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Classical argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Classical argument - Essay ExampleThese regulations are adopted in most airlines although they are in constant conflict between the newly introduced sess law introduced in 1989 in The United States and the human rights laws. Among the pros is that nonsmokers travel in a conducive environment. The passive-smoker is exposed to more rail at than the direct smoker himself in terms of effects such as lung cancer, colds, and sore eyes as a result of dwindling air circulation. Therefore, in- career smoking law has achieved its purpose to offer comfort and enhancing recourse in flights.There are those who argue that flights are also like work places and similar to allowing smoking there, so should smoking be done in flights to observe the right of free will provided flight attendants utilize all air channels in the plane. Some talk of introduction of smoking zones in the planes. I do not agree that this should justify allowing in-flight smoking compared to the disadvantages that include e ven possible fires on the plane and health challenges. In-flight smoking ought to be emphasized in or airlines and banned for

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Case study - knowledge management strategy Essay

Case study - knowledge management strategy - Essay ExampleThe aboriginal dialect is on the sustainable environmental management intention of MOTO. The raw information on environment amiable strategies from the stave of different nationalities is ensured to be collected and scientifically analyzed by the proposed knowledge management system. The end also covers the peculiar measures to be taken so that the knowledge is stored and retrieved as per the requirements. The market performance of the ships company, the staff participation, their consensus, cost factor, time factor and the conceptual adherence with the key policies of the company are other key factors which have to be taken care of during the implementation process. While considering the formulation of strategies, a sustainable near has been followed in each level of the implementation. The companys responsibility towards the environment and the society has been well unsounded and addressed. The technologies recommended for knowledge management within the environment of MOTO is thus environment friendly and community oriented. Latest innovations in the knowledge management systems which uphold these values have been carefully selected. To formulate the strategy for the change process, it is burning(prenominal) to review the background information on the company pertaining to its policies and past performance.MOTO, all through its 35 old age of market records, have stayed true to the ethical side of business while having excellent sales performance. The company has always maintained promising employment conditions. The corporate social responsibility always had been a antecedency for the company. MOTO has developed a work environment which is quire friendly with the environment. The paper free work procedures, the recycling procedures, drive off management strategy, sustainable utilization of resources, compliance with environmental policies all has helped the company to have a creditworthy app roach towards the environment. Despite the increased efforts, the production

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International business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International business - Essay ExampleIt would be prudent to examine why world everywhere free-trade engagements between the nations have got so much importance in last a couple of(prenominal) decades. Suranovic (2010) describes following key reasons behind any international trade between the nations. Resource Differences Each kingdom differs in availability of resources, especially natural resources such as mines, minerals, energy sources, water and crucial peeled materials. This resource benefits put them into advantage over other countries to produce commodity. Technological Differences Technological differences put superstar country ahead of other because deploying better technology country can produce goods at depress cost using lower resources. Economies of Scale Economies of scale put one country into advantage over others because that helps reduce the cost of production. Those who fail to operate at the economies of scale pull up stakes be at minus situation. It is obvious that global demand will rush toward the lowest production centers. Government Regulations Tariffs imposed on the imported goods or subsidies provided to domestic producers can boost or bust the trade between the nations. ... That augurs thoroughly for the overall growth of the market. Inefficient domestic producers atomic number 18 the biggest sufferers who cannot stand referable to their non competitiveness. Their inability to compete with the good from other countries could be for any reason however, they opine that they should be protected if domestic workers jobs are to be saved (Suranovic, 2010, Ch.2). The Ricardian Model states that free trade raises production and consumption efficiencies. It also states that labor is mobile and economy achieves full employment soon however, in the real world full employment cannot be achieved due to impending complexities of the market. Labor productivity changes when they move one from one market to another. In reality it does n ot remain a win-win situation for all. One group of workers who have a competitive advantage beat up benefitted in terms of real income but at the same time other groups of workers lose on real wages. That is to say, a free trade arranges redistribution of the income among participatory nations (Suranovic, 2010, Ch.2). US Free trade with Latin America, primordial America and the Caribbean needs to be seen in the above perspectives. US entered into a free trade agreement with the five countries of the of import American namely Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Dominican Republic. The agreement is known as CA-DR FTA. The textile and clothing sector is the most vibrant nontraditional and industrial export sector of the Central America which is responsible for most of the foreign exchange earnings. Thus, the biggest impact that the US industries may experience will be in textiles, apparel and leather sectors (Jensen et al., 2007 p.1). Butcher and Stamps (20 04) state that the economic benefits to the US economy are mixed in

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Social capital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Social capital - Essay Example42) and intricacy and complexity associated with the word has not been reduced since thence. But William Sewell (2008, p. 42) goes on to explain that culture is that part of the social life that needs to be separated from the actual merciful existence constituting economics, biology or politics. The concept culture has itself intrigued our lives and is the closely all-important(a) component of human existence yet its constituting elements are distinct for the people support in the different areas of the world. We are all identified and recognized by our culture we have adopted while living in our own family, society and even our country. Mathew Arnold, the nineteenth century poet and essayist, used the marge culture to accost about as model of individual human refinement as he opined that culture pith, the high hat that has been thought and said in the world (1999, p. 190). This conceptual analysis of this culture is quite similar to the German concept of the term bildung (Arnold 1999, p. 190). In other words it is an attempt to achieve total precision and a way of knowing others on the matters which are of deep concern to us. Yet the word itself is shrouded in the most debacle position as different propounders, anthropologists and even socialists are explaining the term in different contexts. They go on to the extent of explaining culture as a part of a science as it is associated with the human evolution, while others suggest that it germinates in the minds of the individuals who are more and more linked to their ancestral roots. Cultural socialists matte up the necessity to show that culture has an impact on the upbringing of the children and to gain their identity and recognition in the society. This allowed many to formulate the culture as assortment of different items whose impact on the behavior eject be scrupulously compared to that of standard sociological variables like class, gender, ethnicity, economic intere st and level of education (Sewell 2008, p. 45). It was frankincense assumed that culture as a system of symbols and meanings defined by Weberian, Parsonian and Durkheimian as ambiguous or else metaphorically its a collection of tools understood as a way of carrying out feature activities in the society (Sewell 2008, p. 45). In the United Kingdom, Stuart Hall, Raymond Williams and other scholars as well as sociologists greatly influenced by Marxism formed cultural studies, and connected the culture with consumer goods and services and leisure activities like music, film, art, food, sports etc. It is the various means of production that determine the class relations and how the goods and services are consumed by the large number of people. The term cultural studies was first coined in 1964 by Richard Hoggart when Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies was founded by him in Birmingham. Since then it has been associated with Stuart Hall as he became the next director after Hoggart ( Munt 2000, p.4). In United States of America, the terms culture and cultural studies connote the study of the popular culture (Munt 2000, p. 6), in other words, it is the way people find out themselves associated and share voices and ideas and about the things we make use of in the daily life. Today what constitutes culture is the way we live, eat, wear, acquit in the

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Architecture as Functional Buildings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Architecture as Functional Buildings - Essay ExampleIt can be fictitious that the contraventions ar not l unitarysome(prenominal) because of the amicable welfare and expectations for an orphans asylum. More important, there is a sense of difference because of the social and cultural ideologies and how this is represented through available resources and expectations within the orphanages. The concept of architecture as only a functional building is one which is often acknowledged by those looking at the bodily structures for social welfare. However, it is also noted that architecture means something when looking at the social welfare of individuals within a country, economic structures, governmental expectations and philosophies which are held by those who are building the different pieces of architecture. The concept of architecture is one which becomes redefined not only as a building used for functions or assistance. Instead, it is one that consists of a fable of life that i s associated with the community. The philosophies of a specific architect are based on representing the metaphors so it best serves the project of the building while reflecting the values that are associated with the culture (Leach, 1997 17). ... The front carries a middle pond, grass and frolic areas for the children that are in the orphanage. The home is residential, meaning that the care takers live with the children and also have a room within the orphanage for complete care (Rita Home, 2011). When looking at the home, it is noted that there is a zest to create a home like atmosphere. The slanted roof tops, windows in the front, bright coloring and the accents with grace and other looks all add into the home like aspect that is important to the culture. The exterior landscaping, including the central pond and the trees, were known as important for residents to help with cooling the area and offering practical solutions to those living in a residence. This is combined with the brightly colored walls that are in both the interior and exterior of the building. These are all common attributes of the traditional looks of architecture in Malaysia, specifically for residential home areas (Tan, 1994 5). The master(prenominal) concepts of the orphanage in Malaysia are compared to the Monte Pio in Australia (see Appendix B). The first concept noted with this is with the main layout of the buildings. A separate assembly hall, laundry area and dining room and dormitory are within the main property. This is combined with a main area used for the lessons and needs of the girls that bear oned in the Monte Pio school. This allowed all the activities to remain separate while the girls were staying in the orphanage. The structure was followed with the ideas seen through the layout, such as with the toilet block. Similar applications of lines and structure are seen in the laundry room, assembly hall, dining area and other interior areas. The main draw near was to cr eate order, structure

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Week 4-Happiness Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Week 4-Happiness - Assignment ExampleAt first, I believed on this. However, I came to realize that affluence does not necessarily succumb someone felicity and organism poor to a fault does not automatically make one unhappy (DuBrin, 2011). I am presently against my previous notion of judging some c beers as substandard and insignificant.Apparently, I fall into adventure category. During aliveness audaciousness made me acquire some determine that up-to-date are precious to me. I learnt determine like respect and honesty through adventure where I was much curious to understand how members of an memorial tablet interrelate harmoniously without the two values. Respect is an important value that leads to the realization of honest in some(prenominal) organization (DuBrin, 2011). Corporations value personnel who uphold honesty and respect, for they comprehend that a good relationship builds put among employees. Finally, the adventurous spirit enabled me to grow the value of courtes y where I was curious why people could give their seat to pregnant woman or old people and other do not and I come to realize some children will not practice this because they contemplate that they will not converge appreciation. Therefore, my quest prepared me to learn this and endorse that some values we possess are driven by adventures.It is important to know your values for it gives one a tremendous clarity and focus in life. The values that I treasure in my life are honesty, respect, politeness, happiness, success, peace, fun, security, transparency and adventure (Steve, 2013). Steve has underlined imperative values that are proficient in guiding our compartments at work or in any other areas of our life. set enable us to act according to our conviction. The value that I desire most is happiness this is because happiness significantly helps me in attaining life satisfaction (DuBrin, 2011). It assists me overcome stress both at workplace. Happiness also offers me an

Effects of Entire les Murs On Traditional French National Identity Essay

Effects of total les Murs On Traditional french National Identity - Essay ExampleThis report stresses that soul who views this plastic film for the first time may be obliged to have a negative attitude towards French civilization due the fact that pupils are a force to learn it at schools. The fact that this instructor enjoys French does not mean that everybody will like it and unsuccessful person to understand that will cause someone who might have been willing to learn the French culture to have second thoughts about it. If a certain pupil does not understand this language, then definitely he/she will assume that their culture is not that pleasing as well hence dislikes it. This paper makes a conclusion that the Entre les murs is a candid representation of the French education system that has its guiding rules from the western ideas. However, these ideas have caused problems by affecting opposite cultural groups without taking into consideration their rights. Although publ ic education is free in France and it has been every citizens right to memory access it, the way it is made available violates other peoples culture and rights. This is because the education system is public centralized and incorporates requisite French language classes that are not liked by many. This film widely focuses on ethnicity and the failure of the French education system to incorporate other peoples ethnicity into their system. If that were not possible, then the education system would label to avoid making the French culture compulsory to foreign students who were interested in learning in France.

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Three Questions on Ultrasound (500 words per question) Term Paper

Three Questions on Ultrasound (500 words per question) - Term Paper precedentIn the Spatial Substance Picture strategy, examines of an item ar taken from different perspectives, and then are mixed to form an averaged picture quickly. This picture gives the better representation of the item, finding all the minute details. The resulting picture is the compound picture, displaying better picture quality as compared to the traditional ultrasound examination pictures. A try of research of difference reveals that the spatial compound imaging gives better meaning for the soft-tissue of the body with reduced flicker distortions, in evaluation to the traditional top quality sonographic ultrasound examinationThe drawback of speckle reduction in compound ultrasound is overcome by the frequency compound imaging, using higher harmonics of frequencies. The conventional sonography is performed on lower harmonics, which are more probable to the speckle noise effect, thus altering the echogram information. The using of advanced harmonics in frequency compound imaging ensures that a much wider bandwidth of the transducer frequency is achieved, where the receive frequency is double the intensity of the transmitted frequency. Therefore, the echo of the transmitted sound wave that is reflected back after striking a tissue is stronger in the case of frequency compound imaging, thus generating a clearer doubling (Chan & Perlas, 2011).Also in the diagnosis of deeper organs and lesion, the 3D/ 4D techniques are very useful, as it has a fair and reproducible methodology. This makes it easier to get the image of the same organ at different intervals (Layyous, 2012).The multi beam technique generates quadruplex lines of the transmitted beam to be sent at once from the probe. These multiple lines then overlap when some(prenominal) beams have been sent, and carry the detailed information about the test organ. They are then separated in the reconstruction stage of the analysis wh ere all the information is dealt separately. The

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IT project management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

IT design heed - Assignment ExampleIt is a field that gives and collects all the services and processes that have a kinship with computing of data. count ons ar one of the best practical experiences that are meant to achieve goals for the technology. They are normally endeavors that are temporal by having the start and end date and at the end a goal is achieved.IT Project care is the key role and responsibility of project managers to use in grade to achieve the coveted goals. The projects need some methodologies and processes including the tools which assist in the planning, moderation, and execution of the projects. The managers in the projects are the ones who are in bourgeon of the gathering and organization of the resources needed in the development of the project. They also direct the usage of the resources in order to achieve the best production and results of the project. The IT project managers only manage the project relying on the data management and the informatio n that is collected. It is the duty of the IT managers to ensure that the highest productivity is achieved from the project (Kerznar 2002).Software management is another key in maintaining the IT Project because it has the ability and capability of giving accurate information on the data being collected. information that is being collected goes through stages for the result of the project to become successful. It is the duty of the staff management in the project staff to learn to solve large problems that are very crucial in the IT management team. In the management of projects, finding the solutions is moving to another world whereby the software is treated as a service. This optimizes the requirements needed in the IT project as directed by the project manager. Most of the tools used in the IT project are web based making the information of the project not to be in one place. This makes the project to have several database points creating communication that is quick

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Les Maitres Fous Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Les Maitres Fous - Essay ExampleThey kill and eat a dog in conventional Nigerian culture, it is forbidden to eat dogs, so this ele ment is a transgressive ritual that demonstrates the forbidden power the men are channeling. They make noise with the clapping of wooden guns, representing both the formal (marches and parades) and informal (death and destruction) powers of the guns from the British colonial perspective. Only pure ones stub participate in the ritual whether this is because of a belief that the spirits can only fill the pure ones or because of a belief that only the pure should be rely with the power is not clear, and the answer is probably some admixture of both. Finally, the possessed are tested by burning and boiling Proving that they have become more than men. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of the films subjects (or objects, as Rouch extorts and invites the auditory sense to truly participate in the ritual and essentially become Hauka for some minutes) a re men. Rouch doesnt note this extensively, besides this further complicates an already complex ethnography. It is all well and good to talk about what African colonial memory might be, but this have the appearance _or_ semblances to be African male colonial memory and coping mechanisms. Women seem to be reacting differently.

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The Moons of Mars Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Moons of spoil - Term composing ExampleThey are not only being speculated as the next best targets for space colonization, just also as gateways for further cost-effective investigations on damage. This is largely because lifting off and landing of spaceships on Phobos and Deimos would fetch up lesser fuel than similar missions on Mars or the Moon, owing to their lesser gloom (about 1/1000th that of the Earth), and low atmospheric resistance. Since manned missions to the Martian moons are much more feasible, it would be possible for humans to investigate and explore the Red Planet further, from remote observatories located on its moons. This would be more productive than using robots and probes for scientific investigation. As Siegfried Fred Singer describes it, in The Scientific American The basal advantage of astronauts is that they can explore Mars in real time, free of communications delays and cap fitting of future(a) up interesting results with new experiments. Robo ts, even after decades of research to make them completely autonomous, cannot manage without masses in the loop. But the question arises Where should the astronauts be? The obvious answer--on the surface of Mars--is not necessarily the most efficient. At the first Case for Mars conference in 1981, one of the more provocative conclusions was that the Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos, could answer as comparatively inexpensive beachheads. (1) This brings out the practicality and possibility of colonizing the Martian moons, and how it will be helpful for suppuration of novel strategies for cheaper, fuel efficient and realistic research on Mars. The two Moons of Mars Phobos and Deimos were both(prenominal) observe by Asaph Hall, using the 206-inch refractor of U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington D. C. Phobos (Greek for fear), the larger of the two, is 27 kilometers long. Its distance from Mars is just 5700 kilometers and it completes an region in about 8 hours. The large Stickney cr ater on its left is perhaps its most salient(ip) feature. Deimos (Greek for Panic) is 14.5 kilometers long and completes an orbit in 30 hours. Its distance from Mars is 23,460 kilometers. Studies carried out by scientists in 1997 revealed that both the moons are about 2 billion years old and their composition is similar to meteorites, Type 1 or 2 carbonaceous chondrites, found in the Asteroid Ceres as well as in the asteroid belt. This led to conclusions that the two moons are actually captured asteroids, and didnt actually originate from the planet itself. both probes, Phobos 1 and Phobos 2, launched by the Soviet Union to study the two moons failed, ending the mission in 1989. The Mars Global Surveyor and the European Mars Express have carried out further observations on the Martian moons. The Mars Reconnaissance Mission is also carrying out studies on the spectral properties of the moons as part of the Mars geographic expedition mission. The moons look like tiny dots from the s urface of Mars, according to information obtained from Mars Exploration Rovers- Spirit and Opportunity. other missions solely for the study of the moons are currently under plans. Credit NASA/JPL/Cornell/Texas Practicality of using the Martian moons as a base for Mars exploration By using Phobos and Deimos as research bases, scientists will be able to observe the Red Planet and launch robots to its surface, while shielded by miles of rock from cosmic rays and

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United States Probation Officer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

United States Probation Officer - Essay ExampleFurther, serving as a witness in lamentable court proceedings shows my commitment to justice and offenders behaviour modulation. I have also been able to engage in security circulation activities amongst clients and colleagues, acquiring vital verbal and written communication skills in the process. These skills allow be paramount in successful execution of my duties as a probation officer.I will be highly honored to use learnt skills, to serve the community, as a probation officer with the United States Probation Department in New York. I am up to the challenge of serving as a proficient sociable worker capable of handling the wide array of offenders, together with their families whether in court, prisons or even in mainstream community. I will fulfil my duties with diligence, to foster the departments success in rehabilitating offenders and preventing them from reengaging in criminal activity. I intend to achieve this by challenging offenders behavior, and helping them reform their attitude and demeanor, thus defend the general public from possibly of multiple offenses. I have also committed myself to learning large number and their behaviour, as part of my passion for law enforcement and due to recognizing the fact that a probation officer deals with diverse personalities and duties. unconstipated though a career in law enforcement is bound to be challenging, I am confident(p) that being a federal probation officer will give me a unique opportunity to optimally utilize my analytical, academic and immense work experience. I recognize that a principal part of my lineage will entail extensive interaction with law enforcement agencies and justice establishments like courts of law. For instance, in order to go through that offenders abide by the law I will need court orders and decrees to set offenders in the upright path toward correction. Further, in the course of administering my duties to the community, I will need to advise individuals to seek justice from the courts

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Recruitment and Staff Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Recruitment and Staff Selection - Essay ExampleOnline advertising centeringes on reaching to extended audience from different geographical locations and provide the candidates with detailed culture on the drill process, company information and site tours to generate interest among candidates to apply. Effective strategies applied in designing of enlisting ads include content layout that spells consistency in origination, clarity in communication of job responsibilities, company information and desired candidate profile.For the purpose of illustrating the strategies for designing an effective job posting, the paper analyses two job postings for medical exam assistant (provided as annexure). The first ad posting is for a medical assistant in position Specialty Clinic located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The advertisement provides the audience with a bold heading in blue stating the job position, location, name of clinic and the department for which the vacancy is posted. This provide s the audience with the vital job information and those who are not interested in the given location, position or department do not contrive to waste time reading through the whole advertising. The body of the advertisement begins with an introduction to the healthcare arrangement and provides the job-seeker with the reasons why they should join this organization. This is followed by a description of medical assistant, associated job responsibilities and the qualifications the potential candidate must have in order to apply for the position.The second advertisement follows a similar pattern however, the presentation is more effective since all the points are mentioned in distinct paragraphs and bullet points are used to focus the essential requirements. This posting provides the candidates with detailed information on the salary range and employee benefits. The primary difference among both the advertisements is the use of content and

How can a product be repositioned Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

How raise a overlap be repositioned - Essay ExampleThe vitality of the factors and elements such as Segmenting, targeting and positioning after part be analyzed form the fact that these can either make or break the approaching of your product or service that you intend to provide to your consumers.The concept of re positioning of a product or service in the similar way is not a new one. organizations large or small , be faced with the option of repositioning their products , mostly when the market for their current products has matured , the postgraduate flux of changing consumer demands , and also the fact that some organizations are faced with severe losses and in some cases end of the life cycle of their products .Thus by re positioning is meant that the organization decided to fabricate basically upon the core product or service. The basic re positioning idea is apply by organizations both to retain the present market share and customers, as sound as come out a high nu mber of future customers of the product or service. It is basically a long precondition plan, which requires detailed market research, product life cycle analysis, market research, competitor analysis etc. likewise this provides the organization to renew the marketing mi and change how they deal wit the four Ps of the product or the service i.e. Product, Place, Promotion and price. It is an important aspect for you to know also as to how your organization, product and service are perceived in the market place. This helps organizations build positively. Further more, the concepts of Buyer behaviour and marketing communication also come in. The basic buyer behaviour varies from time to time. And marketing communication on the other give varies but needs the most attention. Here we also need to mull over an imperative humankind that re positioning in point of fact also means there is a disastrous need to apportion resources, which in turn means that you need to augment the quantit y as well as the quality of communications. Lucid appearance of ideas and policies lend a hand in establishing the brand. Along with this strike out along the incurring of extra new costs like in those of training the employees, Renewing or merely revising a website, purchase of new sales materials, Publicity campaigning, advertising. There is an assortment of slipway to re position a brand. The secret to enhanced communication is deemed as high-quality innate communication .It should be a run through to discuss with the staff of the organization and particularized departments involved to make them render why this Re Positioning is taking place , what does the organization aim to achieve with this re positioning etc . Once this internal sharing of ideas is done with. The organization can now focus on external communication. (Pellow, 1)Main remains Relationship between the three Concepts Product Re - positioning , Communications , Buyer BehaviourThe human relationship between consumer buying behaviour and communications, and product repositioning is very straight and quite comprehensible. The fact that he marketing mix is a very vital attribute of a product. The four Ps need to be based first, then the consumer buyer behaviour and communication needs to be settled. In regards o communication, is specific external communic

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Markets and customers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Markets and customers - Essay Examplemportance of the four Ps, followed by the definition and relevance of marketing mix and then finally go on to understanding (with the help of examples) how the 4 Ps are interdependent on each other and a change in one direct impacts the success of the rest.People think that a ware is a tangible offering, but a product can be more than that. A product can be anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need. Products that are marketed include physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, belongingss, properties, organizations, schooling and ideas. (Kotler et al, 2007 316). function also form an primal part of products. It is wrong to imply that services are just interchangeable products except for intangibility. (Shostack, 1977 73). With the changing trends all across the globe, services have become a very important section which contributes towards a countrys GDP. How much services sector has grown can be seen fr om the fact that this sector contributes more than 75% in the GDPs of countries like The United States and The United Kingdom.Price is the monetary equivalent that we pay in return for services and products which we consume. According to me, price plays the most important percentage out of the four Ps of study. Some examples of set decisions to be made include pricing strategy, suggested retail price, etc. (The Marketing Mix (The 4 Ps of Marketing) NetMBA, 2007)Place talks about(predicate) the location from where we want to sell the products and services. It refers to the distribution channel involved in the supply chain. This gives us the information about how many channels a product passes through before it finally reaches the customer. Some examples of place decisions to be made include distribution channel, market coverage, etc. (The Marketing Mix (The 4 Ps of Marketing) NetMBA, 2007)Promotion includes the activities undertaken by the seller to make the customer aware of the products and

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Answering Questions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 12

serve welling Questions - Research Paper ExampleHogan is incredibly short in her touch in connecting these ideas, relying on the inbuilt notions of her reader more than her own prowess.Answer Hogans tone is incredibly personal, and she tries to bring unwrap the magic of her subjects to give a sense of wonder to her reader. She starts out by being incredibly personal, telling about her own life, which helps build a report and avoids some(prenominal) stilted formality. She then moves on, however, to connect her life to the wonders of the cosmos in the form of the voyager space swap, expanding her vocabulary and set herself in the context of the wider universe. She thus minimizes both herself and her reader, asking them to see themselves in the context of the wonder of the universe.Answer I think that it is a natural human impulse to put our best foot forward, and in that way we were somewhat honest to ourselves in leaving some things out. We sent this to be a craft that was suppo sed to demonstrate who humans want to be, the best of our capabilities, not the worst. To answer this question, ask yourself if it would be foolhardy to tell a stranger the best and worst things about you all at once when you graduation meet them. In any society on the planet Earth, the answer would be a univocal no. We were being honest to who we are people who want the universe to think well of us. Finally, place the bad in with the good might codify the bad make the bad okay, normal, who we

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Nature vs. Nurture Essay Example for Free

Nature vs. Nurture EssayA lot of tribe inquire where they desexualize their freckles from, or their edgy and thrill seeking personality. This type of curiosity about where people turn back their traits from brings about the planetary debate on reputation vs. elicit. There argon scientists who argue that people come up characteristics mainly ground on their genetic becomeup, and then their are people who say that environment and favorable interactions has more to do with a persons traits than do genes. wad often question why people are the way they are. Nature and Nurture often have a big trespass on a person, and after part help in explaining why they are a certain way. The spirit vs. support debate encompasses a variety of major topics, leading to the idea that twain nature and nurture influences people in their behaviours and decisions.Criminals go through polar argueing processes for why they commit a crime. They whitethorn have been brought up in a rough environment and are acting out, or because they scarce just can not control themselves or their minds. There is evidence which suggests that at that place could be such a thing as gene mutations that determine our traits. These mutations control how the mind and body react to evoke , whether its aggressively or controlled. According to Adriel Bettelheim, researchers airfielding a dysfunctional Dutch family announced in 1993 that aggressive behavior may be linked to a single faulty gene that causes a shortage of enzymes needed to break down serotonin molecules that transmit signals in the brain. This idea that criminal behavior may be associated with genetics, opens the doors to many controversial topics such as the insanity defense or the contingency of gene therapy. For many centuries, people have tried to craft legal distinctions for the affablely ill based on the belief that they should not be held fully responsible for their actions ().The insanity defense is believed to often be treatd and is the easy way out for guilty criminals to be held accountable. There are as well people who support the insanity defense and say that the law needs to protect people who are in any case mentally ill to understand their actions. For some criminals, its not just a matter of their genes and more their environment that tots to why they commit crimes. Many social scientists say researchers, in a plenty to biologize behavior, are ignoring environmental influences, such as poverty, broken families andracism (). A lot of times the reason why criminals get in trouble with the law, is because they are acting out. Being aggressive or freeing against authority is like their coping strategy for disperseing with their problems. The frequency and nature of todays violence can moreover point toward an inherent anger or frustration (). Ultimately, both nature and nurture can actuate criminals and people may never be able to fully understand what exactly leads them to make heavy(a) choices.In addition to criminal behavior, in that respect are also many other controversial topics regarding nature vs. nurture, such as intelligence and what contributes to peoples intellectual ability. Mental ability seems closely connect to the volume of those minute gray cells in the brain and differences in that volume seem to be largely a result of heredity().Scientists are finding that intelligence goes along with the amount of brain cells (gray cells) towards the front of the brain which can be inherited through the family. There is evidence which suggests that if a person does really well with star mental task, they are more than likely to do really well on other mental tests as well. This concept is considered the universal mental ability which is associated with those gray cells.Although intelligence is found as macrocosm directly associated with the brain cells, many people believe that intelligence is also based on a persons environment and how the y learn. For a lot of people intellectual ability is not stringently genetic. Their intelligence can have a lot to do with how they were brought up or their environment in which they learned. Someone who goes to school regularly will probably have a higher intelligence level, versus someone who doesnt. How people start off learning is also important because often times, if a boor is intellectually stimulated at earlier ages, their brain will mature as the child gets older and that child will have a higher intellectual ability because they started learning sooner. IQ testing is a very controversial topic because many people disagree over whether or not it is a good judge of a persons actual intelligence. The rift between psychologists over the value of IQ tests stems from a stark difference in the way they define intelligence One camp sees a central, rife intelligence, the other envisions multiple types of intelligence ().Although scientists have not found hard evidence to prove that IQ tests arenot liable, social scientists continue to go against certain theories, such as the idea of general mental ability. They choose to believe and promote that there are different kinds of intelligence and everyone excels in different areas regardless of genetics. While genetics does play a fictional character in intelligence, if a person whole kit and boodle hard in achieving their goals they can become just as intelligent through challenging themselves and excelling in certain areas.The worldwide debate on nature vs. nurture also encompasses addiction. In a study about drug addictions researchers found, the correlations with psychoactive nitty-gritty use largely resulted from social environmental factors in adolescence (). Family environments are important to young children and can have a huge affect on them as they get older. An unstable family life can cause people to fall behind to drugs or alcohol to help them deal with their emotions. If a child has social issu es with their friends when they are young, that can affect them as well and cause them to resort to substance abuse to deal with their problems. As people aged, however, more of the correlation in psychoactive substance use resulted from genetic factors().As substances such as alcohol are more readily gettable to adults, genetics can influence them more and also their decisions. If there is a history of substance abuse in the family, that person is more likely to become addicted in their lifetime. In the 1920s, Alcohol prohibition era lead to a rise in violent organized crime, a trend critics have compared to the ongoing war on drugs(). Because so many citizens used alcohol and a lot of them apparently became babelike on it, they felt they had rights to it so they organized a violent crime movement to prove that. People who were involved in this war with drugs were not just the poor or downtrodden, but also the essence class and the wealthy. Addiction has no boundaries, and can affect anyone whether it is through nature or nurture.Nature vs nurture will always be a major dispute over genes and environment, but ultimately they both have an impact on people. The reasoning behind criminal behavior is often questioned. Evidence that suggests there are gene mutations, which contribute to aggressive behavior, argues that nature can have a major role in criminal behavior, just like nature affects criminalsactions. In addition to criminal behavior, another worldwide topic discussed in the nature vs nurture debate is intelligence. Like mentioned earlier, intelligence is thought to be firm by genes and general mental ability but there are social scientists who believe that there are many different types of intelligence, determined by environment and not just genetic make up.Addiction is another controversial subject because addiction can run in families but it also can happen to someone who had no history of it. Addiction also is very much related to a persons envi ronment and how they deal with their problems. For those who wonder where they get their intelligence and edgy personality, or more earnestly why they feel aggressive, or become addicted to drugs, think about nature and nurture , which contribute to peoples personality and traits.

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Drug Addiction Essay Example for Free

Drug Addiction testThis essay allow for enlist the main points for an addict and will serve as a return for an addict or family of an addict. Addictions ar very chancy for a psyche, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. There three main points to an dependency, the authentic dependence and the symptoms, the addiction speech rhythm (downhill spiral), and how to treat or where to treat an addiction. This essay will hopefully out filiation the main points for an addict and will hopefully serve as a guide for an addict or family of an addict. Addiction Addiction is defined as an over lend virtuosoself of any affection that sorts the natural chemical oddment of the brain.Most addiction specialists agree that addiction includes biological, psychological, and behavioral factors. There be many opinions as to what causes an somebodyistic to become susceptible to medicine addiction. Many believe there are underlying physical and genial issues that contri bute to d eveloping an addiction. There are many divers(prenominal) causes of addiction. Regardless of how or why an addiction began, there is a definite cycle of addiction that many individuals get trapped in. This addiction cycle is often referred to as the downward spiral.Breaking the addiction cycle gutter be a eagle-eyed and difficult process, depending on the nature of the addiction. There are many different types of addiction. An addiction can be developed by anyone it is non reserved for certain personality types, social standing, or career fields. The lift out defense and recovery tool against addiction is education. Individuals caught up in the addiction cycle often yield to hide or disguise their addictive behavior. They even try to hide the addiction from themselves. There are certain types of behavior that can assist a loved one or family member in identifying drug addiction.Once the drug addiction is identified, it is alpha that someone confront or intervene with the indi vidual suffering from the addiction. Drug Addiction Cycle A cycle, simply put, direction something that goes around and around wish the wheels on a bike, or a brightly painted carnival carousel. Cycles can be a confirmative thing much(prenominal) as the annual review and raise that one mightiness vex at work, or they can be negative. When is a cycle a negative or dangerous pursuit? When it threatens to destroy a quality life. If the Earth does not take a crap snow and rain in the winter season, it dehydrates and is parched in the summer.It starves and so do we. If the wheels on the bike stop moving, the bike and rider fall over. If an addict cannot break promiscuous from the destructive and life threatening patterns of drug and alcohol addiction, they and/or others may suffer and die pick uplessly and harshly. The cycle of drug addiction never has a positive outcome and all efforts should be made to achieve a healthy, productive and long-term recovery from this grubby and sinister downward spiral. To recreate a new pattern of living from a torn racetrack will be the greatest and most empowering inner expedition an addict will ever encounter.The initial step is to truly want itso sincerely that a person can think of unretentive else other than getting clean. It may be for oneself, a loved one or better even so a combination of both. Unfortunately, the reality of the addiction cycle and breaking free from its grip, is not that uncomplicated. Breaking free can be a very difficult process with occasional periods of personal let down, but this fact cannot in any way be allowed to discourage those seeking freedom from drug addictions. A persons body, in almost every aspect of its being, is addicted when one is a batty to chronic user and abuser.The nervous system, brain, and muscle tissue are all living in expected value of the next high. So, for the addict, it is crucial that the cycle of behavior, is broken. The addict needs to pull up the anchor t hat keeps them from moving forward. This means changing environments, patterns and even sometimes friends and social associates. Once an addict has made the personal commitment to change old habits, the next step is to establish new, safe and positive influences in their life. These can be make up in quality support groups, hospital warmness abuse centers and drug rehab centers.No matter what the setting, it is key to be around strangers. Being in proximity to familiar places and people may promote the inclining to fall back into old thoughts and behaviors. Of the aforementioned options, private drug rehabilitation retreats seem to be gaining popularity, in part, due to the impressive success rate they boast. What parents should ac be intimateledge or so drug addiction Drug and substance abuse among children, especially teens, is substantial. According to the most recent statistics available, (http//www. nationalyouth. com) 1. million of our youth age 12 to 17 meet the diagnos tic criteria for dependence on drugs and approximately 1 million of our American youth (http//www. drugabusestatistics. samhsa. gov/) are being treated for alcohol dependency. Although these statistics may be surprising, there are many things that parents can/should know about the prevention of drug addiction including how to recognize the signs/symptoms of drug/alcohol addiction and what they can do to help their child once a problem has been recognized. Studies ease up shown that parents are often the first line of defense in the prevention of drug addiction.Numerous public service commercial announcements advertise parents as the anti-drug. Parents need to go out that ignorance is not bliss. Parents need to be well armed with the facts on prevention and treatment. Parents need to spend quality time with their children and be open to discussions on drugs and alcohol. Parents need to know who their childs friends are, where they are exhalation, what they are doing, etc. Parent s need to make their expectations very clear and establish that they will not tolerate drug use of any kind. If all of these factors are utilized, children will be less promising to use drugs.It is overly important that parents educate themselves about the types of drugs currently available. Although some of the standard drugs (drugs that may start out been popular succession the parent was a youth) are still around (marijuana, LSD, etc) there are also a number of new drugs that are very popular with todays youth such as the inhalants (huffing). Conduct research on the Internet or attend a local confederacy meeting regarding substance abuse. There are three categories of substance abuse Use The occasional use of drugs without developing tolerance of withdrawal symptoms when not in use.Abuse The continued used of drugs even while knowing that the continued use is creating problems socially, physically or psychologically. Dependence Where three of the following factors must be pr esent the substance is taken in large amounts over longer periods of time their child has an complete(a) desire for the substance and has been unable to control their use child may suffer from repeated periods of alcohol addiction or detoxification child continues to use even though the substance is causing problems and the child takes more of the substance in order to relieve any withdrawal symptoms they may be experiencing.It is important for parents to note that different substances lend themselves to different groups of drug addiction symptoms. In all cases however, the most visible symptom is a radical change in behavior. If a parent suspects that their child is abusing drugs, consult with a personal doc or pediatrician, an educational consultant whose expertise is this area, an addiction therapist or a drug counselor. These professionals will help the parents assess the situation and seek the proper addiction treatment.How to Find a Drug Rehab amount of money The first step is to contact a Doctor or a health professional. They will be able to point a person in the direction of a good drug rehab center. It is important that they be consulted with since they know the person and a bit about their history. They also might know and understand the addiction, and therefore be able to direct the addict to a drug rehab center that can add to specific needs. If this option does not work, try to talk to local authorities that deal with drug addiction treatment.Most places that deal in mental health or in health practices will know exactly where to find good drug rehab centers. Free clinics and walk-in addiction counseling go, will have a lot of information regarding drug rehab centers. Another place to look for drug addiction treatment is the Yellow Pages. Researching on the internet might get you more information about the drug rehab centers a person is thinking about going to. There are also many online drug rehab referral go that can assist a people in mak ing a decision.No matter how a person goes about finding a drug rehab center, there are important things that have to be kept in mind while doing so. Does the rehab center deal with this particular drug addiction? What are the costs and are they affordable? Is this particular facility covered by insurance? Is it covered by Medicaid? In addition, keep in mind that there are many state and government drug rehab centers that are available at no cost. These might be a big help as the cost of recovery is expensive.Another very important thing to keep in mind, are the services that the drug rehab center provides. Do they have in patient services as well as out patient services? Do they have counseling sessions that one can attend afterwards the in-patient treatment is completed? Do they have information that they can give the patient/ family to read, and do they have any services for the addicts family and loved ones? Make sure to find out about the staff to patient ratio, and how much t ime is going to spent at the drug rehab center.Most importantly, one should seek a drug rehab center where one can feel safe and comfortable. An addict is going to make the most progress in a place where they feel at ease and can be themselves. Recovery is a long and hard road, and if it is done in an environment where a person can feel the most comfortable, and just be themselves, they are going to be the most successful. acquire help for an addiction is something that is not easy, but a drug rehab center is a place where it might all seem to be a little bit less difficult.

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Tea Leaves Essay Example for Free

Tea Leaves EssayFuente quaternary block 18 February 2013 Divination by Tea Leaves The divination of tea leaves began in the 17th deoxycytidine monophosphate when tea became a very popular drink. As people began drinking their tea, they came up with tasseomancy, or tasseography, which is only when a type of tea turn over divination. People prefer divination by tea leaves because it is the easiest and more or less accessible for everyday people. It is a form of scyring.First of all, Tea is poured into a cup without a strainer, and the inquirer contemplates their issue and then drinks all the tea. With the moisture left in the cup, they then spin the leaves three multiplication clockwise and turn the cup upside d receive. Then someone reads the pattern of the tea leaves and determines the inquirers fortune, be it obedient or bad. Many people do not use this form of divination for it takes more psychic ability than non-psychic.You read the symbols based on standard interpret ations. Its said that the closer to the rim the leaves are, the to begin with they are to happen. The rim is labeled as the future, whereas the bottom of the cup is the distant future or the resolution of your conflict. The only problem is that there are different systems of symbolic interpretations. Choosing the right type of tea leaf divination is key to becoming comfortable with the system and get accurate readings.However, divination isnt utilize to make your decision for you. Divination is merely used to help inspire you in making your own decisions. The tea leaves seen can be depicted in different ways depending on how abrupt your imaging is. As said above, there are many different ways that you can read your tea leaves. You just have to find the one that is suitable for your situation and make sure you keep an open imagination. Works Cited www. divinationbytealeaves. com www. wicca-spirituality. com .

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European History Essay Example for Free

European History EssayThe way the eastern civilization would stretch forth is how people breathing in of living today. The eastern peoples put others above themselves. The way the western civilization used to live is how we live today caring somewhat ourselves for the approximately part. Even though the eastern side of living is how most people wanted to live, there are some positive characteristics of the western side that are cost incorporating.A common problem today is that we put ont think. A feature of eastern finale is the being contemplative. There are count little problems that could be avoided if thought would have gone into the situation. vivification is a strategy that is filled with decisions. It is inevitable that mistakes give be made, besides there will be less if you think before you act.In life there are always consequences for your actions. What most people dresst realize is that there can be positive consequences. This is something that the western civilization honored the rewards or the positive consequences of the life they lived. Having the good things in your life isnt as rewarding as forgeings for the grand prize. Towards the end of your life, what will you have that reflects what you work for?In the eastern civilization, working with less is held superior in standards. As the years go by, people always want more and more but is it really necessary? For example, heated seats and electronic windows are nice in our vehicles but we dont actually need them. The eastern peoples learned to work with what they were given, even if it was less than what they wanted.Technology is victorious over the world. With this new interference with human life, the beautiful art of work will soon be forgotten. There are amazing things that humans can do as long as they work for it. The western civilization figured this out and put activity high on the list ofstandards. Life is short and there may be things that we miss if we dont work to see what it has in store for us.Both the eastern and western civilization contain characteristics that would benefit the human race. A confection of the two would be a perfect way to live. Placing others higher in value than yourself is a trait that isnt common in the world today. Even though, putting others first is something great, you need to think about yourself too. You only have one life and one chance to make it the best. Do what makes you happy and you will see that others will come with you.

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The Relationships between Happiness and Meaning Essay Example for Free

The Relationships between Happiness and Meaning EssayEvery person on earth drives delight as well as unfelicitousness. Even infants cry as well as laugh. Ultimately they grow to realize that in that respect are things that make them happy just as there are situations that make them unhappy. Understanding the nature of these different things and/or situations is to know how the meanings of these things and/or situations are relate to ones comfort or unhappiness. Thus, happiness and meaning happen to be closely renderted with each other. There is a reason why we experience happiness or unhappiness. These reasons are the meanings of our experiences of happiness or unhappiness. There are many ways to understand happiness. A person who is ecstatic is understand to be extremely happy. Another person may experience happiness as he or she enjoys intent. Conversely, a person who does not really attempt to enjoy life may be fulfill with his or her life nevertheless. All of the se people may be happy. Even so, all of them may bedevil different reasons for being happy. Prophets and sages sport often stated that things on earth cannot always make us happy. A person who is truly happy with life because he or she enjoys a nearly faultless relationship with his or her married person may lose the spouse to death. Another person may recall that material things, e.g. new cars, are responsible for his or her happiness. The person who loses his or her spouse will experience unhappiness, just as the item-by-item who loses all of his or money would become depressed. People who believe that happiness is equivalent to material success may also develop affluenza, described in the following ways (1) The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses(2) An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by chase after pursuit of the American Dream and (3) An unsustainable addiction to economic growth (Leon ). Perhaps the rich people who have committed suicide, e.g. Kurt Cobain, were suffering from affluenza. Regardless, it is generally believed that a person must find the meaning of his or her life to be truly happy (Brain). Hence, the person who loses his or her spouse has a couple of choices (1) Either to commit suicide because he or she cannot deal with the unhappiness caused by the loss or (2) Find reasons to be happy despite the loss. Psychologists have found that people feel happy when they increase their understanding. In other words, wise to(p) the meaning of the things in our world is bound to increase our happiness. Thus, many people feel at rest when they read books. The person who was dependent on his or her spouse for happiness may find happiness in this way. Alternatively, the individual may decide to pursue a goal that helps to move the human lodge forward in some way. The meaning of life is also understood by people to be the service of God (Brain).Regardless of the meaning of life realized by the person who had believed that his or her spouse was responsible for his or her happiness understanding what his or her life is worth may help the individual to experience satisfaction with life once again. Moreover, whether the person chooses to serve society or God, by knowing the meaning of his or her existence, the individual opens up to future experiences that may very well allow him or her to find happiness without the spouse. After all, pursuing a goal to fulfill the meaning of life may lead the person to joyful experiences. Hence, meaning and happiness could never be separated.Works CitedBrain, Marshall. Chapter 41 framework Things Will Not Bring You Happiness. The Teenagers Guide to the Real World. 1997. 10 Dec 2007.http//www.bygpub.com/books/tg2rw/chap41excerpt.htm.Leon, Virginia De. coin cant buy meaning Many simplify to find happiness. Spokesman Review. 9 Jul 2006.

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Essay Example for Free

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde undertakeDr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a popular overb sexagenarian published in 1886. this book related to galore(postnominal) of the straightlaced readers. During the Victorian period nation lived two lives one side is the almost stiff powerful dull golf club with more(prenominal) concern of their reputation. However when they were in the comfort of their own homes, emotions which are ceased to be seen and bottled up in public are relieved by drinking alcohol, smoking socializing with fri determinations and intimacy with a partner.Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a successful horror novel of the condemnation, one reason for this is Charles Darwins theory of evolution. Most Victorians rejected the theory as it questioned their faith and powerful race. His theory raised a few eye brows and put party people on edge scaring them at honest the thought of evolving from apes and even re-evolving buns. Stevenson uses this public fear to shock and alarm his audie nce with horror novel. Gothic horror was every popular around this time and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde included hu domainy gothic horror features.Some of these features are mystery, Gothic architecture, death, decay and secrets. All these create fear tightness and a soundly horror novel. A old dark dangerous capital of the United Kingdom is a good setting for fear and action. Londons scenery was full of medieval and run prevail over neglected buildings. During the day Londons streets are usually busy and booming with business although this novels settings is mainly set during the night early hours of the cold winters morning. back in these days streets were dark and the mortality rates were high.During the day the rough streets are shadowed by aged blistered and distained buildings, but in the dead of night these are hidden as at that mail service is naught to be seen but lamps this creates fear and mystery not k nowadaysing what lurks behind the thick wall of darkness. During th e bitter cold nights what is normally full of people the streets are as empty as a church this emphasizes the silence and eeriness of the lamp lit streets, this withal relates to gothic architecture. In typical gothic novels the weather is forever dark and gloomy.London is already a dark dangerous city but to add to this its now draped in fog and with permanent badness weather to form a sinister London landscape. One street shone out in contrast to its dingy neighborhood. The street was a pleasant and strong kept, nevertheless one building was quite the contrary, a certain sinister block of building hurtle forward this suggests that the discolored blistered and distained building stuck out like a saw thumb. A main theme of the novel is opposites the contrast between nice and ugly.On the face of the building theres a door which was equipped with uncomplete bell nor knocker, blistered and distained which seemed some what of a mystery. For many years this decayed building has been neglected its clear no one has lived there for years. The only company and treatment it receives is the tramps slouched in the recess striking matches on the panels, this is just another reason why people scurry past the square. The building is mystery to everyone local to the flying field the windows are always shut.Gothic horror novels use mystery and secrets to create fear and tension, this is a affectional because the reader starts to imagine what the secret could be. They are often wrong but by picturing it, the world mind often over exaggerates what it could be maybe the readers mortalal fear. Stevenson does not reveal the secret until the end of the story however he drops in hints and clues so its kind of like a detective investigation. Hydes strong-arm appearance is not disclosed for the initiative few chapters instead his descriptions are based on how he made other theatrical roles feel.This allows the reader to picture Hyde how they think of him, like always the readers imagination is far worse which makes the story interesting. In case of Dr Jekylls disappearance or unexplained absence for any period stupendous three calendar months. The said Edward Hyde should step into the said Henry Jekylls shoes with out further delay, there are two mysteries in this quotation, one being at this point Mr Utterson knows nothing about this Hyde character and has seen him a few time but only remembers him for brutally crushing a little girl. two the reader and Mr Utterson are confused to why Jekylls will includes this crazyr. The second mystery in this quotation is the strange unexplained disappearance of Jekyll, why would such high member of society ceased to exist? And what had caused Dr Jekyll to do this? Hyde is surmise to be linked in with Jekylls peculiar behavior, his barbaric looks and attitude have already gained him a bad name. that sawbones turned sick and white with the desire to kill him. This was a doctors view on Hyde, for a doctor t o remark some one in Victorian propagation like that is a worrisome thing as they saw gruesome things on a daily basis.In the opening few chapters Stevenson reframes from describing Hyde, he uses various characters reactions to portray Hydes repulsiveness. He was twice described as deformed He must(prenominal) deformed somewhere, he gives a strong feeling of deformity, although I couldnt specify the point. In Victorian times deformed people were pushed to the boundaries of society showcased for public entertainment as employment in the work place was difficult for them. But no-one dared put Hyde in his place, he was indescribable however when he was described .. the man seems hardly human.. .. Satans signature on his face.. this states his pure evil animal look about him. Hyde run down a helpless little girl with no remorse, Mr Enfield described this most unbelievable event to Mr Utterson, for the man trampled calmly over the childs body and left her screaming on the ground. it was hellish to see it wasnt a man it was like some dammed juggernaut. Like hes some unstoppable force. Hes seen as hardly human. One of the Victorians outstandingest fears of the time was evolution Stevenson links Hydes primitive appearance and actions to this.The novel played one peoples fears and maybe opened their look to what could possibly happen. Violence send word add an element of surprise, this tension could shock and thrill the reader. In a good horror story the reader is unaware who is to be hurt next, this creates fear and mystery. To create more fear the writer builds up to something where the reader is sure some thing is going to happen however it only builds up to a anticlimax, there are usually a few anticlimaxes before a brutal killing.It is possible for the reader to put them selves in the position of the dupe, no-one wants to die an horrific death this can make the reader feel sorry for the victim, this can be most affective when the incident reflects a real life circumstance. Mr Hyde broke out of all bounds, and clubbed him to the earth. And the next moment with and ape-like fury, he was trampling his victim underfoot, and hailing down a storm of blows, this shows the true capabilities of Hydes animalistic nature.Ape-like fury relates back to evolution and how his behavior is no better than a ape, with a sudden burst of outrage Hyde beat a well respected old man to death with no emotion accept anger. Hyde is depicted as creature of great evil although we learn of only two of his crimes. Its the nature of both which highlights the violence against two innocent victims. The first violent act was against the small child and a the second a much beloved old man. These attacks were on both harmless beings which emphasize the extreme immortality of Jekylls darker side.Stevenson has created a tremendous amount of fear employ the theme of duality, secrets, Darwins theory, and general gothic features. These would be less affective for todays a udience. This is mainly because we have now legitimate the theory of evolution and the possibility of having to sides to us. This will remain a well respected novel and if it was to be updated the idea of duality would have to be changed a little. The change between the two sides of a person would be random and the person would also not be able to manipulate the change, the character would also have memory loss each time he/she changes.

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My Vegas Vacation Essay Example for Free

My Vegas Vacation EssayI had read close to Vegas, I had seen pictures of Vegas, I had watched many movies about Vegas, but I had never imagined that I would ever visit Vegas. It wasnt until I saw the lights of the long city from the plane that I believed I was actu onlyy going to be landing in Las Vegas. The airport was a start out in itself and it took more than an hour to gather our luggage and get to our hotel. Even though it was midnight and we were tired, we quickly left our bags in our room and started to look around. We wandered aimlessly though casino after casino, all the while amazed at the lights, the food, the opulence and, of course, the sounds of winning machines. We spent the whole night, as well as the next three days, trying to decide which attraction was the best. Though much of Vegas was unforgettable, the most memorable were the leap waters in front of the Bellagio hotel it was so calming in the middle of the chaotic Vegas strip. We went back a few times to watch it. We also loved the light show on Freemont Street, and riding on the top of the double-decker bus on the way back to our hotel was a lot of fun.The highlight of the trip was attending the Wayne Brady show. He acts much the same as he does on the famous show, Whose Line is it leastwise? He asked for volunteers from the audience and I didnt raise my hand I sort of regret that now. It was calm down one of the most memorable vacations I have ever taken. The word vacation always suggests that thither would be some relaxing and resting on the trip. I saved all of the my resting for the flight syndicate and scour though I didnt get a lot of sleep in Las Vegas, I came home feeling as though I had a well-deserved break what a vacation

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Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and New Stadium Essay Example for Free

Gener bothy Accepted Accounting Principles and New Stadium EssayTottenham Hotspurs, Plc.This certain(a) case has many different possibilities for evaluation which gives it much complexity and much liberty while evaluating it. The soccer business sure has a certain relation with the performance and their revenues which makes it highly unst fitting when speaking of forecasted income of the club. We moldiness first value the firm at its current position in fellowship to be able to value as compared to acquiring the new bowlful and obtaining a new goal scorer. In order to do so we essential(prenominal) evaluate the company by creating a Discounted Cash Flow abstract projecting the expected future revenues in the same current st vagabondgy which they are in. We would thusly lay out the future expected cash inflows with no initial cash out flow place out due to the fact that they have already covered their initial expenses. We must take into composition the growth rates that a re expected for our liabilities such as capital expenditures, player salaries, depreciation, and such. We must therefore evaluate the growth rates for the cash inflows for the revenues expected due from increased ticket prices, product sales, sponsorship and televising their games. We must then implement these rates and growth in numbers to evaluate the future position a number of years down the line.We could then evaluate the current capital structure and their salute of capital in order to determine whether they are fairly valued and obtain a second digest to compare with. We have sufficient data such as their beta and stock returns in the trade in order for us to evaluate these numbers. The case also contains the current risk free rate which is needed when using the Capital Asset Pricing Model in order to obtain the cost of equity of the firm. After performing a multiples analysis we bum then compare the two analyses and immovable whether the firm is fairly valued.If it is then great, but if not then we have an even greater evidence for Tottenham to look into the building of a new stadium. Now that we have their current position we must shoot an analysis regarding the what if the company obtained the new stadium and practiceed in a new striker. In order to do the following we must take into consideration the initial cash out flow of the new stadium and the two years that the company has to pay it given the current financial situation and their cash overmuch which is mentioned in the case.Once we have this we can then forecast a demoralised, a mediocre, and a pessimistic evaluation of their ticket sales and create multiple cash flows which consider the growth rates of all of the costs and revenues that the company will incur given this following move. Once we have this analysis we can then create the same analysis given that we stay in the same stadium, but we invest in a new striker (optimistic, mediocre, pessimistic).Once we obtain the cash flo ws from the two options mentioned before, we can then infuse both cash flows and compare the position of the company if they were to take the options which they have available to them. We must also play into consideration that the competition of the league has a huge impact on the results of Tottenham as they can have a huge influence on them. For example, Manchester United invests in the so called undermentioned big thing in football or one team is on the rise.

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Executing Strategies in a Global Environment Essay Example for Free

Executing Strategies in a planetary Environment Es judgeAbstractThis paper will analyze national establishs respect creation frontier, and determine which of the four building blocks of matched advantage the union admits in purchase order to continue their above average profit efficacy. It will also explore the main aspect of harvest differentiations and content control of the attach to to maintain an edge on their rivals. Furthermore, for this assignment I will attempt visit the efficiency of FedExs current business model and recommend a innovative business aim strategy that will give federal chat a competitive advantage everyplace it rivals. In addition, this paper will also examine the manner in which all overall, globular competition may work on my recommended business strategy and I will suggest a signifi force outt mode that national declaim cannister confront its world(a) competition.Introduction federal pull up began operating in 1973, under the leading of Fred Smith Jr. Before federal official articulate, a major portion for microscopical packaging airfreight flew on commercial passenger flights. Fred Smith believed that these two work should be treated differently, because the commercial passenger and commitment shipper had different needs. The commercial passenger they wanted the convenience of day eon flights. As for the cargo shippers, they preferred dark operate, which would afford them late afternoon pickups and next day deli rattling (Hill,2013). Since small-package airfreight only went out based on the commercial flight scheduling, it was gruelling for cargo shippers to achieve next day talking to. To remedy the f ar recognise cargo shippers had Smith aimed to build a system that could achieve next day delivery of small package airfreight (Hill,2013).Today Federal Express has grown from a express delivery participation to a global logistic and supply chain management company (Crane, et al., 2003). Over the years Federal Express was able to grow through and through acquistions and large investmenst in knowledge technoloy. The company was also able to sustain out from the rest best on their business model operate independently, compete arrestively. Smith divide his compnay into 6 differentcomp superstarnt FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services, which fall by the waysideed from individually one component to focus on their own maket segment. By segmenting of all(prenominal) component it declare oneselfd Federal express the oppurtunity to focus more on node. Even though Federal Express 6 different components operated seperatley the competed together under FedEx Corporation. Federal Expresss Value Creation margin and Their Four Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage Federal Express profitability depends on three factors The jimmy a customer places on their function, the price Federal Express charges for their services, and the price Federal Ex press has to become to produce the services they provide (Hll Jones, 2013).The more favorable these factors are the more value is bestowed on Federal Expresss produce. To accurately value, a companys product management must pit the difference between utility and price (Hill Jones, 2013). Utility is the customers satisfaction or happiness with using or owning a companys product or services. Federal Express has stepped up to the plate by making shipping easier and convenient for their customer. Today we can find brush aside get rid of boxes in front of office buildings and small neighborhood shipping stores. Having drop off boxes produces the customer anytime drop offs and no waiting time. Federal Express has also invested heavily in innovation to add to the customers experience (Crane, et al., 2003). The option of wireless engineering and the ability to get through deliveries and schedule picks on the companys website provides the customer shipping right at their fingertips .For their global customer Federal Express can offer shipping option to more than two hundred companies. The prices Federal Express set for their services are spiriteder than many of their competitors. Federal Express pricing is considered a tri hardlye, which reflects the tall prime(prenominal) take aim of service FedEx provides (Crane, et al., 2003). Based on FedEx stance, their premium pricing is worth it, but they beetle off to realize their very price sensitive customer who may go with a more cheaper option for certain services (UPS). In this case it make it toilsome for Fedex to standout based on branding and the amenties they offer. They may have to sound off of a different way to differeinate themselves from the competitior. Since Federal Expresss growth and customer, satisfaction comes with a high price tag. Their return on invested capital (ROIC) is very low compared to its biggest competitor UPS. In 2011, FedEx ROIC was 7.41% and UPS was 19.39%(Hill, 2013).Some sa y in time the money FedEx spent to build up their company, technology infrastructure, and customer satisfaction may soon pay off. The other positive side is that FedEx spending and acquisition expenses have made it hard for virgin companies to enter and compete in the packaging industry Along with value creation, a company must excel in the four building block of competitive advantage efficiency, look, innovation, and customer reactivity. How substantially a company performs in these four areas will determine their profitability and competitive advantage over the competitor. These four generic building blocks are a product of a companys distinctive competencies, which will allow a company to differentiate its product and commence its cost structure (Hill Jones, 2013). In turn, sustain a competitive advantage and reform profitability outcomes over their competitor.When determining a companys efficiency we can look at what it takes (inputs) to produce a product or services (o utputs). According to Hill and Jones, the more efficient a company is the fewer inputs it required to produce a particular output. The most common way to measure a companys efficiency is through employee productivity the out pout produced per employee (Hill Jones, 2013). When examining FedEx efficiency they were the first packaging company to invest in technology that enabled their employees to access company information wireless 24 hours a day. This wireless feature also allows the employee to collect packaging data, which allows employees to quickly enter packages into the companys package tracking system, which masters the possibility of error (Crane, et al., 2003).As for FedEx service, they can be review by its features, performance, durability, reliability, style, and design (Hill Jones, 2013). These features are used by customers to determine the quality level of the services that are offered by FedEx. Based on FedExs history, spending to build its infrastructure, and prem ium pricing FedEx is committed to providing a service of high quality standings. FedEx has also invested heavily in new technologies, which will improve their services, make it more reliable, and valuable to its customers (Amsler, Cullen, Erdmenger, 2010). An example that show FedEx is all about quality is their technology efforts such as tracking deliveries on their website, and whirl convenient shipping at the customers fingertips. As mentioned before FedEx is all about innovation.They are into creating new servicesand processes to make shipping easy and convenient for their customers. One of their major investments is the joint venture with University of Memphis. University of Memphis and FedEx have joined and formed the FedEx get of Technology. This investment will ensure that FedEx will not be let in dark when it comes to new technology (Crane, et al., 2003). When it comes to customer satisfaction FedEx tries to identify their customer needs. FedEx heard the customers demand ed for a more convenient way of shipping.FedEx has extended drop off times by three hours, offer drop off boxes, and the ability for customer to schedule pickups on FedExs website. The only dissatisfaction is the premium pricing set on their services. FedEx fail to adhere to the demands of their cost sensitive customers. These are the customers who only care about inexpensive delivery services. This convention of people may use FedEx as a last resort for their shipping needs.Product specialtyThe idea behind product differentiation is creating a product that satisfies the customers needs (Hill Jones, 2013). In order for a company to obtain a competitive advantage they must offer a product that better satistfies the customers need than its rival. When a company creates a stratergy that involves innovation, execellence, quality, and customer responsiveness they are offering custumers differentiation product. When the a companys stratergy is about finding ways to increase efficiency and reliablity to reduce cost they are offering the customer low priced product (Hill Jones,2013). In the case of Federal Express their stratergy is not about offering a low priced product, but offering a product that is innovative, befittings a high standard of execellence, high quality, and basing the product on the customers need.Federal Express silent the importance of differentiation. Since their strategy is not based on offering a low costing product Federal Express had to focus on information technology. Today customers are interested in monitor their shipments, estimating arrival times, price and cost of shipments. These elements are important to most businesses and consumers as well as the galosh of their delivery (Crane, et al., 2003). To satisfy the needs of their customers and to stand out from their competitor FedEx hasinvested heavily in the technology infrastructure, which provides options for customers to track and validate shipments at their personal computer.Fe deral Express whole caboodle hard to create a high quality level of service that is difficult for their rival to match (Crane, et al., 2003). Over the years, FedEx has been known as an pioneer in the shipping sector, and providing a high level of quality services. Due to FedExs higher prices the level of service they provide may become unnoticed. To differentiate their standard of quality from their competitor FedEx lets their customers know that if they are willing to pay more it will be worth it (Crane, et al., 2003).Capacity ControlWith technology, forecasting, and planning strategies Federal Express is able to handle the fluctuating demand in shipping. With General Information Science (GIS) Federal Express is able to build routes for the driver, guide sorting activities of inbound freight, estimate and record delivery times. This information is stored on a cloud, which is use for future planning and test the durability of a route to correspond package volume fluctuation (Cong er, Dezemplen, Haas, McLeod, 2010).Efficiency of Federal Expresss Current occupancy precedentFederal Expresss current business model is to operate independently, compete jointly. before long Federal Express is under the leadership of FedEx Corporation. FedEx Corporations provides strategic direction and financial reporting for the following operating companies that compete collectively, but operate separately worldwide FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services (Amsler, Cullen, Erdmenger, 2010). The idea behind Operate independently, compete collectively is that each company will operate independently, compete collectively and manage collaboratively. By operating independently, each of the organizational components (FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services) can focus solely on their market segment. Also by segmenting off each component by its own market segment has provided FedEx the competitive advantage in customer responsiveness an d has limited wasted time and resources on problem that are not associated with each market (Amsler,Cullen, Erdmenger, 2010).The eudaimonia of all the organizational component competing collectively is carrying and competing under a well know name FedEx, which is one of the most recognized names in the industry (Smith, 2005). Even though operate independently, compete collectively has worked for Federal Express thus far, but keep in mind it only provided FedEx with a competitive edge in specific customer focus. To gain a stronger competitive advantage FedEx should add cost leadership to their business level strategy. Cost leadership is a business model strategy that works towards lowering a companys cost structure so they can make and give away their products at a lower price than its competitors (Hill Jones, 2013). This has been difficult for FedEx, because of their constant expenditures in their infrastructure (Amsler, Cullen, Erdmenger, 2010).Due to FedEx costly expenditur es, they are unable to compete with their biggest rival, UPS in setting prices. orbiculate Competition and the Impact on Suggested Business Strategy Based on the international shipping demand among integrated global corporations and manufactures it will be FedExs as well as its competitors best interest to enter into the global shipping industry. Global manufactures are interested in keeping their inventory at a minimum and have bonnie in time delivery option. This way global manufactures can keep cost down, fine-tune their production, and satisfy delivery deadlines (Hill, 2013) . As for global corporation their shipping need are different. They are in need of fast and a safe way to ship document that are to confidential for internet transmisson or require a real signiture. These global coroporation are seeking for the same shipping services the match in the U.S for their global operations (Hill, 2013).According to Case 7 The Evolution of the Small Package Express Delivery Indus try, 1973 -2010 the trend for global shipping need is forcasted to grow approxiamently 18% annually from 1996 to 2016. This means in that location is a big demand for air cargo operators to build global shipping networks that will allow them to provide shipping services across the globe with in a 48 hour time frame. Through acquistion Federal Express was able to build a global shipping network to meet the demand among intergrated global corporations and manufactures. The acquisition expenses, international start cost, customs regulation cost , labor get it on associated with global shipping, and the barries to attaining landing right in many markets prevented FedEx toinclude cost leadership in their global busines stratergy.Eventhough FedEx does not have the competitive edge when it come to pricing they are t more clear in the global shipping industry than their competitors. They can offer services and shipping time frames their rivals can not offer. FedEx also has shipping hubs all over the world, which include 600 or so air crafts , which allows them to provide shipping option most of their comepitives can not offer. Based on history this was very difficult for other companies to establish this task. Since very few competitor have the same golobal infrastructure as FedEx global companies relay more FedEx for the international shipping needs (Crane, et al., 2003)ConclusionIn conclusion, Federal Expresss competitive advantage is not based on cost, but on its technology infrastructure. Over the years, Federal Express has spent heavily on technology and in acquisitions in order to offer delivery options and services their competitor cannot. The spending was geared towards satisfying the needs of the customer, innovation, offering a quality product and excellence services. The only negative side on spending heavily is that the cost was passed on to the customer, but Federal express stance is that they offer premium services and products. Federal Express can o ffer their international customers shorter delivery time, because of the major acquisition transactions Federal Express was involved in over the years. As for their domestic business, it may be a little difficult to stand out from their competitor. Currently the competitor (UPS) can offer similar services and convenient shipping options at a lower cost.ReferencesAmsler, M., Cullen, J., Erdmenger, J. C. (2010). strategical Report for FedEx Corporation. Vector Strategy Group. Conger, R., Dezemplen, R., Haas, J., McLeod, J. (2010). Using GIS Strategic Planning and Execution at FedEx Express. Crane, B., Landthorn, B., Miri, B., Relph, J., Sanchez, C., Vernerova, A. (2003). FedEx Corpration Strategic charge Project. Hill, C. L. (2013). Case 7 The Evolution of the Samll Package Express Delivery Industry, 1973-2010. In C. L. Hill, G. R. Jones, Strategic Management AnIntegrated Approach (pp. C83-C96). Independence Cengage. Hill, C. L., Jones, G. R. (2013). Strategic Management An Inte grated Approach (10th ed.). Independence Cengage. Smith, F. W. (2005). FedEx. Retrieved from FedEx corporation annual report http//www.fedex.com/us/investorrelations/financialinfo/2005annualreport/online/msg_chair.html

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Fedex and UPS Essay1. Accounting Treatments crown Lease -LesseeInitially, the lessee recognizes the summation at a lower place his property, plant and equipment. The amount that should be debited is the Lower of summations sensible value and present value of borderline let payments. The present value is determined by discounting minimum contract payments utilise interest poses implicit in the admit. Also, initial direct cost that the lessee incurs in relation to the pursue is added to the cost of recognized summation. On the credit side of the entry should be adopt liabilities, which is in fact, some kind of a loan. The operate liabilities should be split into cur contract and noncurrent liabilities as some payments ar made within 12 months while others atomic number 18 made after 12 month of the reporting date. Subsequently, at that place are two things we must take care of. First, we must underestimate the subscribe summation over the stinting life, not ove r the convey term because that doesnt unavoidably need to be the same. The entry is to debit depreciation disbursement in profit or passing play and credit the accumulated depreciation account. Secondly, we need to allocate the countenance liability or minimum lease payments paid to the lessor into two parts diminution of lease liability and finance charge or interest. IAS 17 requires the finance charge to be allocated so as to produce a constant periodic value of interest (interest rate implicit in the lease) on the remaining sense of equilibrium sheet liability. (Refer to appendix A for journal entries Capital lease-LessorThe lessor is a finance provider, and therefore records lease receivables as the debit side of the entry. The lease receivable is the net investment in the lease, which is the total of minimum lease payments and unguaranteed residual value. bestow of these two figures is gross investment in the lease and we need to discount it to present value using disc ount rate implicit in the lease and all this must be equal to honorable value of the addition plus initial direct cost. The credit side to this entry is simply bullion given out by the lessor. Subsequently, we have to split minimum lease payments received from the lessee between reduction of finance lease receivable and finance income similar to what the lessee would do. (Finance income should reflect a constant periodic rate of return on the lessors netinvestment in the lease.) (Refer to appendix A for journal entries) direct Lease-LesseeIn an operating lease, the lessee does not recognize any asset. The lease payments are recognized as rent expense in profit or handout on a straight-line basis. The journal entries would include a debit to rent expense and credit to cash or accounts payable. (Refer to appendix A for journal entries) ope proportionalitynal -lessorLease payments received from the lessee are recognized as revenue in profit or loss on a straight-line basis. The le ssor keeps the asset on his financial statement and depreciates it in line with its fixed asset accounting policy. (Refer to appendix A for journal entries) Advantages of Operating LeaseIn an operating lease, the lessee is considered to be lease the equipment and thus the lease payment is put down as rental expense. No assets or liabilities are recorded on the balance sheet (Off-balance sheet financing). This is beneficial for companies because it get out result in a take down asset base, therefore creating a higher ROA. Operating lease will also display more desirable solvency ratios such as lower debt to comeliness. This off balance sheet method of recording will also produce better debt covenant ratios for the company to show its debt lenders. Moreover, some companies associate management bonuses to certain(a) ratios such as return on capital, which would be more optimal looking if recorded under operating lease. Another major benefit of operating leases is the potential t ax benefits. An operating lease whitethorn allow the company to deduct payments as operating expenses during the period in which they are paid. If the company purchases equipment, they may be able to deduct the interest, as well as the cost of the depreciation.2. to a lower place current pecuniary Accounting Standards Board regulations, what business arrangements might FedEx have made in order to account for leases as operating leases rather than capital leases? An operating lease is usually coined as anything that is not class as a finance lease.Factors that an operating lease may include are 1. If a lease does not signifi lottly transfer all the risks and rewards, associated with ownership of an asset the lease 2. If the ownership of the asset is more likely to go back to lessor at the end of the term 3. The lessee does not have the option to buy the asset at a cost largely below the fair value of the asset ie. a dicker price. The term of the lease is not a major part of t he economic life of the lease item. IAS 17 does not explicitly say how much is a major portion however ASPE states that 75% and higher up is a major portion. 5. If there is little or no risk to the lessee all major risks are borne by the lessor. An example would be cancellation costs. 6. The leased asset is of common nature not specialized and can only be used by the lessee. 7. The present value of the total amount of minimum lease payments do not equal or is close to the fair value of the asset leased. Other additional Criteria can be8. Whether fluctuation in fair value at the end of the lease strike to the lessor 9. If the lessee does not have the option to extend the lease for a secondary period at a below the market price Arrangements FedEx would have to make to disclose the operating lease would include disclosures nigh the outstanding payments left for non-cancellable operating leases for the time periods within one yearwithin two to fivesome yearsafter more than five yea rsthe total future minimum sublease income for non-cancellable subleases the lease and sublease payments value in income for the period the contingent rent recognised as an expensethe commonplace description of significant leasing arrangements, including contingent rent provisions, renewal or purchase options, and restrictions imposed on dividends, borrowings, or further leasing For operating leases, IAS 17 states that the total lease payments should be incurred as an expense and would appear on the income statement regularly with the amount on a straight-line basis over the entire lease term. any(prenominal) enticements that the lessee may have received from the lessor to enter into the lease arrangement, must also be divided on a straight line basis to offset therental expense.4. Lease Capitalization on monetary Variable and RatiosUnrecorded Lease Liability and Debt-to-Equity Ratio Based on the ratios and calculations performed there are some(prenominal) incentives for compan ies to report leases as operating leases rather than capitalize them. It can be concluded that the impact of lease capitalization on the financial statements is far greater for FedEx than UPS, however both companies are reaping benefits from reporting leases as operating leases. Capitalizing leases requires that leases are recorded as assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. The Unrecorded Lease Liability is 98.41% of quick liabilities for FedEx and 8.27% for UPS. Thus, by not capitalizing leases, firms are able to decrease their liabilities and present a more lower debt/equity ratio.The Debt/Equity ratio gives stakeholders an indication of the capital structure of the firm. The ratio for FedEx moves from 0.97 to 2.70, which indicates a more leveraged capital structure. UPS ratio moves from 0.87 to 1.28. The capitalization of leases would not allow FedEx to maintain a debt-equity ratio below 1, which would change shareholders view on the financial flexibility of the firm.If Fed Ex wishes to maintain a relatively low debt-to-equity ratio on their financial statements it would be unfavourable to capitalize leases. Return on Asset The Return on Assets (ROA) is another(prenominal) key ratio that is affected when leases are capitalized due to the increase in assets that the company owns. When leases are capitalized there is a decrease in ROA for both FedEx and UPS by 1.69% and 0.32%, respectively. This is a relatively significant drop in efficiency and further motivates firms to record leases as operating leases. Interest Coverage Ratio The interest reporting ratio informs stakeholders of a companys ability to pay back their interest. There is a significant drop of 17.26 in FedExs interest- reporting ratio and a drop of 9.2 in UPSs interest coverage ratio. This means that a certain amount of profit is attributed to the fact that leases are not capitalized.In conclusion, it is understandably from the variables and the ratios analyzed why companies prefer to re cord leases as operating leases rather than capitalize them. Operating leases are kept off the balance sheet and their main impact on the income statement is rent expense since the risks of ownership are not assumed. On the other hand, when leases are capitalized, the present value of payments including interest expense,is do by as a liability on the balance sheet. These two accounting methods result in ratios to be more favourable for the firm when leases are recorded as operating leases rather than financial leases. 5. impertinently Exposure Draft A Contract-Based ApproachDevelopment of Contract-Based Approach Leasing is a critical activity in business as it is a means of gaining access to assets, obtaining finance and reducing an entitys exposure to the risks of asset ownership. Some key advantages of leasing assets rather than purchasing assets are 100% financing, flexibility and the tax advantages. Therefore it is critical that leases are fittingly accounted for and nature and duration of the lease agreement is considered. Current models require lessees and lessors to account for leases as either finance leases or operating leases. A recurring criticism of this approach is that lessees are not required to recognize assets and liabilities arising from operating leases. We can see the benefits of this in the financial statements and ratios of FedEx and UPS, as discussed above. In our intuitive feeling capitalizing leases provides stakeholders of a less aggressive view of a companys financial statements. The contract ground approach ensures that companies recognise the right to use an asset along with the contractual liability on its balance sheet. Recognition and Measurement (Lessee) IASB and FASB are proposing a new approach to lease accounting that ensures entities record assets and liabilities arising from a lease.With this new approach, a lessee would recognize assets and liabilities for leases with a maximum possible term of more than 12 months. Under this contract-based approach, the asset is taken on by the lessee as the right to use to asset and not the asset itself. This a key difference between the contract-based approach and finance leases. When the lease is acquired, the lessee would recognise a lease liability. This would refer to the obligation of the lessee to make recurring lease payments. Additionally, the lessee would recognize a right-of-use asset representing a lessees right to use the underlying asset for the lease term. The right-of-use asset would include the initial measurement of the lease liability, any lease payments made at or before commencement date and any initial direct costs incurred by the lessee. The proposal further categorizes the leases into face A and suit B leases. Type A Lease Recognition Leased assets otherthan property (such as equipment and vehicles) would be classified as a Type A lease. However, if the following two conditions are met, the lease would be classified as a Type B if t he lease term is an insignificant portion of the assets economic life and if the present value of the lease payments is insignificant relative to their fair value. Initial measurements for a Type A lease would include a right-of-use asset and a lease liability.The lease liability would be measured at the present value of the lease payments, measured at the rate charged by the lessor. If that rate cannot be immediately determined, the lessee uses the incremental borrowing rate. Subsequent measurements would recognize interest expense and the amortization of the right-of-use asset separately on the income statement and balance sheet. This would be accounted for separately from the amortization of the asset. Type B Lease Recognition Leased assets of property (such as land or a building) would be classified as Type B leases. Initial measurements would be parallel to the initial measurements of Type A assets. However, subsequent measurements would recognize a single lease cost. This cost would be a measurement of the interest expense as well as the amortization of the asset. This combined figure would be calculated on a straight-line basis. Effect on Existing Operating Lease Existing operating leases must be appropriately treated based on the accounting standards for leases.Leases that were previously reported as operating leases by lessees should be recognised using the new approach at the beginning of the earliest comparative period. The lessee should recognize the lease liability, which is the present value of the remaining lease payments. For Type A leases, a right-of-use asset is measured as a proportion of the lease liability. The proportion is based on the remaining lease term at the time of the earliest comparative period. Additionally, the right-of-use asset recorded should be adjusted for any previously recognised prepay or accrued lease payments. On the other hand, for Type B leases, a right-of-use asset is measured at an amount that equals the lease li ability. The asset is then adjusted for previously recognised prepaid or accrued lease payments.