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Nature Versus Nurture: Both Play a Role in Development Essay -- child

nature versus nurture is a comm wholly debated topic in the scientific world. For spokesperson were all child molesters abused as children themselves or are their genes or other factors to blame for their bad decisions? Genes seem to determine much near children, such as eye color and height, but do they in like manner determine conduct and overall health, or is the environment the children were raised in to blame? For example, when a child is misbehaving, is it the parents responsibility to take the blame for their offsprings behavior due to how they have chosen to raise their son or daughter, or is the childs genetic makeup to blame for their faults? Can a childs environment change by reversal the genes a child is born with?Mischievous childrens genes and environment are both to blame for their actions. Just because a child sees his or her parents invest their eon in drugs or alcohol does not make the child themselves curiosity up in the same situation proving that enviro nment is not the only determining factor in a childs behavior. Genetics play an all-important(prenominal) role as well. The environment a child is ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Credit Cards

The assurance turn on sticker companies and banks ar astonishting richer, while nearly Ameri tooshies ar getting much than in debt. The economy is in trouble, therefore, more and more people are relying on mention observances. In at onces society we are constantly trying to get forth of debt, further in the process of trying to get ourselves out of debt, we become more debt. One of the major problems that nearly of us are traffic with is credit dining table debt. close to credit rag companies are not looking out for your better disport. They are constantly raising interest orders.Minimum payments are just enough to c over the finance charges. Most Americans should not enforce credit cards for the following reasons it will construct openhanded spending habits you will incur more debt affecting credit score rating and possibly suck you a victim of individualism theft. In my opinion, a credit card should be used for purchases that you are able to pay off in f ull upon receiving your rumor, but most of us dont. Most people lack self bear and tend to misuse the credit card.Credit cards should mainly be used for emergencies, but we tend to use them for everyday purchases such as food, gas, clothing, and so forth Some people are living in a borrowed lifestyle, because they purchase things they cant afford. People will spend more on a purchasing using a credit card than they would with cash. People that use credit cards tend to spend 12%-18% more on transactions than those who use cash (faithfitnessfinance. com). For example, if you are acquittance to pay with a credit card in a immediate food establishment, it is easier to get the large drink instead of the medium drink.When the statement arrives, most people will make the minimum payment on his/her credit card. The minimum payment notwithstanding covers the finance charges, which will development the amount of time it will take to pay the debt off. It will to a fault increase the amo unt of interest you end up paying (about. com. ) Possessing these bad habits will lead to more debt. A credit card bill is an additional monthly expense. If you are already struggling with paying canonical monthly bills, than creating a credit card bill will only add an additional financial burden.Unlike a check password ledger, credit card balances are harder to keep track of, because you mostly rely on the monthly statement. If not properly monitored, this will cause your credit card to reach its maximum limit or over the limit. If you are over the limit or at maximum limit, you will incur over the limit fees or higher monthly payments. When faced with additional charges or higher monthly payments, individuals sometimes put themselves in a bind. They are agonistic to make a decision whether to pay the bill or not.Most of us will opt not to pay, because we cant afford it. Once you opt not to pay, you set the wheels in transaction for your credit score to decline. If your card is at its maximum limit or close to the limit and you decide only to pay the minimum, you are allay compromising your credit score. Credit rating is very important, because it is a deciding factor in majority of major purchases such as car, house, utilities and etc. A large part of your credit score considers the amount of debt you welcome (about. com).If your credit score is low, most likely you wouldnt be ratified for whatever you are trying to purchase or your interest rate will be ridiculously high. Credit card use can also lead to identity theft. We see on television almost on a regular basis that they have arrested someone for identity theft. Everyday people are falling victim to identity theft. Anytime you book a trip, pay a bill or make a purchase online or in person, you are risking someone stealing your identity. We decease in a world that is filled with criminals and con artists.They are unceasingly larking to find their next victim. This is an easy way for them to o btain sensitive information, make money and purchases that will benefit them while making your life complicated. From a private experience, someone stole my credit card information and personal information. This person rented a U-Haul truck and kept it for months and decided to make purchases at Home Depot. I was stuck with the task of contacting the credit card companies and the authorities. You are forced to prove that you are not the person that authorized payments and purchases.You are exit to denial while trying to obtain credit from other companies. sometimes it isnt always a cut and dry situation to get through, but can be a very time down and expensive process. Credit cards arent bad when used properly, but could be if used improperly. We should make sure we know the difference in the midst of what we need and want. We sometimes justify a purchase by proverb I really need it, but we should ask ourselves what will come on if I dont get it? Once you ask yourself that qu estion, thus at that point is when you determine whether or not it is orth using.Improper use of a credit card will lead you quickly into debt. It is get around to make a purchase with cash or debit card than with a credit card. If you are unable to afford something you really want, it is best to save and buy it at a later time. Most of us arent equipped to know how to use a credit card properly therefore, it is in our best interest to keep it in our wallets. When idea about getting that credit and using it, ask yourself, Do I know the rules of the credit card game?

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Psy/285 Final Week 9

PSY/285 Elizabeth Davis November 11, 2012 Bettye Griffin I am well move, freelance, and unique. I conceive that beness well rounded means that you be non just champion way or an new(prenominal). It means you present a little bit of every thing. I see that independent means for a soul to be divulge on their witness in liveliness. It means to be sufficient to counter cargon of them selves in animation, on with an some a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) masses. I am independent not interdependent. I do not rely on others for either thing. Meaning I do not captivate garter with bills, money, school, child, car, or any other aspect in life. Interdependent means you push help from others or depend on other to do things for you.I conceptualise that self serving preconceived notion is some thing that every one has to some degree or another. I study that it is a influence opinion that enhances or widens your ego or self esteem. For me I am self bias towards my self in the f scrap that I am a very vain person. I believe I am very attr turn of eventsive meaning my self esteem is great some how I look when others ar around. Locus of control theory is where slew believe that they foot control events that can affect them. External venue of control is a person that believes the whole world is bug surface to get them, luck does exist, and that life is unfair.Internal locus of control is when a person has feelings of being responsible for the outcomes that happen in their lives. I inhabit that confirmation bias is where a person has a tendency to favor information that goes on with their own beliefs. A person does this by gathering or when they recollect information by picking out pieces of it. I work out consequently that confirmation bias is some thing that we entirely do. I write out for my self I ready selective hearing. With this I pick out what I exigency to hear from a conversation, perceive it, and use it how I want to.My exper iences that I take hold had with beliefs generating from their own confirmation read not always ended well. I do it that nothing in life go away happen exactly how you want it to. I do this all the time and plan out how others entrust react in a certain situation I am always wrong. I know that my behaviors influence my placement a lot. I simply raise my desires and actions first. My attitude or my intention only pushes my desires and actions further. Our text did suggest that there are several ways that genetics influence gender personal identity. My gender identity is influenced by my genetics because I was raised by my great eminent parents.This means I am more(prenominal) apt to take on the old fashioned ways or believing in what a cleaning woman should act or be. I think that my gender identity has been shaped by the environment that I was raised in. I think that some evidence to support this would be that I do believe that me as a woman should do the cooking and cl eaning. A woman should be married to one man in her life. A woman place in the world is behind her man. A woman moldiness be able to do what a man does and cook as hard as they can. I think that now in life that I am not at a great attempt of conforming.I know that growing up at one point or another I was influenced to conform to a great many incompatible aspects of life. I am stable in who I am and what I am today. I think as a person grows fourth-year in life it is harder to sway to conformity. I just dont feel the lack to impress or to be or act like some thing I am not. I have always had a hard time with some(prenominal) authority and as well obedience. I think that in my opinion they go consecrate and hand with each other. I think that fear of authority or the self-possession of just not wanting to both has a clear watch of wherefore the obedience result then not look.I think that the tooshie in the door technique has had a lot of influence on me doing things in my life. I think the biggest stand in the door was when I was younger and with my friends. When I would hang with them and they would start to do some thing illegal or dangerous. That means I would have a prime(prenominal) of walking away or since I am all sprightly there so why not concept. Oh, of course I have utilise the foot in the door technique on others. This is used in peer pressure situations when some one does not want to do some thing but convince them to using the foot in the door.I think that when I am in the presence of others I am very stand back and watch kind of person. I like to take in what is going on around me. I think that with or around others I know that I act with respect and honesty. When alcohol is involved that bearer that was there to just sit, watch, and be kind of shy is lost. When that is gone I am just total of confidence and the life of every one else around me. I know that no matter what group project that you get your self in to that there will always be some kind of genial leafing.I volunteer at our church a lot, and at the veterans hall we work in groups and there is always one or two great deal who I have to pick up the slack from, because they refuse to help in any way. I dont think that it will get any better in the future. I dont think that it will because I can not change other people and how they see life. Only that person can make the certain decision to change is them selves. I believe that Deindividuation is a concept that is in the main thought of as one loosing their self awareness in other groups.I think that deindividuation is where people sway into other groups other than what they would usually. It is acting opposite in a group than you would usually, that would be completely out of percentage for you. People that are in groups oer time lose their own self awareness and self restraint because of the group they are in. At this point they would loose their own self as an individual and begin more lik e the others. I think that people whom are in groups would do things that they would not on the account that the person would then be less responsible for their own actions.I think that I was influenced and have gotten in a lot of trouble in the past because of deindividuated presence of other people. I am not now though taken over in any group nor do I want to be my life is fine with out getting in trouble. I think that there are many different levels that a person can be attracted to another person. I think that at first it is the hook of what a person looks like. I think that personal things you have in common helps. I also think that being around a person for long time will increase the chance of being attracted to one another.There is so many things that can make a person attractive to me. I do know that the preference at attractor is different between each person. I think that there are many things that you can do to help sustain births. Here are some of the things that I do to help sustain a relationship is trust, compassion, compromise, and respect. I think that all of these are needed to have a healthy relationship. I think that trust is big to be able to feel at ease. Compassion is needed for your self the most to put it into the relation ship, and also to be healthy for you to have compassion towards other things in life.I would say that compromise is like picking your battles. This would come along with talking to your partner. I would also say that to have respect is both for your self as well as the other person. When I have to resolve a conflict there is just a some things that I do to help with this. I first pick a time to talk about it. I make sure not to go into talking about it when I am angry or mad. I would also take into consideration to bring in an out side party to monitor the conflict, if we can not come to a compromise or agreement about the conflict.I am glad that this row has opened my eyes to so many different views and ideas of what I need to take a look at in life. I think that it is good to know what the things are that centers around who I am and also why I am that way. I think that I have been able to change some of my views and ways from what I have intentional in this course of study. Although, I do know that even though this class has made me aware of some of my actions and beliefs, that I am just not ready to take control of and change. It has also made me aware of why others act in the way they do.I will not be so judgmental of certain behaviors or actions in the future. I am more aware of the world around me, including my self and other people who I choose to surround my life around. I loved what this class has taught me and will keep it with me in my mind and thoughts for ever. I wish that other people would take vane and learn why things are what they are. To find fence for behaviors this makes it so that maybe some time knowing why will become action to change to some thing better.

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Beloved herself Essay

Introduction Toni Morrison is famed for her portrayal of African American smell in her vivid novels, specially her portrayal of African American women and their pop and agency within society. Morrison was herself born in a working class family exclusively worked hard and attended Howard University and then Cornell University. Although she faced discrimination and sexism finishedout her proterozoic life, she overcame the obstacles and went on to become a successful editor before paternity her first novel in 1970, The Bluest Eye. All of Morrisons later novels realize her praise and a place within a white-dominated literary world.She utilize her influence to advance fellow African American writers, but it was pricey that she became best known for. The novel, which is set in rural Ohio following the cultured War, contains quaternary stories, voices, and shifts in cartridge clip. The narrative swings back and forth in time to reveal the disturbing and complicated maternal ex periences of Sethe, now a reason knuckle down living with her m premature(a)-in-law Baby Suggs and daughter Denver in a farmho enjoyment on the outskirts of Cincinnati. While much of the novel takes place in this 1873 post-war setting, the medieval lies at the devastating core of the novel and impacts the present with vicious intensity.Indeed, as critic Valerie Smith points out, The characters scram been so profoundly affected by the experience of slavery that time cannot separate them from its horrors or undo its effects (345). Certainly, this is the case for Sethe and Paul D, a former Sweet Home slave who comes to live with Sethe and Denver in Ohio after the war. Having endured unspeakable horrors during slavery, two run across the past a constant, holy terrorening presence in their lives. To a monumental extent, dear(p) embodies the past and serves as a disrupting force in the present.Moreover, with her multiple incarnations, Beloved also represents the complex, multi- layered treatment given to maternal experience in the novel. The first and most obvious level of the maternal in Beloved consists of the complaisant and historical realities that lie beneath the text. Morrison acknowledges that the actual story of Marg atomic number 18t gather of Ohio provides the historical substance of Beloved (qtd. in Naylor 206). consort to various accounts, Garner, corresponding Sethe, attempted to kill her children rather return them to slavery (Lerner 60-63). She succeeded in putting to death one child, whom Morrison transforms into the figure of Beloved herself.According to Morrison, I just imagined the life of a dead fille which was the girl that Marg aret Garner killed, the baby girl that she killed (qtd. in Naylor 208). With Garners story then becoming Sethes, Morrison depicts both the cruel realities of renderhood under slavery and the interiority of such maternal experience. In this member, she exposes the the silences in the generic first-perso n slave narratives and crosses the boundaries surrounded by fiction and history (Grewal 156) Mothering, although approximately loving, caretaking, nurturing, and teaching, has the primary function of protection that stems from the request to survive.The survival includes that of self and of offspring, who provide ensure the existence of future generations of families. Because survival of self is a inevitable phase of survival of the offspring, with it come characteristics seemingly unmotherly. Although mothers are stereotypically viewed as soft, selfless, and be with patience, in fact, they micturate the capacity to be selfish, angry, and cruel in the knead of being protective of their children. Mothers work to brinytain life, or what they regard as right in terms of their definitions of life, regardless of the morality of their actions.And who determines the morality? Mothers are expected to be authoritative in their realm and are supercharged with the protection, at all co sts, of the children of which they are the solution or guardian. However, most of them dont have certain rights or power to make the rules in society to carry out the protection. T presentfore it is resideing to examine the brotherly construction of mothering, both for mothers that chose motherhood, and for those upon whom motherhood was imposed the dismantling of mothering stereotypes and the way racial tragedies, culture, and survival define a mothers role.Part of the issue, then, is that we place late day standards on women from other eras. Another issue is increase as well. It is the question as to what determines how a mother will do her job. The answer includes nature and nurture, as well as, perhaps, the division of essentialism and tender constructionism. According to essentialism, a mother has born qualities, nature determined, that manipulate her thought process and her decision-making process. as yet, these born qualities co-exist with environmental factors.Morris on t presentfore identifies de-essentializing small strategies that still give a place to the slavery problem but revise the direction of this criticism. Nevertheless, the essentialist versus social constructionist theory still remains organic to issues of motherhood. Eyer notes that trammel neting is described as a maternal instinct designed to ensure survival (69). Yet even the notion of maternal instinct can be questioned, especially if this mean it is to question biological determinism.Once again the issue of essentialism in motherhood is directly related to the social construction of what it is to be a Good Mother (Eyer 69). But who defines motherhood, survival and bonding? Is it possible that natural survival can be worse than death? Is it possible that the mother-child bond, so tightly fused, requires mothers to question the norm of the time, of the societal conditions? To protect whitethorn be interpreted as kill, as in Sethes case. Do these mothers have the obligation, whether essentialist or socially constructed mothers, to determine what is appropriate mothering in their situations?Perhaps these mothering characters plunge the language of biological determinism and actually use their biological differences as the source of their power, the source of their decisions and choices. The focus of this thesis, then, is the breakdown of the stereotype of mother as a result of racial and cultural oppressions in the most extreme pot, or after these extreme circumstances, illustrating that the cultures themselves are not always demonstrative of(predicate) of mothers and their inherent roles in society.The thesis also focuses on the of the essence(p) mothering characters in Toni Morrisons Beloved, as well as offers relevant theoretical background that provides weighty perspectives on mothering in racial and cultural contexts. Morrison presents mothers who are very voluntary to be soft and hard, loving and cruel, moral and amoral for the sake of futur e generations. In Beloved, the crucial mothers are Sethes mother, Sethe, Baby Suggs, and Denver. Ella and Nan, though drawingly addressed, are not considered central, as their mothering or othermothering capacities are demonstrated in a limited manner.The thesis would argue further, based upon the actions of Sethe that the socially constructed mother may refuse to act in full accordance with essentialism, for the purpose to do what they feel right, rather than the rules and morality based on social definitions. A lot of sources have been examined throughout this literary research study. A brief literature review on these sources is presented further. Deborah White in Arnt I a Woman? attempts the mythology of the Southern mammy and other myths and challenges a richer, more multifaceted picture of the lives of African American women in slavery.Drawing on historical proof, including slave narratives and the diaries and autobiographies, in addition to the modern scholarship on the Afri can American family, the author examines slave womens routine, livelihood, female networks, and family roles. She finds power and ingenuity, but denies that female slaves played a dominant role in their families. Toni Morrison and Motherhood, by Andrea OReilly, offer a critical reading of motherhood and mothering complexly depicted in Beloved.The author nearly scrutinizes Morrisons text and interviews as well as other approximation of Morrison and feminism to theorize Black womens daily experiences, which have been basically ignored by white feminists. Angelyn Mitchell in The Freedom to Remember studies actual literary revisions of slavery in the United States by African American women writers. She claims that the modern studies have examined these works only from the perspective of victimization. Author transforms the preparation of these accounts in Beloved, focusing on the theme of freedom, not slavery, defining it as liberatory narrative. The Freedom to Remember shows how the liberatory narrative serves to emancipate its readers from the heritage of slavery in American culture by facilitating a deeper dialogue of the problem and by making them new-fangled through elucidation and questioning. In the Toni Morrisons Developing association Consciousness, Doreatha Mbalia followed the growing of Morrisons consciousness from her examination of racialism in her early fiction, to her growing understanding of the nature of capitalism and the necessity for collective endeavor in and Beloved.Diane Eyer in Motherguilt How Our Culture Blames Mothers for Whats Wrong with Society, is convinced that the dissimulator scientific conception of maternal bond is one of the ways the rules of mothering have been revised to restrain mothers interests in such possessions as work for income impertinent the home. Eyer is disturbed with the political and subjective twists that scientific investigation is given when attitudes just about maternal nature and the principles of motherhood are questioned.Jan Furman in Toni Morrisons Fiction, traces the saturnine characters, subjects, and settings that represent Morrisons literary vision and strike a known chords for Morrisons readers. Showing that novelist sturdily supports the thought that the artist must vex and interpret culture, Furman discloses the Morrison s contribution to the development and restatement of the American literary tenets through her depiction of the Black woman experience. As well, Furman scrutinizes Morrisons distress with the threat of gender and racial stereotyping and with her appreciation for those who defy such boundaries.Pointing to the Morrison s awing portrayals of pitying pain, survival, and triumph, Furman moves ahead of literary analysis to enlighten what she argues to be the crucial achievement of Morrisons narrative the presentation of the pathway to emotional independence and spiritual freedom. Trudier Harris in Fiction and Folklore The Novels of Toni Morrison, sho ws how Morrisons previous novels reveal interest to the folkloric elements in the form of narrator as storyteller in the use of folk tales, funny stories, false notions, and other kinds of traditions and in the emphasis on such verbal features as music.Jacqueline Joness tremendous study motor of Love. Labor of Sorrow Black Women, takes us far into the insinuations of the extensive social distinctions between the African American and the white experiences and practices in America. Joness take hold gets rid of several nasty stereotypes and obstinate myths, it is free of the bigotry and racism it portrays, and it shows old facts in new ways. This thesis has been divided into 5 parts, introduction, main body and conclusion.Main body is dived into three chapters. The first part explores the social construction of slavery motherhood. Theoretical background to the mothering aspects of Morrisons novel is presented here briefly. Certain generalized assumptions are made about motherhood, mo thering and othermothering. Although they cannot be spotless definitions for all mothers or all situations, they perhaps indicate the relation between essentialism and constructionism, in the identification of motherhood.This part looks at mothering under pressure and threat. The import part examines the roles and representations of motherhood in the novel, and Sethes role as a mother in particular. The role of breasts and breastmilk images are discussed and considered as a bond between mother and a child. Then, thesis, especially in terms of Sethe, distinguishes how mothers reactions to situations, though seemingly animalistic are, in fact, logically thought out, using human reasoning.If, according to society, the essential aspects of mothering are to be loving, caring, and nurturing, then it is through circumstances that a mother must determine how she can best be all these things, doing what is best for her child or children. In the third part, thesis is focused on the breakdow n of the stereotype of mother as a result of racial and cultural oppressions in the most extreme circumstances, or in the aftermath of these extreme circumstances, illustrating that the cultures themselves are not always supportive of mothers and their inherent roles in society.The character of Baby Suggs has also been analyzed here thoroughly, showing how a destreotyping of black womanhood can contribute to a de-essentialized image of slavery. The thesis concludes, that the socially constructed mother who rejects the essential aspects of motherhood in order to do what she feels is right, rather than what is expected by society as a human mother. Thus, one must ascertain with respect to these culturally diverse mothers whether the essential aspects of being a mother transcend the socially constructed aspects of motherhood or not.Their desire and ultimate goal is still belongings their children and themselves alive. Indeed, the interpretation of mothering for each of the mothers mak es the difference. Each woman identifies herself as a mother or othermother includes motherhood into her personal identity. A mother raises identity, or, if she does not create it, she nurtures it so that it may bloom and grow of its own accord. Considering social constructionism, this intromission becomes exceedingly evident in the mothers and daughters in the novel, as well as in reality.

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Abraham and his Relationship with God

It is through our unwavering assurance and tending in paragon that he/she is able to truly recognize our faith and deem us guileless or wicked. The tightlipped sacrifice of Isaac is doubtlessly the toughest sample for Abraham to settle himself to God. The son that Abraham had longed for all his life and whom God finally provided for him was to be poped by Abraham, himself, as a sacrifice. Abraham intending to obey this seemingly merciless and unreasonable supplicate from God was indubitably his most relevant turn ining of loyalty and confide.The introduction of Isaac to his father is symbolic of the death of Jesus Christ, who died with complete confide in God knowing that he died for our sins (Malaty 28). The trust that Isaac shows in Abraham is synonymous with the trust that Abraham shows in God. Just as Isaac trusted that Abraham was doing what was best for him, Abraham knows that God would non steer him in the wrong direction. God consistently rewards the abandonment of infixed humilitary personnel reason when obeying a request of his/hers. As is reflected in Dei Verbum, The respectfulness of faith (Rom. 326 see 15 2 Cor 105-6) is to be given to God who reveals, an obedience by which man commits his whole self freely to God, offering the full submission of soul and will to God (Pope Paul VI 55). Therefore God is characterized in Genesis as knowing what is best for humankind even though his/her methodology is somewhat random and selective (Malaty 39). God says to Abraham after he stops him from killing Isaac, for now I know that you idolise God, since you take not withheld your son, your completely son, from me (Genesis 2212). Throughout Genesis the theme of cultism in God is Just as prevalent as trust in God.During his travels Abraham encounters the Pharaoh of the Egyptians and King Abimelech of Gerar. He realizes that both(prenominal) kingdoms ache no maintenance in God and that they will surely kill him in format to take his wife. By revealing both the Pharaoh and the King that Sarai is his sister, he protects both kingdoms as well as himself. At first it may bulge out that Abraham is acting sly or deceitful towards these seemingly innocent rulers. However, it becomes more than and more clear that Abraham does not aim to trick or deceive, he simply gives these rulers an opportunity to act morally or immorally in he eyes of God, who in turn can deem them righteous or wicked.Abraham states to King Abimelech, l did it because I thought, there is no fear of God at all in this place and they will kill me because of my wife. (Genesis 2011). By lying about his wife, he allows God to inform fear into the rulers of both Kingdoms, and in doing so protects the lives of all the members of their lands. God uses fear as a in additionl to im patternt faith into his/her followers. When Abraham is sleeping, a terrorize darkness descended upon him (Genesis 1 512) and God notifies him of the oppression that his ancestor s ill endure.By impart this sense of terror, God is able to form a bond of trust in his/her followers, which powerfulness otherwise go ignored. It can be perceived that God is scaring people in order to get what he/she wants. I look at it from the perspective of God using fear in order to make people realize that he/she is the one received God. And once people come to this realization that he is the father al right on, he has gained their unwavering trust and devotion, as seen through Abraham. He/she does the said(prenominal) with Sarah when telling her that in her old age she will bear a child.She laughs at this and says, After I restrict grown old, and my husband is old, shall I have pleasure? He/she questions her laughter and says, Is anything too wonderful for the Lord? (Genesis 1812-14). Sarah denied her laughter out of fear of God, and through this exchange she realizes that nothing is too powerful or great for the Lord to accomplish. As such is present during his dea lings with the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by God was due to their overleap of faith. They acted wickedly and had no fear of God, which nevitably led to their demise.God acts Justly in his/her determination to destroy the cities. God believes that trust between him/her and his/her followers is crucial and that it must be interchangeable. Therefore before burning the cities, God makes Abraham awargon of his plan as not to deceive him. The Lord states, Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do, seeing that Abraham shall become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed by him? No, for I have chosen him, that he may charge his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing ighteousness and Justice. (Genesis 1817-19). God is aw are that Abraham is to be father of legion(predicate) great nations. He/she realizes that if he/she wants these nations to be moral, dignified lands full of righteous and honorable humans, that Godself must not formulate the foundations of these youthful nations with deceit and duplicity. Abraham and the Lord negotiate the terms of the destruction and God agrees that no innocent people shall be harmed. After the two angels sent by God realize that no one in the cities is worthy of salvation, the cities are obliterated and only Lot and his two aughters are saved.While in many other books of the Old Testament, God can be seen as vindictive and hypocritical, it is obvious that God is characterized in Genesis as fair and trustworthy. He notifies Abraham of his plans, forming a mutual trust with him, and saves his family from the destruction. It is important to God not only that his followers act morally but also that he/she holds himself/herself to the same standards. Dei Verbum states, To this people which He had acquired for Himself, He so manifested Himself through words and kit and caboodle as the one true an d living God thatIsrael came to know by experience the ways of God with men. (Pope Paul VI 514). God realizes that in order to make the covenant witn Abraham last he/she nas to esta himself/herself through his actions as the one true God. Acting deceitfully or immorally would undoubtedly Jeopardize that. It is obvious throughout Genesis 11-22 that God looks favorably upon those who show him/her fear, and uses fear as a tool to instill a mutual trust between him/her and his/her followers. Fear and trust go go along and hand in the eyes of God and this is demonstrated through the characters in Genesis.Abrahams near sacrifice of Isaac, the obedience of Pharaoh and King Abimelech, and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah all exemplify this claim. This might cause one to wonder why God must test his subjects fear if he/she is indeed all knowing. If God already knows that he/ she trusts someone or that this individual fears God, it would appear that he/she tests him/her solely in order to gain their trust. As I stated, trust and fear are synonymous throughout Genesis and God emphasizes their significance while formulating his/her Judgments of definite individuals and nations.

3pl Providers and Users

A STUDY OF THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS PROVIDERS AND USERS Dr. S. Samar Ali, Associate professor Operations &038 Logistics Management * JK Business School, Damdama Lake Road,Bhondsi, Gurgaon 122102, India Telephone +91-9971876017, Email address email& one hundred sixtyprotected com ABSTRACT leash base caller logistics (3PL) has been gaining enormousness in approximately(prenominal) places in the world. The implementation of 3PL practices is just beginning and emerging utilely. This written report examines the Indian 3 PL Supply Chain Management and practices with respect to the come crossways success ciphers and increment strategies .After revealing the critical success factors SERVQUAL is applied to reveal the gap surrounded by their exercise and expectation. Respondents to the survey be categorized based on their rating of the tell emersion strategies on the root word of AHP. make Words 3PL Third political political party Logistics suppliers India chemical eleme nt Analysis SERVQUAL AHP 1. Introduction As conditions for doing work in a global imbedting father changed fundamentally during the last two decades the importance of logistics and add concatenation have it awayment (LSCM) has been recognized universally.As companies realized the get to aline to the ever changing conditions in an environment of globalization, technological innovation, and to a great extent sophisticated consumer demand to survive and flourish they began to incorporate into their administrations of operations and center on on a strong LSCM dowry (Rushton &038 Walker, 2007). Superior logistics and go forth chain exploit is straight off a well-recognized strategic dimension for companies to gain competitive ad caravantage.The surfaceth of logistics come onsourcing in the USA is attributable to better transportation solutions greater instruction on sum total businesses impact on hail reduction improvements in suffices contractment of unavoidable technological talentedise availability of computerized systems and the need for more professional and better prepared logistics processs (Sheffi, 1990). The product of business dynamics has ca utilize popsourcing of the logistics activities to gain increasingly greater importance.Companies have been considering various options to manage their logistics activities including, creating in house dedicated logistics function, setting up logistics subsidiaries or acquiring a logistics firm. (Sahay &038 Mohan, 2006). A 3PL provider is a company which supplies and/or co-ordinates logistics functions across multiple links in the supply chain. The company acts as a 1 third party facilitator surrounded by seller/manufacturer (the first party) and buyer/user (the second party), visit 1. Figure 1. Main components of 3PL.Source look on India Third Party Logistics India, November 2009. www. researchonindia. com Various authors have provided their version of 3PL definition, which are n umbered in get across 1. send back 1 Definitions of 3PL in the logistics literature. Authors Lieb (1992) Definition The use of external companies to perform logistics functions that have traditionally been performed in spite of awaitance an organization. The function performed by the third party can encompass the correct logistics process or selected activities within that process. Andersson (1997) Murphy and Poist (1998)The procurement of an integrated set of logistics redevelopments in a longterm relationship between a shipper and a military service provider. A relationship between a shipper and third party which, compared with elementary services, has more customized offerings, encompasses a broader sum up of service functions and is characterized by a longer term, more mutually beneficial relationship. 2 Vab Laarhoven et al. (1999) Berglund (2000) Bask (2001) Activities carried out by a logistics service provider on behalf of a shipper and consisting of at least focus and execution of transportation and store.In addition, other activities can be included, for example inventory management, information related activities, much(prenominal) as bring in and tracing, value added activities, such as secondary assembly and installation of products, or even supply chain management. Also, the contract is required to contain few management, analytical or design activities, and the length of the co-operation between shipper and provider to be at least one year, to distinguish 3PL form traditional builds length sourcing of transportation and/or warehousing.Organizations use of external providers, in intended continuous relationships bound by formal or free agreements considered mutually beneficial, which render all or a considerable number of the activities required for the focal logistical need without taking title. Relationships between interfaces in the supply chains and third party logistics providers, where logistics services are offered, from bas ic to customized ones, in a shorter or longer-term relationship, with the indicate of effectiveness and efficiency.Source Marasco, A. , A go off of Third Party Logistics Literature Preliminary Findings. RIRL 2006 Sixth International sexual intercourse of Logistics Research. Since the 1980s, along with the trend to source non-core activates (Sink and Langley, 1997), companies have increasingly turned to third-party logistics providers (3PL) both in the USA (Lieb and Randall, 1996 Rabinovich et al. , 1999 Kne mayer and Murphy, 2004) and in Europe (Van Laarhoven et al. , 2000). PL services help to fall in the strategic objectives by concentrating more on core energy of the principal(prenominal) business. The memorize by Sahay and Mohan, 2006, has cited substantial ingathering in various monetary indicators using services of 3PL, for instance, various improvements in sales revenue by 13. 5%, working capital by 12. 3%, returns on assets by 10%, capital assets reduction by 10% , production cost reduction by 10. 5%, labor cost reduction by 10. 0%, and logistics cost reduction by 15%. PL users depend on 3PL service providers to secure capacity and gain agility (Hannon, 2005) who non however provide core services like supplying right attribute product, Figure 2. Outsourcing Development of Logistics Services and Network Source Hapanen and Vepsalainen, 1999. 3 in the right amount, at the right price and place, and at the right age but also provide value added services such as tracking and tracing, sending information prior to the arrival of products, flexibility in manner of speaking, which are valued by clients.The role 3PL service providers play in enhancing services and thereby satisfying customers has been universally recognized. The growth in 3PL service providers is seen across the world. As the logistics service demand increases, the challenges and opportunities will continue to increase. With the colossal availability of modern finis making tool s and information technology a paradigm shift in logistics is witnessed. Figure 2 depicts the evaluation and the soil of the art witnessed in ogistics outsourcing. Companies across industries and around the world regard logistics and supply chain management as key components of their everywhereall business success. many an(prenominal) users feel that their relationships with 3PLs have helped them achieve critical goals related to service, cost, and customer pleasure. Third Party Logistics in India Ever since the liberalization of its economy India has been on a path to constitute one of the top economic powers in the world. rising avenues for occur and development have opened up manufacturing and retail sectors gained popularity because of the changes in chinas export policy of not exporting manufactured items, from which Indian manufacturing firms have benefitted. Hence this sector will contribute to GDP significantly in the long run. The growth and competitiveness in these two sectors mostly depend on the efficiency of the logistics operations that facilitate the companies ability to reach out to their customers quickly and at the desired location.Realizing this many manufacturers and retailers are now restructuring their supply chain processes in a manner to incorporate partnerships with expert supply chain service providers and outsourcing such activities as domestic transportation, multinational transportation, customs brokerage, warehousing, forwarding, cross-docking, product labeling, packing, assembly, kitting, overthrow logistics, fr octette bill auditing and payment, IT services, fleet management, supply chain consultancy services provided by 3PLs, allege entry, processing and fulfillment and extra liability partnership (LLP)/4PL Service.Currently 3PL services are in their nascent symbolise in India. Third party logistics will gain considerable grapple of the logistics sector because of the pursual compelling facts. 1 Globally, the l ogistics industry is valued at US$3. 5 trillion and the Indian logistics industry is currently estimated at US$90 billion (CII)1. Colliers International Logic of Logistics http//www. colliers. com/Content/Attachments/India/2009_Logic_Of_Logistics. pdf 4 The industry has generated employment for 45 million people in the rural in comparison with the IT and ITES sector, which employs approximately 4. 3 million people1. As per the public Bank Survey, India ranks 39th in terms of the logistics performance index and indicators, with capital of Singapore on top, the UK, USA and China in 9th, 14th and 30th positions, respectively. India strike downs US$1,148 in handling costs to import one cargo container and US$820 to export it. In comparison, Singapore spends US$367 per imported container and China US$390, according to a World Bank body of work1.India spends 13% of its GDP on logistics compared to an average of 10% in developed countries, while the U. S. spends just 8%. Bette r supply chain management has decreased logistics costs by nearly 1% in 10 historic period1. The Indian government plans to spend US$24 billion over the next eight years on supply chain infrastructure1. 3PL solutions are on course to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 16% from 2007-2010. Consequently, 3PL service providers are expected to corner an increased apportion of the Indian logistics pie, from 6% in FY2006 to 13% in FY2011, at a CAGR of 25% (CII)1.According to the ASSOCHAM2, outsourcing of 3PL businesses in India should reach the value range above US$ 90 million by 2012 as the concept first introduced in US and Europe is being adopted at a measure that will lead to increases in the efficiency of domestic operations done better managed logistics functions. Companies in textile, automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail and FMCG sectors are increasingly opting to outsource their logistics requirements to vary service providers. According to a r ecent survey of 3PL service providers engineering, automotive and retail sectors were top revenue earners. PL Market Structure in India The 3PL grocery store in India is comprised of two segments the first one is asset based in which assets like trucks, distribution centers and warehouses are utilized in supply chain management, and the second one is non-asset based. There is a significant difference between the nature of Indian 3PL and its counterpart elsewhere, especially in the U. S. , remand 2. Table 2 Comparative Analysis of 3PL in India and the U. S. Parameter Usage of 3PL parking area activities outsourced 2 USA 71% Warehousing (73. 7%) Outbound transferral (68. 4%) India 55% Outbound Transportation (55%) Inbound Transportation (52%) http//www. ommodityonline. com/printnews. php? news_id=23489 5 Reasons for not outsourcing Necessity of ecommerce Collaborative relationship Gain sharing is definitive for relationship Freight bill payment (61. 4%) Inbound warehousing (56. 1 %) Control would diminish (63%) Costs would not be deoxidised (63%) Service commitment would not be met (48%) Logistics is a core competency (44%) 72% Custom clearing and forwarding (51%) 82% 14% 80% 6. 6% Source 3PL Practices in India, Sahay. B. S. , Poor infrastructure of provider (81%) inability to respond to changing needs (81%) Unreliable promised from providers (80%) Concerns about capability of providers (77%) 7% www. cscmpindia. com/Events/20112003/3. PDF Considerable amount of research on the topic of the implementation of 3PL in different countries has been published in academic and trade journals. Viewpoints of both users and service providers have been considered to position the major issues, industry dynamics, current status and incoming prospects of the 3PL industry. However most of the research is descriptive in nature and does not go into in-depth statistical abstract of survey data. In the present study Indian 3PL providers service dimensions are canvas in ter ms of the key success factors and growth strategies using various tatistical tools. 2. Literature check out In this section a review of the literature is presented, which examines the perspectives of the 3PL users and service providers to understand the stochastic variable in the services offered and services expected. Table 3 provides a list of recent contributions that address the reasons for outsourcing logistics activities. Table 3. Reasons for outsourcing logistics activities. Author, (Year) Objective endpoint Sheffi, (1990) Understand the motives for the growth of logistics outsourcing in USA The main motives are to focus on force businesses Better transportation solutions Cost savings and improved ervices Development of requirement technological expertise and computerized systems and need for more professional and better- 6 Maltz, (1994) piddle carnal knowledge impact of cost and services on the decision to outsource warehousing The study determined that organizati ons are reluctant to use third party warehousing due to customer service considerations. Author, (Year) Objective last Rao &038 Young, (1994) Identify the factors influencing outsourcing of logistics functions Daugherty et al. , (1996) Study the perception of the third party logistics service users van Damme et al. , (1996) see to it outsourcing ogistics management activities Sink &038 Langley, (1997) Develop a managerial framework for the acquisition of third party logistics services The study identified factors such as Centrality of the logistics function Risk and control Cost/service trade-offs cultivation technologies and relationships with logistics service providers Product-related (e. g. special handling needs), process-related (e. g. cycle measure) and networkrelated (e. g. countries served) drivers are believed to have an collateral influence in the outsourcing decision The service users believe that they are getting benefits like reduction in nventory aims, ord er cycle convictions, lead times and improvement in customer service. The do or buy decision is also affected by evaluation of cost/service trade-offs. i important determinant of the decision is cost comparison between resource options. Costs associated with performing logistics activities inhouse and investment in capital assets are traded-off against service provider fees. The lowest cost solution should Concentration towards the core competencies was the most important factor for the acquisition of third party logistics services. Bhatnagar et al. , (1999) Find out factors for decision-making process or choosing contract logistics service providers. Ascertain benefits of alliance between manufacturing and global logistics service providers. Study benefits of outsourcing the logistics activities. The major reasons to outsourcing of logistics activities were cost saving (86. 8%), customer satisfaction (76. 3%) and flexibility (75%). Study growth strategies for logistics service p roviders Forming relationships with 3PL providers is an efficient and effective means of achieving the required services without investing heavy in assets and new capabilities. Bhatnagar and Viswanathan, (2000) Bask, (2001)Persson and Virum, (2001) The manufacturing firms got the advantage of reduction in inventory levels, order cycle times, lead times and improvement in customer service. The customer satisfaction increases significantly and provides access to international distribution networks. 7 Sohail &038 Sohal, (2003) Examine the reasons for outsourcing logistics activities in Malaysia The major reasons reported are Cost savings improve services Better transportation solutions Better professionalism Author, (Year) Objective Conclusion Wilding &038 Juriado, (2004) chequer customer perceptions on logistics outsourcing in theEuropean consumer goods industry The main reasons for outsourcing the logistics activities are Competencies of 3PLs operate flexibility Cost reduc tion Focus on core businesses Aktas &038 Ulengin, (2005) Review the reasons for outsourcing logistics activities in Turkey Turkish firms basically outsource the transportation activities to reduce the operating costs. Simchi-Levi et al. , (2008) Determine the effect of outsourcing of logistics on the management of the supply chain. The most important reason for outsourcing is that it allows a company to focus on its core competencies and hence on customer requirements.Studies based on user firms appear to indicate that outsourcing logistics activities is appropriate if it has an impact on one or more factors depicted in Table 4. Table 4. carry on of outsourcing logistics activities. Factor push on customer satisfaction Indentified by Gooley (1992) and Lieb et al. (1993) Impact on logistics system performance Lieb et al. (1993) and Dapiran et al. (1996) and Bhatnagar et al. (1999) slightening in capital investment in facilities Reduction in capital investment in equipment hold dear and Muller (1990) and Richardson (1992, 1995) Fantasia (1993), protect and Muller (1990) and Richardson (1992)Reduction in investment in information technology Impact on employee morale Goldberg (1990), Sheffi (1990), Trunick (1990) and Fantasia (1993) Bowersox (1990) and Dapiran et al. (1996) Reduction in manpower cost Foster and Muller (1990) and Richardson (1992, 1995) Minaham (1997) and McMullan (1996) Improvement on specific logistics function parameters Improvement in inventory turnover rates Improvement in on-time delivery increase productivity Richardson (1990, 1995) Richardson (1995) Bradley (1995) 8 A list of references that address the issue of endurance criteria for 3PL providers is given in Table 5. Table 5.S resource criteria for 3PL providers. consultation Objective Conclusion Bagchi and Virum, (1996) Develop a management model for selecting the logistic service provider Selection criteria typically include Cost Service quality and dependableness Flexibili ty responsiveness to requests fiscal stability Sink &038 Langley, (1997) Develop a managerial framework for the acquisition of 3PL services Menon et al. , (1998) To study the option criteria for 3PL providers. Meade and Sarkis, (2002) To develop conceptual model for selecting and evaluating third-party reverse logistics providers. Managers of a firm assign greater mportance to qualitative factors such as supplier reputation, references from clients, and response to information requests, which are used for the initial screening of candidate service The firms competitiveness strategy and its external environment affect the selection criteria. The important criteria for the selection of a 3PL provider are On time expedition and deliveries Superior error rates Financial stability Creative management Ability to deliver as promised Availability of top management Responsiveness to unforeseen occurrences Meet performance and quality The most important factors for 3PL election ar e Time Quality Cost Flexibility Aghazadeh, (2003) To select the effective 3PL provider. The criteria for selecting 3PL provider are Similar value Information technology systems Key management 9 Colson and Dorigo, (2004) H. S. Hwang et al. , (2005) Efendigil et al. , (2008) To develop public warehouse selection concentrate system. The software tool select the public warehouse on the can of factors like Storage surface and volume Dangerous items Geographical outdo to highway connection Certification Assistance with customs Use of technology such as RFID/bar-coding, modemTo develop the supplier The major supplier selection selection and preparedness indicators are model. Serviceability Meet the lead time Inventory rotation rate Lead time Customer satisfaction Market share Production flexibility Multi-item production capability New item development/production capability Quality Quality potency Selection of a thirdThe third party reverse logistics party revers e logistics providers selection can be done by provider in the using performance indicators like presence of vagueness. On time delivery ratio Confirmed fill rate Service quality level Unit operation cost Capacity usage ratio radical order cycle time System flexibility index consolidation level index Increment in market share Research and development ratio Environmental expenditures Customer satisfaction index Table 6 gives Jharkharia and Shankars (2006) list of the selection criteria for 3PL providers as identified by some authors. Table 6. Selection criteria. N o Selection Criteria relevancy in 3PL Selection Reference 10 1 Compatibility with the Users The ability of the user, provider and their support systems to work together in co-ordination. Anderson and Norman 2002), Lynch (2000), Mohanty and Deshmukh (1993). 2 Cost of Service pith cost of logistics outsourcing. Lynch (2000), caudex et al. (1998), tam and Tummala (2001). 3 Quality of Service It includes many as pects like transportation time, on-time delivery, oftenness and cost of damages etcetera Razzaque and Sheng (1999), Thompson (1996), Langley et al. (2002). 4 Reputation of Vendor 5 transaction Measurement Opinion of concerned people about 3PL firm. cookery for periodic evaluation of the performance. Lynch (2000), Thompson (1996). Bhatanagar et al. (1999), Lynch (2000), Langely et al. (2002). 6 Willingness to UseLogistics Manpower Razzaque and Sheng (1998), Ackerman (1996). 7 Flexibility in Billing Willingness of 3PL provider to retain users logistics employee, who would otherwise become unemployed after outsourcing contract. Flexibility in billing and payment conditions which increases grace between user and supplier. 8 Long-Term Relationship Includes shared gamble and rewards. Lynch (2000), Boyson et al. (1999). 9 Quality of Management Anderson and Norman (2002), Lynch (2000), Boyson et al. (1999). 10 Information Sharing and Mutual Trust Able management not only provides good services but also fosters a long-term elationship. For continuance of agreement and continuous improvement of services. 11 Operational Performance 12 Information Technology Capacity 13 Fixed asset Langely et al. (2002), Tam and Tummala (2001). Anderson and Norman (2002), Lynch (2000), Langely et al. (2002), Babbar and Prasad (1998). Hum (2000), Boyson et al. (1999). 14 Experience in Similar Product 15 Delivery Performance Can be measured by delivery performance, performance monitoring capacity etc. The advanced IT capacity helps in reducing uncertainties and inventory level. Tracking of goods becomes an blowzy process. Size and Quality of fixed sset helps in good operational performance. previous experience in product line of shipper is added advantage. Speed and reliability. Bradley (1994). Lynch (2000). Razzaque and Sheng (1998), Ackerman (1996). Stock et al. (1998), Gattorna and Walters (1996). 11 16 Employee Satisfaction Level Improves operational performance. 17 Financial P erformance Ensures continuity in services, regular updation of equipments. 18 Market percentage It reflects its financial performance, customer satisfaction and reputation. Thompson (1996). 19 Geographical Spread and simulacrum of Services Provided Flexibility in Operation and DeliveryCreate enhanced access to the user. Maltz(1995), Boyson et al. (1999), Bradlley (1994). Stank and Daugherty (1997). 20 It may enable the user to give customized service to the shipper, particularly in special or non-routine request. Lynch (2000), Boyson et al. (1999), Langely et al. (2002). Anderson and Norman (2002), Boyson et al. (1999). Table 7. Growth Strategies Reference Objective Conclusion Sum and Teo, (1999) To find out Strategic heading of logistics service providers in Singapore 3PL performance and profits can be improved by Cost reduction, Market segmentation Service differentiationEnvironmental changes and the groundwork of new technologies have an impact on LSP strategic planning b oth(prenominal) vertical (shipper-LSP) and horizontal (among LSPs) alliances are set up mainly with the aim of getting access to complementary resources and capabilities. In particular, horizontal alliances among LSPs are deemed necessary for the development of cross-border logistics solutions Hum, (2000) van Hoek, (2000) To find out the factors that affect the LSP strategic planning To find out the reasons for doing alliances. 12 Stone, (2001 &038 2002) To find out the growth strategies used by UKs 3PL providers.Carbone and Stone, (2005) To identify the growth strategies used by European logistics service provider and its out come C. John Langley, Jr. , Ph. D. , and Capgemini U. S. LLC. 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 To identify the growth strategies used by the logistics provider in the world. LSPs employ a variety of growth strategies. Important means of expansion include Mergers and acquisitions (M&038As) roast ventures Strategic alliances Piggybacking (i. e. following the cl ients expansion and establishing new operations in orthogonal markets) Organic growth European logistics service providers use M for gaining dvantage in factors like Economies of scope Expanded geographical coverage Acquisition of narrow down capabilities Requirements for investment in IT and equipment Third party logistics providers use following strategies for growth of the company. M Service Portfolio 3PL User/Provider Relationships. RFID and IT Future Growth of the 4PL Provider Concept 3PL Creation of Supply Chain Value Integration &038 collaboration Green Supply Chain 3. Research modeology The research objectives of this paper are as threefold 1. To identify the success factors of Indian 3PL firms and their relative importance. . To analyze the gap between achievement and expectation as defined by the success factors identified. 3. To prioritize the growth strategies and their relative importance. 13 3. 1 Type of Research Employed In this paper we used an wild cat research to help formulate relevant questions and hypotheses that can be the basis of subsequent inquiries into the issues faced by 3PL providers and users. This type of research is particularly useable when the researcher is uncertain of the theories that are relevant, and would like to seek insights and ask questions to measure out the phenomena he has postdated in a new light.The tools one may employ to conduct exploratory research include review of the literature, and surveys of the opinions of experts and focus groups. 3. 2 Sampling Procedure We employed a non-probability sample technique, Quota Sampling. Quota sampling is used to ensure that a set of specific characteristics that are of sake to the investigator is present in the sample. 3. 3 Sample Size To catch data we sent out a structured questionnaire to 220 third party logistics providers employees. 124 of the replies could be used for the analysis. Industry Review factor analysis, the research . 5 Tools of Analy sis Literature Review Research Issue In our study we used SERVQUAL and AHP. The stages of process are shown in Figure 3. Research Questions first Version Development of Questionnaire Final Version Revised Version information Collection Data Analysis 14 Conclusion Figure 3 Research Process 5 . Data Analysis 5. 1 To identify the success factors of Indian 3PL firms and its relative importance. The data collected through questionnaire was analyzed through SPSS 15. 0 to find out the success factors and their relative importance. The KMO and bartlett pears test results shown in Table. indicate the suitability of the data for factor analysis. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy is 0. 769 which is greater than 0. 5. This indicates that a factor analysis will be useful with the data. The value of significance level is 0. 000, which is less than 0. 05. So there is a significant relationship among the variables. The initial descent shows that the communalities are very high, whi ch indicate that the extracted components represent the variables well. Table 9. Table 8. KMO and Bartletts examine Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy. 0. 769 Bartletts Test ofSphericity 3167. 333 Approx. Chi-Square Df Sig. 325 .000 Table. 9 Communalities Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Initial 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 Extraction .477 .611 .638 .667 .595 .670 .653 .536 .766 15 Q10 Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q15 Q16 Q17 Q18 Q19 Q20 Q21 Q22 Q23 Q24 Q25 Q26 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 1. 000 .661 .588 .624 .604 .664 .753 .748 .774 .589 .690 .695 .734 .671 .653 .582 .607 .641 Extraction Method Principal Component Analysis. 16 Table 10. Total partitioning ExplainedInitial Eigen values % of accumulative Variance % 23. 065 23. 065 12. 909 35. 974 Extraction Sums of Squared Loadings % of Cumulative Total Variance % 5. 997 23. 065 23. 065 3. 356 12. 909 35. 974 Rotation Su ms of Squared Loadings % of Total Cumulative % Variance 3. 064 11. 786 11. 786 2. 964 11. 398 23. 184 42. 224 1. 625 6. 250 42. 224 2. 602 10. 007 33. 191 47. 529 1. 379 5. 305 47. 529 2. 118 8. 147 41. 339 4. 802 52. 331 1. 249 4. 802 52. 331 1. 829 7. 034 48. 372 4. 467 56. 798 1. 161 4. 467 56. 798 1. 599 6. 151 54. 523 1. 098 4. 225 61. 023 1. 098 4. 225 61. 023 1. 434 5. 515 60. 038 1. 023 . 935 64. 958 1. 023 3. 935 64. 958 1. 279 4. 920 64. 958 Component Total 1 2 5. 997 3. 356 3 1. 625 6. 250 4 1. 379 5. 305 5 1. 249 6 1. 161 7 8 9 .936 3. 598 68. 557 10 .869 3. 344 71. 901 11 .788 3. 031 74. 931 12 .704 2. 707 77. 638 13 .671 2. 580 80. 218 14 .608 2. 338 82. 556 15 .594 2. 284 84. 839 16 .552 2. 123 86. 963 17 .542 2. 083 89. 046 18 .503 1. 933 90. 979 19 .389 1. 497 92. 476 20 .380 1. 462 93. 938 21 .343 1. 318 95. 256 22 .317 1. 220 96. 476 23 .297 1. 144 97. 620 24 .242 .931 98. 550 25 .196 .753 99. 304 26 .181 .696 100. 000 Extraction Method Principal Component Analysi s. 7 Table 11. Rotated Component Matrix (a) Component 1 2 Q1 Q2 3 4 5 6 7 8 .504 .431 Q3 .760 Q4 .417 Q5 .639 Q6 .502 .488 Q7 -. 407 .646 Q8 .505 Q9 Q10 .813 .739 Q11 .555 Q12 .419 .699 Q13 .647 Q14 .639 Q15 .823 Q16 .815 Q17 .772 Q18 .457 Q19 .514 .491 Q20 .658 Q21 .731 Q22 .643 Q23 .742 Q24 .676 Q25 Q26 .688 .635 Extraction Method Principal Component Analysis. Rotation Method Varimax with Kaiser Normalization. a Rotation converged in 24 iterations. We note that about 65% (. 64958) of the total variation in the 26 variables is attributable to the first eight components, Table 10.We also observe that Component 1 explains a variance of 3. 064, which is 11. 786% of total variance of 26 Component 2 explains a variance of 2. 964, which is 11. 398% of total variance and so on. The rotated component matrix contains the same information as the component matrix, except that it is calculated after rotation, Table 11. From this table we construct the following factor matrix, Table 12, where t he key elements of importance in relation to the eight factors are shown. 18 Table 12. Factor Matrix Eigen Value Factor No. Factor Name Total

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Queen Elizabeth I Essay

The do work A Midsummer wickednesss Dream was written by William Shakespe be in 1594. From the theme and context of the play, I can conclude that it was probably written for a spousal affinity. It would be similar to the epithalamion written at weddings at this time, just now a more elaborate version. many of the lines rhyme and it whole has the feel of poetry some beautiful and some seeming apparitional and spell-the likes of. It canvasses all aspects of wedlock through plot, characters and symbolism, dappleing on both on the loose(p) and dark aras.The tragic side is shown more through references that actually spell it out Pyramus and Thisby is one physical exercise of a union which ended in catastrophe. However, despite this, the main creative thinker of marriage is perceived as symmetric all is shown in a comic frame, with a humorous touch and a happy ending. This would be an appropriate feel for a wedding play because it gives the concept of marriage an idyllic feel , telling the newlyweds what they want to acquire that marriage is a good mind.If you search the play in depth, you allow find that not only is it about the union of people in a marriage, but also about the unity of opposing forces in nature and bringing harmony from chaos. It is also, in an even broader sense, about the Elizabethan ideals about divinity fudge and the universe. To clarify exactly what these ideals were and how A Midsummer Nights Dream defines them, I must start at the outgrowth with the story of Adam and even. Elizabethans believed in everything fitting into its natural place.After perusal the sky, they thought the universe was made up of spheres, one containing the stars, one containing planets and so on. They thought the Earth was at the centre of the universe the spheres they believed in were a way of dealing with the fact that different bodies in the sky locomote in different ways. It was thought that these spheres made the world harmonious, but military personnel couldnt see the true beauty of it because of Adam and Eve. The legend goes that Eve was tempted by the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit in the tend of Eden.This, apparently, caused the whole human race to fall from Gods grace. Now, the relevance of this to A Midsummer Nights Dream and the theme of marriage is that when this happened, it meant man kind could not the music of the spheres they were only told by God that everything had its place. Even the evil in the world has a reason for organism there. Humans cannot see quite how everything fits in because of their sin. They do not full understand why some things happened because they cant see the unfit picture. This was illustrated by the Great Chain of Being.God came at the top of this chain, with saints under Him. Then came nature (represented by Oberon and Titania), people (shown in all the human characters), and below them animals, plants and rocks. Humans came between animals and Angels, a kinship personified by Bottom. He is a typical human, not very impertinent or beautiful, but just a normal working course of study person. He then has a link with both the animal and angel world he is turned into an ass and he has a relationship with Titania. This establishes the link between animals, angles and humans, and also tells you about the human nature.They are continuously trying to find something great that themselves (for example fairies or angels) but to the greater beings, they must look as animals do to us far down the stairs them and having little or no brains. Also exhibiting the same way of view was the fact that men came above women in the category of humans. If you were to sum up the play with one idea, this is the single idea addressed most eloquently. Many events in A Midsummer Nights Dream educe the superiority of men, through the media of imagery, plot and characters, which will be tackled later.The Elizabethan idea of the cosmos is also addressed by the union of opposi tes connected with marriage. Their idea of the universe is that everything joins together perfectly and everything has its place. Things which may not seem to shed a purpose will have been created by God for a reason we just dont know what that is. The prime example is the joining of a man and a woman in marriage. It may seem to make more sense to join two women or two men, as these will have more in common, but this play is trying to say a little of both the young-begetting(prenominal) and female persona is needed to make the match united.They are like opposite forces, but marriage brings them together. It is as is they have only half of the qualities needed to bring harmony and they must be brought together in marriage to make a whole. The same is also being expressed through the union of other opposite forces. There are many contrasting pairs which link hand in hand in this play night and day sleeping and waking supernatural and individual discord and harmony passion and rea son and ultimately female and male. These pairs are all the exact opposite of each other and yet Shakespeare is presenting the image that we need each half of the pair to make the world harmonious.

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Research Essay: Elements of Classic Conditioning Essay

In the superficial Albert prove of Conditioned stirred Reactions, baby Albert was exposed to diverse stimuli which were paired with a loud walloping noise on a bar. A denounce was put side by side(p) to Albert and when he would reach for the rat, they would bang that bar to get baby Albert to presentment fear by inst. Albert was in condition(p) to the point that by simply cover him the rat he would cry and want to crawl away. He knew that along with the rat, came the loud clanging noise, therefore he felt that by avoiding the rat, he would also be able to avoid the noise.In classical conditioning, the categorical excitant (US) is one that unconditionally, naturally, and automatically triggers a reaction (Cherry). In this topic, the infinite stimulus (US) is the noise of the banging bar. The condition stimulus (CS) is the rat and the conditioned response (CR) is that of baby Albert crying and crawling away from the rat. The conditioned stimulus is a stimulus that was on ce neutral, but becomes linked with the unconditioned stimulus, and eventually elicits a certain response (Cherry). shrimpy Albert was also exposed to various some other stimuli, like masks, a rabbit, a dog, a fur coat, cotton fiber and wool. In all of these incidences, Little Albert reacted negatively. He was so accustomed to the rat producing the loud bang of the bar, that he started to exhibit generalization when all of these other items were introduced. Generalization occurs when a similar stimulus is introduced yielding the same conditioned response. (Feist & adenosine monophosphate Rosenberg, 2012 p. 310). there was markedly little difference in his reply to these other stimuli in comparison to the reaction with the rat.In this research study the conditioning did not last over time due to extinction. Little Albert was exposed repeatedly to the identical stimuli and therefore the aversion to the rat and banging bar decreased. The rat no longer yielded the same results it o nce did. Although he still shied away from it, he no longer exhibited the fearful crying that was once present. The conditioned responses persisted, although with a loss in the severity of the response (Watson & Rayner, 1920). In my opinion, this experiment is highly unethical.First, I have to delight in what the effects of this experiment had on Little Albert later on in his life. The article stated that right up until the day he odd the hospital, the experiment continued. There was no evidence of follow up or desensitization with this young infant. The other area of concern for me is that this experiment was conducted with a loud banging noise in propinquity to Little Alberts ear. Exposure to loud noises especially noises in close proximity to the ear, spate cause Noise Induced Hearing Loss (Bredenkamp & Gnaupp). There was no indication that this was even considered.These are only a few of the unethical conditions under which this experiment was conducted. This experiment cannot be conducted today because Little Alberts well being was not protected, and in my opinion this experiment could have been quite detrimental to his overall health. ? References Bredenkamp, J. K. , & Gnaupp, F. B. (n. d. ). Noise bring forth hearing loss and its prevention. Retrieved October 18, 2013. from http//www. medicinenet. com/noise_induced_hearing_loss_and_its_prevention/page4. htm Cherry, K. (n. d. ). Conditioned Stimulus About. com Psychology.Retrieved October 18, 2013, from http//psychology. about. com/od/cindex/g/condstim. htm Cherry, K. (n. d. ). What Is an boundless Stimulus? Retrieved October 18, 2013, from http//psychology. about. com/od/uindex/g/unconditioned. htm Feist, G. J. , & Rosenberg, E. L. (2012). Learning. In Psychology Perspectives & connections (p. 310). Retrieved from https//digitalbookshelf. southuniversity. edu//books/0077736494/pages/66379448 Watson, J. B. , & Rayner, R. (1920). Conditioned emotional reactions. Journal of Experime ntal Pscyhology, 2, pp. 1-14.

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Natural and Moral Man in History

Im service realityuel Kant was one of the ace names and possibly the chief in the Hesperian judiciousism and promised land progress in the 18th century. He is the father of dualism in organism of man and mind. According to him, first, man has a inseparable emplacement wherein his feelings or thoughts, inclination, desires, field of disposition and emotions be incorporated. This possesses man to be chthonian the inherent laws, just like an opposite(prenominal) creatures, but that is not tolerable to make him con attituder as kind-hearted because what makes man human possessing leave alone is his mental abilities, and this lifted him to be superior and better than to every(prenominal) pisser(a) creatures.Animals be natural of whatever means are necessary for them to wait as if another science had thought of e realthing they need like horns or claws or teeth and needed companionship and instincts. But man is born as a creature gathering in all the deprivations in h is self-importance. Man, equipped with intelligence and a nature that doesnt do anything superfluous and doesnt waste any material used for the attainment of goals, mustinessiness accomplish, himself, everything above the mechanical order of his puppet being without following his instincts. Because it is naturally, from the very beginning of his existence is equipped with intelligence which can be transmitted from the parents and also the free will which only depends on his intelligence. He himself controls all his actions, because he depends on his consciousness most something.Kants case of existence has an area of showing the qualities which has been the subject of all body of systematic greetledge which are based on facts, namely, the part, showing the well-defined known attributes. And the other area is composed of the metaphysical core. In which one cannot pee-pee if it is not perceived. This is only possible by developing the character or the personality of an mort al. For example, the religion which is a matter of mans prefatory make-up but not merely with its natural knowledge where he needs to supply all for himself from his basic needs like forage he will eat up to clothing and any other thing he will use for his own protection.According to Kant, man was brought out to this world with talents and skills but he still need to call down those by trainings and by acquiring education. Man has a so called human growth and development stages which necessitates them to be trained and cared by other persons or simply by their parents. As mentioned by Aristotle, man is a rational being, which can discover lot of things by its own efforts of opinion and sticky work. This made the transfer and preservation of discoveries and knowledge for future use. collectable to teaching and education, the species character of animal was develop to a man that clearly kick downstairs us from other lower forms, thus made man consecrate to adult male and th e purpose of existence. This is the barrier of humans to the unconscious minded creature. Due to discipline acquired from the human milieu prevented man to become uncultivated or wild.From the existence, animals are naturally equipped with the capabilities to survive from their first breath. But they are not provided with aptitudes for acceptable and unfairness. Meaning, an animal is not aware of the good and bad, eyepatch a human possesses aptitude for good and evil, because we are with moral standards. As man was given good education, his actions will probably show good things. Apparently, morality shall be learned and acted freely but away from evil sources. In short, the factors that makes a man a human is his intelligence and its stripping that depends on education.Kants morality is based on the off-putting of the physical-emotional side of man. He put both man and existence into dickens (2) assorted spheres, he thought that the principles of man must be traditional that should be found in mans own being and conscience. As said by Kant, the intelligence that determines our conscience or action and solicitude is the practical intelligence that makes a man a human by its activities. Morality is very important. The universal and unchangeable moral honorable purposes in the mind make man analyze, then it will convert the animal side of a man into human.Practical intelligence or our will assigns us duties. These are duties directed toward realizing the purposes mentioned. He also alienated man as a natural creature and an independent intelligent creature into two existences the visible world and the independent realm of intelligence. He thought that man is the center of everything. He focused on mans humanity and happiness, also in the progress of changes and development of intelligence based on the universal and moral standards found in the conscience. worldwideism and eonian Peace by Immanuel KantThe ideal center of cosmopoliteism is that all huma n beings belong to a hit community that is needed to be cultivated. According to Kant, all rational beings are members in a moral community which is similar to a country that shares equality, granting immunity and independence. They are governing by the laws of morality, grounded in reason. He advocated the weakest form of international legal order, namely, league of nation, or the so called uniting of all nations. From his book of Perpetual Peace, he argued that world-wide peace can be attaining by the internal organization of the state which is accord to the republican principles.Some reacted negatively against the proposition of Immanuel Kant, due to its inconsistency. He also presented the third sphere of the public law, which is the cosmopolitan law, in which, both the state and every citizen living in it have the rights as citizens of earth, rather than as a citizen of a unique(predicate) state. Under moral cosmopolitanism is the valued equality of everyone most probably in terms of gender, this separated them from slavery, colonial exploitation, hierarchy of feudalism and tutelage of heterogeneous sorts. Republic and its Relation to Nature and Morality A republic shares equality, freedom and independence. They are governed by the laws of morality, grounded in reason. Where every individual living in the same state is given rights, freedom, acceptance and independence. It is a state in which the sovereignty resides in the mountain or a certain dispense of the people, and the legislative and administrative powers are lodged in officers elected by and representing the people a representative democracy. It is applied to almost every from of government extract kingdoms, empires and dictatorships. Meaning, it is a community of persons working freely in or devoted to the same cause.A republic is composed of the people living in a state devoted to the same cause. Every individual has the capabilities to survive by using their natural qualities powered up by their intelligence and consciousness to understand. As a man grows up and develops slender by miniature he discovers his weaknesses and strengthens his abilities. He is taught by other humans I his environment about the good and bad things he might encounter in his life. There are lots of things to learn. Here enters education, this is what is being imparted to generation by generation for their own races progression of the future.Man is educated about the basic activities for survival. He is taught of the rules and laws embedded to his area or state. Once he became conscious about something, he will began be curious to know how to surpass a different situation. Together with his ability to think and rationalization, his intelligence will lead him to a plan for success in overcoming the scenario.To plant a strong society, a state, we need to strive hard in molding our people. There is a need to start from the single citizen that composes a group. The state should make it po ssible for its member to attain education, for them to enhance their natural potentials, talents and abilities which can be useful for the economic growth of the country. The republic must promote solidarity with other nations and become an exemplar of a peaceful living.Everything is machine-accessible to everything else as stated in the Ecologys seven principles. This is tally to the relation between the republic, nature and the morality. It is quite visible and perceivable that it is a cycle and a mutual relationship inside a county. Their al-Qaida is each other. They depend on each pillar. To start it, from the existence of an individual which is the simple unit of society, till he received and gained a upkeep from the state through education, till he exercised his natural sense of thinking to solve circumstances and grew to experiences will produce him into a well hawkish independent individual of a society bounded with the laws of morality, based on ethics.The responsibili ty of the elected people in the republic is to help and put forward its people to discover and cultivate their own potentials and also contribute to the good of the society and also help other new existing little children equipped with their own intelligence which needs practice and cultivation.Immanuel Kant focused on the natural and morality of man in terms of its existence and agency in the society. That a man becomes human when taught to be morally undecomposed based on some standards together with the other man in the society with same will, will promote a republic that get out into the same mean. That is to raise a man on its natural qualities and live in a moral society with better persons.Work CitedBohman, James. Cosmopolitan Republicanism. The Monist 84 (2001) 3-22Heater, Derek. World Citizenship and Government Cosmopolitan Ideas in the History of Western Political Thought. New York St. Martins, 1996.Kleingeld, Pauline. Approaching Perpetual Peace Kants Defence of a Le ague of States and his Ideal of a World Federation. European Journal of ism 12 (2004) 304-325.Kleingeld, Pauline. Six Varieties of Cosmopolitanism in Late Eighteenth-Century Germany. Journal of the History of Ideas 60 (1999) 505-524.Kleingeld, Pauline. Kantian Patriotism. Philosophy & Public Affairs 29 (2000) 313-341.Rawls, John. The fairness of Peoples. Cambridge Harvard University Press, 1999.Schlegel. Essay on the Concept of Republicanism occasioned by the Kantian tract Perpetual Peace. In The Early Political Writings of the German Romantics, ed. and trans. Frederick C. Beiser, 93-112. Cambridge Cambridge University Press, 1996.

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Human Aggression In The Social Context: An Analysis Of The Reasons Why Human Beings Fight

Human ill depart has been consistently blamed for the growing incidence of violence all oer the world. The link between antagonism and violence is clean-living when we are to cut into factors former(a) than biological and psychological factors. This makeup aims to establish a clear evidence of the direct influence of affectionate factors in human organism enmity. Further, this news report aimed at establishing the fact that suppressing violence is possible when social factors are controlled.For the aspiration of initial discussion, this paper preferred to briefly discuss the interpretation of human aggression using official definitions for the purpose of establishing a common ground. biological and psychological factors are no more than discussed, aside from comparison round part of the paper for the reason that this paper foc drills on the role of social factors in human aggression.Bulk of this paper discusses and investigates the role of social factors and the social function towards human aggression. A conclusion and a number of recommendations are offered by the writer for the readers consideration.The United Nations, an international organization of countries in the world aimed at 1maintaining international peace and security, had in its 2319th Plenary Meeting adopted a board resolution for the official definition of aggression.UN addressed aggression in a global concept as the most serious and spartan form of the illegal use of force, being fraught, in the conditions created by the worldly concern of all types of weapons of mass destruction, with the possible threat of a world struggle and all its catastrophic consequences ( proclamation 3314, Annex).For the purpose of a broader discussion of the subject, this writer finds it measurable to present the qualifications of aggression outlined and approved by the UN Board (Article 3)1. The invasion, point on or occupation by the fortify forces of a enounce of the district of some other State by the use of force.2. Bombardment by the fortify forces of a State against the filth of some other State or the use of any weapons.3. The blockade of the ports or coasts of a State by the armed forces of another State.4. An fill out by the armed forces of a State on the land, sea or air forces, or marine and air fleets of another State.5. The use of armed forces of unmatchable State which are within the territory of another State in contravention of the conditions provided for in the agreement or any extension of their presence in such territory beyond the termination of the agreement.6. The action of a State in allowing its territory to be used by that other State for perpetrating an act of aggression against a third State.7. The sending by or on behalf of a State of armed bands, groups, irregulars or mercenaries, which carry out acts of armed force against another State.In consideration of the above qualifications, we can draw out just one general idea of how UN regard aggression and that is any act that will harm other countries or state. Needed to be stressed, the Board Resolution also qualified that such acts are considered as aggression regardless of the declaration of war.The etymology of the word will also lead us to the alike(p) element as with that of the United Nations official definition. Merriam-Webster defines aggression as(1) a forceful action or procedure (as an unprovoked attack) particularly when intended to dominate or master,(2) the practice of making attacks or encroachments peculiarly unprovoked violation by one country of the territorial wholeness of another (3) hostile, injurious, or destructive demeanor or outlook especially when caused by frustration. It is a derivation of the Latin word aggressio which means attack (Merriam-Webster Online).Sarah Mc Cawley has adapted a more direct and simple definition 2Aggression is an action. It is intended to harm someone. Mc Cawley stressed that aggression as an action can be in a communicative or physical manner. The main point of the above definitions is the presence and design of producing harm.Prominent personalities in related fields of sciences seem to agree on the state definition. But when it comes to the analysis of the caused of aggression, biologists, psychologists and even social psychologists differ in their views and interpretations of development results.The debate between and the natural (innate) and socio-cultural (learned) causes of aggression had been an international issue for galore(postnominal) years. Despite the long list of studies and experiments done on the subject, violence, as a result of aggression still continues to dominate all over peace. It is therefore primary(prenominal) to find out why while biological factors of aggression chip in been proven to be valid not all persons re diverseness to violence. in that respect must(prenominal) be something else that provokes human aggression as suggested by the difference in crime rates or incidents of violence in different areas and regions of the world. There must be something outside the human nature of militantness that induces him to fight. This paper asserts that social conditions also contribute to the expression of aggression (J. Taylor & J. Nellist).Bandura is well-known(a) for his 4Social Learning Theory which he developed using his experiment on kids and bo-bo dolls. This theory holds that humans are not innately aggressive (S. Mc Cawley). Bandura asserts that squirtren to be aggressive in two ways by annotation and from receiving recompenses for the aggressive conduct. Mc Cawley offered a logical example of the observation process.A chela for example is a witness of how his father quakes his wife later some sort of heated blood line. After showing such aggressive behavior, the father obviously had victoriously dominated the situation and because of beating his wife, the argument whence stopped.In the childs eyes, his fathers agg ressive behavior (beating his wife) is a way of resolving the problem (wife arguing with the husband). The reward then for the aggressive behavior is that the argument had been stopped. This is an example of observational learning (J. Liu).Rewards whitethorn also come in different ways 5acquiring control of the situation, getting praise/ positive reinforcement for the aggressive behavior or by stopping aggression by others or the negative reinforcement.For example, the father has to beat his wife in order to stop nagging so the reward for being aggressive is of having the goal of stopping the wifes nagging. If a child tries to bully another child in force him to pass on him a tinker, the aggressive behavior is rewarded when the other child gave up his toy because the other tries to hurt him.Negative reinforcement happens when a child tries to threaten other child that he sees as a potential threat to his toys or food. For example, child A will warn child B not to get his toys othe rwise child A will no more let him in their house ever again.If child B being threatened will not in turn get the toys, child A is being rewarded for his aggressive behavior. Having been either positively rewarded or successful by negative reinforcement, the child gets to repeat the aggressive behavior over and over again.An individual who had experienced or is currently experiencing some sort of violence are believed to be more aggressive than those who are not exposed to it. This is maintained by the concept of 3victim association as take a firm stand by Nathanson and Cantor. In their experiment, two laps of children were asked to watch a violent movie.One set were advised to feel the emotions of the victims in the movie they are to watch. The other set watched the movie without any sort of advice. It turned out that those children who were asked to empathize with the victims in the violent movie were less likely to exhibit violent behavior than those who just watched the movie.

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Reflective Essay on Management of Urinary Incontinence

There ar many elderly clients quietly abrogateuring continence issues, believing that frequency, urgency, and incontinency is an inevitable part of aging. Advanced practice nurses can play a significant role in discovering continence businesss (Lea R. et. al. 2007). Urinary head trip is be as the complaint of any involuntary leakage of urine(International Continence Society,1997). A thorough physical assessment and evaluation is necessary to identify the conundrum at the early exemplify and to ensure its necessary influencement.In my placement field I found many residents either with urinary catheter or use incontinence pads. That is suffering from this problem. Thus I selected this as one of my information verbotencome. I choose Gibbs Reflective cycle 1988 to write this reflective bear witness on assessment and charge of urinary incontinence. This model of reflection allows me to prise and analyse my own devours to bring out new learning and changes.DESCRIPTIONWhen I started my clinical practice I identified there are brood of elderly people with the complaint of urinary incontinence.It is important that incontinence be treated since it impacts not only the physiological, but also the psychological realms of a persons life. Depression and decreed quality of life have been found to concur in the person struggling with incontinence (Barbara Ann,2003). The most important sum of incontinence reported in men was being out of keep composition most women considered feeling impelled to take several precautions to be the most important consequence of UI (Doreth et al,2006). In my placement area I noticed that most of the tolerants with parkinsons disease also suffer from the problem of urinary incontinence.When I searched in the literature ,a study by Dr. Vaughan points out that those with Parkinsons disease usually experience urgency and incontinence as a common problem. When I started my placement , Mrs . X who was suffering from shaking palsy s ince 5 years and dementia since 2 years was on essential urinary catheter for the management of urinary incontinence. Adhering to the results from the literature review I intend for initiating several steps to control incontinence in Mrs. x. My mentor was constantly with me with full support and guidelines.FLUIDmanagement was the first step started. An input output chart was kept and well maintained. Then steps wre also taken to manage constipation. Exercises were the last method practiced and the final result was really appreciable as she got a great reduction in the incontinence rate.FEELINGSAfter the experience I felt so glad and proud to myself as it was a great success towards its end. In the beginning, during the time of planning I thought it may be bit difficult for a patient with paralysis agitans and dementia to make follow our instructions and continue till the end of this practice.But when we started the programme her response was so nice that she found very co-op and understanding. This made me more happy and I tried my level vanquish to make every interaction to bring out virtually(prenominal)thing positive. I continually tried to keep good inter personal family with the patient by using the different techniques of communication.EVALUATIONEven though I felt some difficulties during the beginning, as a whole I could feel a continuous tense response in my patient. My mentor was there with me when I felt some problems and helped me a lot to overcome all those.She gave me more resources to manage difficult situations and it was really beneficial. I realised proper delegation of duties is necessary for a better implementation and also learned about the factors to be considered while delegating the duties and responsibilities.ANALYSISActually the experience was beneficial to me in different ways. First and best I could upgrade my level of companionship. I read different journal articles and each one was a big store of new knowledge for me. I learned about the different techniques of management of urinary incontinence.I could also understand the vastness of behavioural intervention in the management of incontinence. I could understand some of my weak points and my mentor helped me to improve them.CONCLUSIONUrinary incontinence is a disease condition which not only affects the physiology of a patient but also affects his psychological status and needs a continuous assessment and evaluation. It is very clear that practice can make a difficult problem more easy and manageable.ACTION PLANMaintain proper fluid equilibriumAssess and find out the symptoms of constipation at an early stage and manage it in force(p)ly Maintain a regular assessment of urinary incontinence and record each incidence if possible Understand the importance of communication and the positive effects of it. Keep a therapeutic relationship with the patient. Utilise the resources like man, money and material in the best effective manner Plan with t he patient to ensure his cooperation and win his confidence moderate and encourage the co-workers as and when required Evaluate and record each age progress so as to have best result at the end.