at all sufficient. It is necessary to promote environmental ethics mainly through learning process. Thus, enactment of environmental law and promotion and learning of environmental ethics should go side by side. Environmental ethics will help one to uncalculated by learning process concerning reflection upon activist’s part in the environment. An Environmental extension will involve not only the development of a formal knowledge of one’s environment and their probable effects thereby establishing the basis. Ecological extension stresses significance on the awareness of the fundamental interdependence of all biological and non-biological forms and their fundamental diversity . Thus, ecological extension is nothing but a scientific manifestation of the natural world. Ecological extension stresses for the inherent value innate in total ecological entities like global environment or ecosystem in totality . Under ecological extension, the Earth has been described as a holistic, unified entity with ethical value of which the humanity is of specific importance in the years to come. .In my personal ethic capacity, I will blend both aesthetic and individualist ethical approach to see that environment is safeguarded as that of humanity thereby extending at par treatment to environment with that of humanity . Further , as an Environment citizen , I would strive hard to protect both humanity and non-human forms as I know well non-human forms is the part and parcel of our environment. LIBERTARIAN EXTENSION It is a political viewpoint accentuating the rights of individual. The principle of libertinism pressurizes the privilege to self-ownership and by extension, the privilege to private ownership of property and materials. Under libertarianism, supporters discourage any shape of taxation and support in favor of laissez-fair economic system. Under, Libertarian extension, a civil liberty advance is pursued. It denotes a promise to extend same rights to all members of the society. 18. CONCLUSION: It is true that disastrous global warming is hypothetically possible, such an end depends critically upon a numerous assumptions contained in computer climate models. These suppositions, taken together, symbolize faith on the part of many climate modelers that the climate system is delicate, and very responsive to small disturbances, mainly our production of carbon dioxide, relatively a negligible atmospheric greenhouse gas. I have commented that there is enough reason to have faith that the climate system is relatively numb to a doubling of carbon dioxide, which is anticipated to happen later in this century. But even if projections of strong global warming are accurate, it is not clear how to shun this contingency from a policy point of perspective. Inexpensive or alternate cheap energy is need of the hour for human well being and health. Penalizing the use of energy through taxation or caps will be ostracized and rather unproductive. To me, technological answers to the predicament appear to be the only long-term choice. Since only rich countries of the world can pay for the R&D to bring this about, it could be harmful to find those solutions by punishing economies with taxes and carbon caps. According to me, the International community should undertake following Preventive measures: It is suggested that energy efficiency standards have to be increased. Further, the use of renewable energy sources like wind, solar shall have to be encouraged by extending fiscal incentives like tax holidays etc. I strongly feel that development, protection and restoring of forests, which act as significant storehouses of carbon is to be pursued on war front stage. Thus, if the above steps are not introduced, we may loose many countries of the world to the swelling ocean waters. References Global Warming. (2007). In The Columbia Encyclopedia (6th ed. ). New York: Columbia University Press. Imagine No Restrictions on Fossil-Fuel Usage and No Global Warming!. (2002). Journal of Environmental Health, 65(4), 32+.

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Efficiency Increasing System by Using Preheating Method Essay

EFFICIENCY INCREASING SYSTEM BY USING PREHEATING METHOD METHODOLOGY The concept of increasing the fuel efficiency of a petrol engine in this project, is to pre-heat the intake air which is flowing through the carburetor. The humidity in the atmospheric air affects the petrol vapourisation in the carburettor. Therefore, by pre-heating the inlet air to the carburettor for a considerable amount, the vapourisation can be ease and in turn complete combustion is achieved. Moreover by reducing the water vapour to the engine, the steam formation in the engine can be reduced pitting of the engine cylinder, piston and exhaust pipe. Reference: Most of the cars in today’s market give a maximum of 30 to 40 miles per gallon and hybrid cars giving upto 50 miles per gallon. The efficiency of Internal Combustion Engines used for this purpose is very low, about 25%. The heat generated during the combustion of fuel is converted into work to drive the car is wasted to the atmosphere, as anti-freeze(Ethylene Glycol) is used to cool the engine and circulated through a radiator which transfers the heat to the atmosphere. The heat generated by combustion of fuel such as gasoline or diesel is converted into the work because of the pressure created by the combustion process. In this invention, the heat is recovered by pre-heating/pressurizing the fresh air used for the process of combustion. The temperature of the pre-heated fresh air used for combustion is increased to above 1400 degrees Fahrenheit by passing through a heat exchanger to recover heat from combustible gases. Fresh air for combustion is heated to about 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Thermodynamic Laws, by heating the air in a closed space with constant volume at room temperature to 1600 degrees F., the pressure is increased about to 50 psi. In order to have a higher pressure, the fresh air is first compressed upto 100 psi before passing through a heat exchanger. This will give the available working pressure of about 350 psi before

Irac Case Brief State V. Mcneely

State v. McNeely 358 S. W. 3d 65 MO. (2012) Facts: The defendant was stopped by a Missouri state highway patrolman for speeding and during this stop the trooper noticed that the defendant was displaying all the tell-tale signs of being intoxicated; blood shot eyes, slurred speech, and the smell of alcohol on his breath. This stop then changed from being a speeding stop to a DWI investigation. The trooper had the defendant get out of his truck and perform standard field sobriety tests.The defendant did poorly on the test so the trooper arrested him for driving while intoxicated then, he asked him to take a breathalyzer which the defendant refused. The trooper then drove the defendant to the hospital to obtain a blood test to verify its alcohol content level. Once at the hospital the defendant refused the blood test but the trooper demanded it be done anyway, without securing a warrant, based on what he believed was a recent change in the law since time is critical to blood-alcohol con tent levels.The blood sample was analyzed and the defendant’s blood alcohol content was well over the legal limit. The trooper believed at the time that officers no longer needed to obtain warrants for nonconsensual blood test, due to a change in Missouri’s implied consent laws FN2. This belief was based on an article written by a traffic safety resource prosecutor. The defendant moved to suppress the results of the blood alcohol test as evidence, citing that the blood draw was a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.The trial court sustained the motion. The Circuit Court, Cape Girardeau County and state appealed. Issues Did the State Trooper violate the defendants Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizures with the warrantless blood draw? Is the natural dissipation of blood-alcohol evidence alone a sufficient necessity to dispense with the warrant requirement under the fourth amendment? Rule The Fourth amendment to the United States Constitution ensures the right of people to be secure in their person†¦against unreasonable searches and eizures. This includes not only a person’s dwelling but also includes the intrusion of a person’s body when no emergency exists. The United States Supreme Court has continually stated that† any searches conducted outside the judicial process, without prior approval by a magistrate are per se unreasonable under the fourth amendment subject only to a few specifically established and well delineated exceptions. The limited exceptions to drawing a person’s blood without consent would rest on special facts where the officer reasonably believed there was probable cause that incriminating evidence would be found and that if the time needed to obtain a warrant would endanger life, allow a suspect to escape, or they were faced with an emergency situation where delaying to get a warrant would lead to destruction of evidence. A nalysisThe testimony of the Trooper is that the defendant was under arrest for DWI after showing obvious signs of being intoxicated and then failing the field sobriety test when he refused the breathalyzer and blood test. The trooper, who has had over 17 years of experience in obtaining warrants for blood draws, believes that taking the defendant to the hospital for a blood test against his will, without a warrant, is justified because of an article recently published stating that the law had been changed.The article was written by a traffic safety resource prosecutor and was published in â€Å"Traffic Safety News† referred to a Supreme Court case where a limited exception to the warrant requirement for taking nonconsensual blood samples in alcohol related arrests was allowed for special facts, that an officer would be faced with an emergency situation where delaying to obtain a warrant would threaten destruction of the evidence.The trooper in this case was not faced with spe cial facts because there was no accident to investigate and there was no medical attention needed to anyone so there was no delay that would threaten the destruction of the evidence. There is also no evidence that the trooper would not have been able to obtain a warrant if he had attempted to do so.No case in Missouri supports a per se rule that the natural dissipation of blood-alcohol is alone sufficient to constitute exigent circumstance that would permit officers in every DWI case to take blood from a suspect without consent or a search warrant. Conclusion The defendant’s Fourth amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches of his person was violated. The trial courts judgment to suppress is affirmed. The case is remanded.

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Management communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Management communication - Essay Example Their core competency lied in their ability to use minimal production processes to deliver fresh juices to their customers. However, with the recent press release, the stakes and brand name of the company has been put in line and immediate action has to be taken to rectify the miss-doings. The most important thing for now is to re-gain consumer confidence in Odwalla products and keep the brand name and reputation of Odwalla intact. As a consequence, it is important, that Odwalla tries everything in hand to avoid giving this case anymore footage than it already has been given. Confronting the health organization directly and upfront can be risky as the situation might get further aggravated, resulting in further tarnishing of company image. The most viable feasible option would be to get in touch with the research and development department of the health organizations, justify the company’s stance and processes employed to produce the juice and hold the matter resolved through negotiation. See, if there were other ways through which these bacteria had spread. If this doesn’t work out, then work on tentative deadlines, to improvise all production processes and to ensure that the Odwalla juices that are produced are bacteria free. Conduct an in-house research to see where the crux of the problem lies. If it indeed lies with the company’s production processes, then offer complete refund of all products sold in the current month, till as such date that the processes are again revamped. The primary aim of this letter is to keep you in loop about some changes that the organization is going through where the production processes of our juices is concerned. We have always been completely committed to providing our customers, the value that they are willing to pay for via our juices and shall continue with the same practice. The changes have been decided to take effect, after the management’s deliberation in to

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The purpose of ventilatory management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The purpose of ventilatory management - Essay Example So Mr. Bryants condition did not deteriorate. Oxygen therapy, bronchodilator and antibiotic therapy worked effectively. As to the further entilatory management it is possible to use non-invasive ventilation to reduce a need of hospitalization and future complications or respiratory failure. To avoid so called late failure it is necessary to continue monitoring the patient, have an intubation available and receive NIV in a place with trained staff of nurses. Taking into account the age, lifestyle and diagnosis of Mr. Bryant all the precautions must be followed. As initial level of ph was 7, 25 it is possible to say that Mr. Bryant’s condition was unsatisfactory. Taking into consideration that patient had an acute exacerbation of COPD and a respiratory failure it was necessary to manage support ventilation by means of oxygen therapy. An effect of the therapy was positive, ph factor increased, so it is possible to say that treatment corresponded to the situation. It is also possi ble to use long term oxygen therapy during the time of hospitalization. Ventilatory management in cases of COPD and pneumonia is of a great importance. The survival of the patient and his further recovery depend upon appropriate managing respiratory failure. 6. Scientific and technological revolution provided a wide use of technology in different spheres of life. Medical care achieved a high level due to the technological innovations. The work of the medical men is speeded up and supported by means of technology.