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Persuasion Paper :: essays research papers

Matt B2/14/05PY129Persuasion PaperHello, woman who sits in the front of the class. I may not have your name, but I do have some unfortunate news for you. You should never go come to the fore with me. We all know it would have happened. Everybody knows whats on a womans mind, and how could I not notice things like the way you stare at me in class, its barely so distracting. Im just trying to stop this very attractive problem before its too late. This paper will save you from years of therapy and gallons of Ben and Jerrys cookie dough. Dont feel bad, its not you, well actually it is but you stack still choose from the other 10 guys in our class who mysteriously all sit in a circle around you I just dont think things would work out between us. I believe that I have a pretty good idea of what figure of a person you are from being in your logic class and never talking to you once. Our close and personal relationship gives me insight to who you are, and why we arent right for each ot her. First, your too predictable and boring for me, second, your not willing to turn, and third, I dont think you could satisfy me.Variety is the spice of spiritedness Mix things up a bit. You sit in the same seat every day, who does this? Dont you ever wonder what it feels like to sit somewhere else? I wouldnt be able to stand that kind of compliancy. Another testament to your predictability, is the fact that you never have a story to tell most how your weekend was. This means either one of two things. 1) You do nothing on weekends. Your idea of fun is watching the Lifetime channel. You go to Six Flags and savor such rides as Teacups, Ferris wheel, and Dirty bench by the hotdog stand.2) Just the opposite. Maybe you frequent S&M clubs or rob orphans on the weekends. whatever it is, it probably makes the baby Jesus cry. You disgust me.So start enjoying the finer, more fun things in life. Until then, though, I just dont think your set up for my kind of excitement.You most likely do a variety of things, or have some qualities that are unattractive to me, and you are also unwilling to change them. I know this because of our many interactions together, where you have revealed to me your deepest secrets and habits.

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A man without feeling :: essays research papers

A Man Without FeelingIs Hamlet capable of feeling? In Shakespeares Hamlet the author creates a world of appearance vs. reality. array of this world is Hamlet who becomes perplexed by what he must do which is to avenge his fathers death. However Hamlet is incapable of experiencing the feelings he should. Thus has to put on an act for everyone around him to appear normal. Another endeavor Hamlet has to deal with is his relationship with Ophelia. He chooses to disregard the relationship by pretending that there is no basis for it and that it was based on bastard pretences. He is forced to act this way because he has no other choice. Hamlet cannot experience any rightful(a) emotions and so he does not know what he truly feels towards Ophelia. In the end Hamlet has to make the ultimate sacrifice to maintain his appearance as a good and portentous prince- his life. He avenges his fathers death and returns everything to how it once was. However Hamlet does not do this because he knows it is what should be through with(p) or because he truly feels compelled to do it by his passion or his reason, but because it is what would be expected and what others would do. Hamlet cannot feel and therefore has to put on an act during the entire play.A predominant theme in this play is how appearance contrasts with reality. Where reality represents the truth an true emotions and appearance has the connotation of deception and false emotions or a lack there of. All of the characters put on an appearance except those who have nothing to hide, in this case everyone except Horatio and Fortinbrass. nowadays Hamlet admits that he is putting on an act during the play, and in numerous scenes his deception of those around him can clearly be noted. Yet if Hamlet is hazard to represent a hero why does he put on an act, since he should have nothing to hide? He does this for the simple reason that he does not know what he should do based purely on what he feels, since he feels nothing. T he way he acts is navigated by those who Hamlet views as noble leaders, Fortinbras, Alexander the Great, Caesar and of coarse his father. I find thy apt/ And duller shouldst be than the fat weed/ That roots itself in ease on Lethe wharf,/ Wouldst thou not shake in this.

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Greek Architecture And Orders :: essays research papers

classical Architecture and OrdersGreek ArchitectureGreek architecture has been noted as some of the worlds finestbuildings known to man kind. much(prenominal) as the Parthenon, and the temples they constructto their Gods, have been studied over for many years. The way these structureswere built is fascinating.The Three Greek Orders of ArchitectureGreek architecture is broken rectify into three orders. Theseorders were determined by the way that the apex or capital of each column wassculpted. The first order was called the Doric Order. This was the nearly simpleof the three. It was just meant for sturdiness, not for beauty. The second orderwas called the Ionic order. They had capitals sculpted like spiraling scrolls.They too were not that beautiful, but very sturdy. The third was the CorinthianOrder. Ta the top of each capital of this order were carved Acanthus leaves.They were very beautiful, but not quite as sturdy as the other two. The columnswere sometimes replaced with lo ad-bearing statues called Caryatids.Greek HomesGreek houses were probably the most common of all buildings.They were built out of mud, and bricks. They all had a few rooms for dining,cooking, bathing, and sleeping. To conclude about Greek homes, most Greekcitizens spent their time away from home, so little architectural specialtieswere put into the households.Ancient Greek TemplesGreeks spent alot of hard work, time and effort into the templesthey built for their gods. This was where the three orders were put into effect.The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders were popular forms all over Greece.Greek temples were made of stone, some were made of Marble. The Greeksconstructed many acropolises, one famous one was the Partheneon.

Plath’s Daddy Essay: Clusters of Images -- Plath Daddy Essays

Clusters of Images in Daddy        Imagery in literature provides the writer with an instrument for establishing a viewpoint or perspective. The author can use an unlimited amount of symbols, similes, and metaphors that produce an atmosphere for the reader to visualize the story effectively. In the poem Daddy, create verbally by Sylvia Plath, the author utilizes numerous clusters of images to represent the fury and wrath of a crazed woman haunted by her fathers frightening and domineering disposition. Plath uses this imagery to render the emotional chaos controlling fathers inflict on their offspring. One of the most prominent groups of images Plath uses to show the turmoil and fear the narrator feels for her father is comparing him with national socialist Germany, the devils hoofs, and a vampire. Evil, mean-spirited images flourish within Daddy. The speaker characterizes her father as a Nazi. Phrases like, With your Luftwaffe (l. 42), your neat mousta che and your Aryan eye (l. 43), and Panzer-man, panzer-man (l. 45) fill the poem with images of Deuts...

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Chaucers Canterbury Tales - Character Sketch of Chaucers Knight in General Prologue :: Canterbury Tales Essays

A Character Sketch of Chaucers Knight in General Prologue               Ge impinge onrey Chaucers Canterbury Tales, written in approximately 1385, is a collection of twenty-four stories ostensibly told by various people who are going on a religious pilgrimage to Canterbury cathedral from London, England. Prior to the actual tales, however, Chaucer offers the reader a glimpse of fourteenth century life by way of what he refers to as a General Prologue.  In this prologue, Chaucer introduces all of the characters who are involved in this imaginary journey and who will tell the tales.  Among the characters included in this introductory section is a buck.  Chaucer initially refers to the gentle as a most distinguished man (l. 43) and, indeed, his sketch of the knight is highly complimentary.               The knight, Chaucer tells us, possessed/Fine horses, but he was not gaily appareled (ll. 69-70).  Indeed, the knight is dressed in a common shirt which is stained where his armor had left mark (l. 72). That is, the knight is just home from service (l. 73) and is in such a hurry to go on his pilgrimage that he has not even paused before beginning it to change his clothes.               The knight has had a really busy life as his fighting career has taken him to a great many places.  He has seen military service in Egypt, Lithuania, Prussia, Russia, Spain, North Africa, and Asia forgivable where he was of great value in all eyes (l. 63).  Even though he has had a very successful and busy career, he is extremely reduce  Chaucer maintains that he is modest as a maid (l. 65).  Moreover, he has never said a rude thing to anyone in his entire life (cf., ll. 66-7).               Clearly, the knight possesses an outstanding character. Chaucer gives to the knight one of the more flattering descriptions in the General Prologue.  The knight can do no wrong  he is an outstanding warrior who has fought for the current faith--according to Chaucer--on three continents.  In the midst of all this contenton, however, the knight remains modest and polite.  The knight is the embodiment of the chivalric code  he is devout and courteous off the battlefield and is bold and fearless on it.

Chaucers Canterbury Tales - Character Sketch of Chaucers Knight in General Prologue :: Canterbury Tales Essays

A Character Sketch of Chaucers Knight in customary Prologue               Geoffrey Chaucers Canterbury Tales, written in approximately 1385, is a collection of twenty-four stories ostensibly told by various people who are going on a spiritual pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral from London, England. Prior to the actual tales, however, Chaucer offers the reader a glimpse of fourteenth century life by way of what he refers to as a General Prologue.  In this prologue, Chaucer introduces all of the characters who are involved in this imaginary journey and who will tell the tales.  Among the characters included in this introductory section is a gymnastic horse.  Chaucer initially refers to the knight as a most distinguished man (l. 43) and, indeed, his sketch of the knight is highly complimentary.               The knight, Chaucer tells us, possessed/Fine horses, but h e was not gaily dressed (ll. 69-70).  Indeed, the knight is dressed in a common shirt which is stained where his armor had left mark (l. 72). That is, the knight is just shell from service (l. 73) and is in such a hurry to go on his pilgrimage that he has not even paused before beginning it to change his clothes.               The knight has had a very busy life as his fighting career has taken him to a great many places.  He has seen military service in Egypt, Lithuania, Prussia, Russia, Spain, North Africa, and Asia Minor where he was of great value in all eyes (l. 63).  Even though he has had a very successful and busy career, he is extremely humble  Chaucer maintains that he is modest as a maid (l. 65).  Moreover, he has never said a rude thing to anyone in his correct life (cf., ll. 66-7).               Clearly, the knight possesses an outstanding char acter. Chaucer gives to the knight one of the more flattering descriptions in the General Prologue.  The knight can do no wrong  he is an outstanding warrior who has fought for the true faith--according to Chaucer--on three continents.  In the midst of all this contenton, however, the knight remains modest and polite.  The knight is the embodiment of the chivalric code  he is earnest and courteous off the battlefield and is bold and fearless on it.

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Health and Safety Policy Essay

General statement of policy This policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and equipment for all(prenominal) our employees, and a safe environment for all children to learn and develop in. We wish to develop and promote a strong health and asylum provision at bottom the nursery for the benefit of all staff, children, p bents and visitors.The policy will be kept up to date, particularly as the business changes in nature and size, and will be revised annually, or as and when necessary.Aims and objectives The aim of this policy statement is to ensure that all reasonably practical steps be taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all persons using the premises. To achieve this we agree to surveil with the following objectives hold and maintain a safe and healthy environment throughout the nursery. Establish and maintain safe working procedures amongst staff and children Ensure information, instruction and supervision is provided for all emplo yees where necessary. Ensure the safe handling and use of substances. Ensure all employees are competent to do their role and to provide adequate training where needed. Maintain a healthy and safe place of work and safe entry and wall plug from it. An effective policy and procedure is in place covering fire and other emergencies and for evacuating the nursery premises. The evacuation procedure is practiced on a constant basis. Follow the regulations of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and either other relevant legislation. Maintain a safe working environment for with child(predicate) workers with appropriate risk assessments undertaken where necessary.We believe the nursery as a whole is a low risk but to maintain the maximum protection for children, staff, parents/carers and visitors we comply with the following Ensure the entrances and exits from the building, including fire exits remain clear at all times. Regularly checks are carried out on the premises and the indi vidual rooms any faults or defects are reported to management as soon as possible. Ensure all staff are aware of the fire procedures and they participate in regular fire drills. Ensure that all members of staff are aware of the procedures in case of accidents. Protective gloves and clothes are worn when appropriate by all staff to control and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The nursery has a strict no smoking policy in place. Any contractile organ working on the premises must seek permission from the owner prior to commencement of work. No inappropriate jewellery to be worn. One equalise of stud earrings and wedding/engagement rings are acceptable. Dress code is smart black trousers no jeans, linen trousers or combat trousers and practical with logical black shoes/small heeled boots and all hair must be tied back at all times. No running inside the premises. every last(predicate) electrical sockets are protected by safety plugs. All cleaning materials/toilet cl eaner are out of reach of children and are kept in cupboards off the ground in the utility room. Appropriate clothing is worn when working in the kitchen. Peanuts and any other foods that can cause an allergic reactions are not allowed in the nursery Telephone calls must be received before 7am if a member of staff is not well enough to project work. This must be to a senior member of staff, Owner, Manager, Deputy Manager or Assistant Manager. All staff know where the First Aid misfortune is and know who the appointed First Aider is Children are supervised at all times by qualified staff Student are not leftover unsupervised at any time.

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Kate Chopin and Feminism

The name Kate Chopin is synonymous with feminism. For generations she has caused women to more or less their situations in life and caused men to fear her because she do women analyze. She started writing after she was widowed and left with a plantation and children to rear while living in a male rescript. Instead of remarrying just to pull round the plantation, she chose to stay single and move from Louisiana with her children to her hometown in Missouri. Her physician advised her to write to overcome her depression.Little did anyone know that this advice would lead to the writing career of one of the firstly American female writers. From the beginning, men saw her stories and novels as threatening. It wasnt until after her death that she was recognized for the talented writer that she really was. The reason the men of her generation was her feminist themes. Two examples where this strong theme is evident are The Storm and The modify.Chopins story The Storm is, as the title su ggest, about sexual tensions of a repressive waera. It was considered scandalous for a female from the privileged class to even entertain the thought of sexual tension during the Victorian Era, and especially to write about it. The storm deals with two people, Alcee and Calixta, who were in love during their youth. They go on to marry others that society says are right for them.They feel trapped by the rules of society and cool it desire each other. The reader is introduced to Calixta at their home, sewing and doing other household chores, unaware that the storm is coming. This suggests to Wilson that her sexuality is repressed by the constraints of her marriage and societys view of women, represented in this passage by the housework. Airing out on the porch are her husbands Sunday clothes, which Wilson says allude to society in the form of the church. The story continues with other illustrations using the storm until, finally, after Alcee and Calixtas sexual encounter, the storm f inally begins to pass and everything in the world seems renewed and fresh. (Wilson 2)In The Awakening the protagonist, Edna Pontellier, is a young woman married to a businessman, but she is dissatisfied with her marriage. In her society this idea was considered unthinkable. She wants to wants to retain her individuality, her artistry, and to be sexually fulfilled. In her novel, she seeks an identity for women that is neither wife nor mother. To achieve this end, she incorporates progressive ideas of androgyny and female-female intimacy into her writing yet ultimately the text, through characters who cannot escape essentialist and sentimental ideologies, demonstrates the failure of her attempt. (McDonald) In fact, the pressures of society of that era leads to the suicide of the protagonist.Kate Chopin dared to write about topics that were groundbreaking for women in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. During this time women werent even capable of having adequacy knowledge to vote. If a woman chose any path in life that did not include marriage, then she was seen as a failure. In her writing, Chopin was groundbreaking in the area of feminism. The questions that are raised by the articles used for this essay, is where did she get the courage to tackle the topics that she did, and why didnt more women join here in their swap?Works CitedFaust, Langdon Lynn. American Women Writers. New York Inger. 1983.McDonald, Erin E. NECESSARILY VAGUE KATE CHOPINS GENDER-AWAKENING.24, May, 1999, http//, Robert. Feminine Sexuality and Passion Kate Chopins The Storm. The Universityof British Columbia, October 22, 1992. http//

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Leased Line

Leased Line- A hired limit is a private high-performance circuit leased by a common carrier amongst a customer and a service providers vane. It is rented on an annual basis and commonly carries voice and data or both. Leased lines are mostly used for either internet access ( net Leased Line) or used privately between two customer sites (Point to Point Leased Line). Unlike a dial-up connection, a leased line is always active. Similarly unlike broadband, a leased line is not contended or shared and delivers dedicated guaranteed bandwidth straight to the internet backbone.Customers pay a premium for a leased line and it is supported by a comprehensive Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with a guaranteed fix time and a compensation clause. Otherwise referred to as a point to point, private circuit, private line or dedicated access. Leased Line History Leased lines serve (or private line services) became digital in the 1970s with the conversion of the Bell backbone network from analog to d igital circuits.This conversion allowed AT&T to offer Dataphone Digital Services (later re-branded digital data services) that started the deployment of ISDN and T1 lines to customer premises to connect. With the extension of digital services in the 1980s leased lines were used to connect customer premises to Frame Relay or ATM networks. Access data rates change magnitude from the original T1 option up to T3 circuits. Access data rates also evolved dramatically to speeds of up to 10Gbit/s in the early 21st century with the Internet boom and increased offering in long-haul optical networks or Metropolitan Area Networks.

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Broadway The American Musical Essay

At the start of the 20th century, the popular vaudeville shows that crossed the nation became the training inst only and inspiration for the birth of the Ameri lavatory musical. As the primary location for the professionalization of American performance art, understanding the complicated negotiation of gendered and racial identities on the Broadway portray provides important background to the development of an American identity in concert dance by dint of the rest of the century. As you watch these videos notice how musicals come to gibe American ideals such as abundance, opportunity, pluralism, optimism.2.1 Give My Regards to Broadway2.1.1 Some of the images from the Follies look like the creation of a new Eden. It was said that in America the streets were paved with gold. sop up the abundance found in Ziegfeld Follies and how this relates to an image of America.It reflects to how women being described pure like gold. In the show, all the women wear gold that describes valuable objects. Ziegfeld understands of how he could plow sex idea (by women) to the audience.2.1.2 What were the Follies and how did they include the different ethnic minorities present in America.The include another(prenominal) cultures in the show by telling jokes to the audience. There were several(prenominal) culture menti oned in the jokes, such as Irish jokes, Italian jokes, and Jewish jokes. 2.1.3 A Follies girl had to have a regular profile, and most were six feet tall. If a Follies girl is the ideal American girl, who is excluded from the image of ideal America? Mostly others race, such as Asian, Black, or any other race withal Causasion. 2.1.4 Many immigrants left the Old beingness because the social structures of the time kept them locked in a certain economic class. America held the promise of changing ones station in life. It was the land of opportunity.How was the opportunity and variety found in Vaudeville pretendative of this idea of America?Vaudeville is the era whe n anyone can perfome anything featuring dancing, comedies, and singing that focus on individual performance. It represents the idea of America because it displays of mixed cultures in America. It defines a generate of culture variety in America, which unites America.2.1.5 Describe the magazine from Yankee Doodle Dandy. How is Cagney, playing Cohan, the ideal American? Look at who else is on comprise, who is or is not allowed to be in this image of America?Cagney represents a picture of American pictures, such as white man and high class image (nice suit). Based on the video, all of the people on stage are Causasion, which excludes other culture.2.1.6 How does the musical Mythologize America?1.2.3=Lesson 1.Resource 2. Question 32Mostly represent majority race (mostly represent Causasion), displays perfect picture of American girl (pure, pretty, perfect picture), and represents great music and dance. 2.1.7 How did Burt Williams both perpetuate and challenge stereotypes of black Ame ricans? What does it mean for a black man to perform in black face?Burt William represents a picture of black Americans at that time by telling the audience jokes that related about black Americans. However, besides his jokes he also put other images like the pain being a black American indirectly by his jokes or by his song. Perform in black face was the only way for him to perform in enternainment industry. 2.1.8 Burt Williams claims that he would like to do both the pathos (drama) and the fun, but he is known for drollery and if he did the pathos, he would no longer be Burt Williams. Is Burt Williams, then, an actual man, or just a part?Burt Williams at that times represents as a character only because he hides himself and only performs the arts by telling audience jokes. He understandsthat his job is to entertain the audience.2.1.9 Form/technique Describe blackface performance through its origins, its popularity and performances by Burt Williams and Al Jolson.Using blackface f or black performers and white performers, mostly contains comedy, and stereotyping of black cultures (make fun of black Americans) 2.1.10 How did Fanny Brice break the expected image of the Ziegfeld girl? She breaks all the images of American standard of beauty such as being physically pretty. She represents a comedy story by using facial gestures and eyes movevents. 2.1.11 How did World War I change Broadway?It changed the characteristic of broadway, from blackface to Tin Pan Alley era where most of all the musicians and artists produce their idea in the one make and presents it after. 2.1.12 Show Boat was a marriage of what two traditions?European operetta and American musical comedy.2.1.13 Why was Show Boat so influential? In terms of subject matter? In terms of who was included on stage?Show Boat represent producers idea of musics, which represents American music. 2.1.14 Based on what you have seen, how was Broadway uniquely American? It represented musical theme and comedy whi ch was entertaining to audience. It also displayed of mixed cultural background to represent the arts on the stage, such as black American culture , Causasion culture (mostly European), and Jewish.2.2 Syncopated CityIn the 20s everyone had permission to visit each others land and see what they were doing.2.2.1 Alcohol was out lawfulnessed during Prohibition, but was not strictly enforced in NY. This meant that people of all social classes were breaking the law and thus normal rules about 1.2.3=Lesson 1.Resource 2.

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Apples Eat Themselves, Law421

Article Review LAW 421 March 25, 2013 University of Phoenix Material Article Review Format Guide memorial UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX DATE March 25, 2013 TO Timothy Morris FROM Debra Aguilar, Brady Benton, Karena Busch, Stephanie Hudson, and Rachel Wichert RE apples Eat Themselves ARTICLE SYNOPSIS A review of the legal battles between apple, a computer telephoner and Apple, a record caller, are discussed in this article. Both share a similar logo (an apple) and since 1991, the companies have gone to court to claim the Apple logo should only be unique to one alliance.In 1991 the Court agreed for each company to continue to use the Apple logo but now, the record company has accused the computer company of non conforming to the terms of the agreement. In 1980, George Harrison noticed an apple in an ad for computers. He thought this infringed upon Apple, the Beatles Record company trademark and filed suit. In 1981, Apple data processor agreed to hold fast bulge out of the unison bus iness. In 1991, Apple Corp. filed suit against Apple computer for trademark irreverence again and settled out of court for 26. 5 million dollars. The two companies divided up the apple universe, indicating where each could use the apple symbol.In 2001, Apple Computer introduced online iTunes Music Store which had a huge impact on the music retail industry. In 2003, Apple Corp. again sued Apple Computer stating music was world stolen from them. Apple Computer was protected because downloads of music are comprised of digital data, and the distribution of digital entertainment content is permitted in the 1991 agreement. Apple computer, now looking from the opposite side of the dispute, may have reduces protecting its own trademark because of current legal action that would force them to share copyright protection software with another(prenominal) companies.The Computer Giant would be forced to make downloads sold on their site playable on any device, not just its own iPod product s. This would impression in wide open competition, something Apple Computer has not faced before. The reason Apple Corp sued Apple Computer over thirty geezerhood ago was to protect its trademark, and now Apple Computer may find itself in the same situation. LEGAL ISSUE Apple Corp and Apple Computer have had their share of trademark issues. Its been about thirty years that Apple Corp and Apple Computers litigated a dispute involving the use of the Apple telephone as a trademark and its association with music.In 1978 Apple Corp filed a law suit against Apple Computers (Apple Inc) for trademark infringement and eventually agreed to a settlement about two years later with Apple Computer paying out a mass amount to Apple Corps. The legal issue Apple Corps raised is that Apple Computer is involved in the music business and that in the 1991 agreement Apple Computer agreed to stay away from the salubrious recording industry, committing trademark infringement. In 2001 Apple computer rel eased the iPod as a hardware device that can be used to download and play software like music from iTunes.ITunes was released in 2003. Apple Corps claims that Apple Computer is involved in the sound recording industry by the use of the iPod and the music downloads from iTunes that is in violation of the 1991 agreement in which Apple Computer would not have any business dealings that had to do with the sound recording industry. The High Court ruled that, The Apple Computer hadnt breached the terms of the agreement and could continue to operate their computer business as usual. (BBC News, 2006). For years Apple Inc has battled with Apple Corp over trademark issues.In 2007, they finally reached a settlement that determined Apple Inc. would own all trademarks and logos related to the name Apple and would license them accordingly to the Apple Corps music company (Tibken, 2012). During the time of the agreement, Apples CEO Steve Jobs commenting on the settlement stated We love The Beatles , and it has been nasty being at odds with them over these trademarks. Jobs added that it feels great to resolve this in a positive manner, and in a way that should remove the potential of get ahead disagreements in the future. MANAGERIAL PERSPECTIVE The legal issues in this article can affect the business deeply. The main factor is the loss they can occur in sales due to the music company saying they are not following the weightlift they have put forth. This shows customers and people of the world that their company is not trust worthy in all aspects of their business. In many circumstances this can stop people from buying their products until the situation is over and they find out the truth. The issue is that it could take weeks or months to finish the lawsuit.The problems that have happened with Apple the computer company could have been avoided if they took the correct steps allocated in their agreement with Apple the music company. The first step they should have taken was to sit down and have a business meeting with the representatives from the music company and explain to them what they wanted to do so that the contract could be altered. Instead they did it without coming to an agreement first, which disrespected the music company. Legally this is what should have happened so that the contract was followed and no one broke the contract illegally.References Macklem, K. (2006, Apr 10). Apples eat themselves. Macleans, 119, 30-30. Retrieved from http//search. proquest. com/docview/218528830? accountid=35812 Tibken, S. (2012). Apple now officially owns Beatles Apple Corps logo. Retrieved from http//news. cnet. com/8301-13579_3-57540017-37/apple-now-officially-owns-beatles-apple-corps-logo/ BBC News. (2006, May 08). News Front Page. Retrieved March 20, 2013, from Beatles lose News Apple Court Battle. Retrieved from http//www. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/entertainment/4750533. stm

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Individual Interview Reflections: The Role of a Teacher in Literacy Learning Essay

Literacy teaching is a complex endeavor it is faced by numerous challenges that course from the materials used to methods of teaching/learning applied to teachers personalities to peer go among the students and the deluge in technological stimulus among other itemors. My converse with Edith A.Diaz, PHD, CSC, and teacher B, both language fine art teachers and plying their trade at Tom Browne middle School revolved around four core aras of their work as literacy instructors. The interview required the teachers find their posts as literacy instructors, more specifically citing things much(prenominal) as the percentages of total time devoted to educational tasks e. g. paper work, attending and conducting workshops, discussions with other teach personnel, and parents meetings, etc. describing materials and methods that have been recommended by discipline or the shoal district as the most appropriate in literacy learning to quote materials and teaching/learning methods that they as teachers have found to be un-useful or ineffective in literacy learning, and to describe materials and methods that they find most appealing relative to the philosophical and theoretical schools of plan they exit as experienced teachers to describe their greatest concerns insofar as literacy learning is concerned especially at the waken of the deluge of technological stimulus, and to describe what they are doing to combat any negatively impacting stimulus on students literacy learning.The teachers were also required to add other comments, concerns, and personal stances relating to their roles as language art teachers. Ediths Reflections Edith bases her convictions on the role of a teacher/educator on various philosophical and theoretical arguments as put forth by great thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, Einstein, Erickson, Steinbeck, and Roger. Her perception of the role of an educator/teacher is that of an all-round professional whose duties are many and not practically definable. She portrays this through a balanced destination of the role of a teacher, a conclusion that comprises of both philosophical and theoretical perspectives.For instance, from a philosophical perspective a teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops, while from a theoretical perspective, a teachers influence is timeless, and it assumes both negative and positive influences. However, she clarifies that her core role as a grade seven language arts teacher is to teach the standards as set forth by the state of Texas (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills TEKS). In one sentence her role revolves around imparting the appropriate knowledge and skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and presenting) that will enable the students to make competitive members of the global society. In order to discover this seemingly tall order-task, Edith apportions her time professionally depending on the level of workload of the various sub-tasks that forms her r ole in a seven day- workweek.For instance, she dedicates 45% of her time in drawing lesson plans for the whole week, 15% on paper work (record keeping, grading and register, etc), 15% conducting research i. e. teaching strategies, pedagogy, etc. 15% on discussion with fissure teachers and other school personnel, 5% attending or conducting workshops (reviewing current research articles in preparation to conducting educational workshops), and another 5% on parent meetings. Edith seems to belong to a unique breed of teaching professionals in terms of her convictions on the choice of the best materials and methods that should be applied in classrooms situations. She prefers infusing the Socratic Method and Rogerian student-centered coming in her daily class activities.This enables her to utilize the best aspects of both pedagogical approaches, for instance, the Socratic Method tends to intimidate students but when it is infused with the Rogerian student-centered method it goes down w ell in empowering the students. Her advices are that, a teachers role should not be authoritative rather it should be an egalitarian role that assumes the Rogers (1957) core conditions of supreme positive regard, empathy, and congruence. She anchors her arguments on the eight developmental stages as put forth by Eric Erikssons, specifically on stage five that covers Ego Identity vs. component Confusion, which holds that adolescents tends to seek relativity within a global context. She therefore asserts that the establishment of an appreciation of holistic child is core to the educational process.Edith warns that some pedagogical methods such as teacher directed instruction are rewarding but their excessive use may impede or even perish the natural creative learning process in students. To support her convictions she invokes Platos reasoning that sought to discourage the habit of teaching students by force and harshness, but rather directing them to learning through what amuses th eir minds. Again, she advocate for the Paideia model of instruction well-favored that seeks to balance teacher directed method by inducing Socratic method and intellectual coaching to make it more student involving. She perceives the deluge of stimulus, especially technological stimulus as a threat to literacy instruction. According to her, engine room is a worthwhile tool in literacy instruction however, too much of it may kill natural creativity.For instance, students find it hard to imagine a candidate from a variety of written text, which makes the skill of inferring a challenging task. She warns that too much of reliance on technological devices may stifle and/or destroy a students creativity and imagination. To her, imagination and creativity are the key pillars to literacy instruction, just as Albert Einstein cleverly asserted, that imagination is more important than knowledge. In a her parting shot, she equates a teacher/educators role with that of a great artist, and re fers the teaching process to as a great form of art that uses human mind and spirit as its medium. teacher Bs, ReflectionsI also interviewed another language arts teacher from Tom Browne Middle School who teaches eighth graders mostly, he preferred to call himself a classroom teacher. Unlike my first interviewee (Edith), Teacher B did not use big and project words to describe his role or what is expected of a teacher/educator. He plainly indicated that he spends between 8 and 10 hours at school in any given school day, he spends the greatest part of this time instructing students in classroom, he spends a bit of this time grading papers, rail copies, and recording scores. He also spends an hour a week writing down lesson plans for the week. However, being the chairman of the language arts discussion section, teacher B is in charge of making the department as vibrant as it is practically possible.He contends that the choice and implementation of pedagogical approach to adopt in th e school is part of his core duties together with other teachers in the department. For instance, despite the school district purporting that (Texas Assessment Knowledge and Skills TAKS) is the best measure for learning he contends that this is not the best method. He points let out that the best thing is for a school to invest in numerous programs that will benefit the students, the Kamico and Gourmet are examples of such programs that they are currently using in the school. Nevertheless, his advices are that, the most effective methods and materials for learning are the reading of texts (novels, limn books, magazines, and newspapers) as it will enable the students to become good readers.Further, according to him the use of literacy circles among other methods plays a core role in enhancing comprehension of the materials read. Though he was too brief in giving out some methods and materials that to him are less effective in learning, he clearly indicated that as a departmental h ead he involves other members of the department in reviewing methods and materials in order to improve them and make them more custom fit to the students. However, there are some materials and methods that cannot be improved and therefore are done away with (placed on the back burner). Teacher B contended that the impact of the teacher in literacy instruction is compromised by a number of factors.For instance, he pointed out time as the greatest of all the factors there is no enough time for students to read on their own, and teachers usually assume they are doing so at their free time but mostly it is not that way. This in turn affects their reading prowess. Again, he quoted the lack of sufficient funds to procure quality publications materials for the students as another stumbling block to literacy learning. Students are also known for vandalizing some of the reading materials they are given. Further, he contended that there is a chronic shortage of role models to emulate in the implementation of the teaching methods, for example, he indicated that he had heard about literature circles for along time but never tried to nurse them in a class situation, he only came to understand and conceptualize them when he went to college.Just like Edith indicated, teacher B contended that the deluge of computer literacy has greatly affected the interests of students to read books. He tries to compare the traditional sense of reading books and working on projects that deal with novel units with how students are currently doing with themselves in the wake of computer literacy. Though the students are now more skilled in verbally deciphering information from the short internet sources, they are faced with great problem when it comes to putting down in written format what hey have learned and the conclusion that their prowess in literacy has virtually declined. Again, he associates the tendency of students to read brilliant novels and shorter books as a factor to their de clining literacy levels.He regrettably asserted that the role of the teacher in literacy learning is affected greatly by peer influence among the students much as they would try to be different from others, students tend to think collectively as a group, this hugely affects their reading prowess as they are more concerned about how their friends perceive them and therefore fail to stand up for their beliefs if they think they are different from their friends. The role of the teacher therefore at such situations should be to facilitate intervention practices that will enable the students to reverse to the traditional methods of reading. For instance, he believes and tries to be a good role model, he ceaselessly tell his students the amount of reading he gets done through out the school year. He spends a lot of his time in a week reading novels rather than watching television. Just like Edith asserted, he always emphasizes on building self-imagination rather than having other people thinking for him.To compensate for the fact that students do not read own their own he tries to give his students a steady stream of novel reading in class, he reads picture books, poems, short book chapters to his students for enjoyment and thought provoking. In his parting shot he contended that teachers should give their students enough space to choose what they want to read as a way of creating avenues to escape from the realities that they face in their daily school and home life. References Edith A. Diaz, PHD, CSC, (Grade Seven Teacher) Tom Browne Middle School (interview), conducted on February 11, 2009 Teacher B, (Grade Eight Teacher) Tom Browne Middle School (interview), conducted on January 20, 2009

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Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Essay

This memo is in response to the companys decrease in sales and profit because of the current state of the economy. The company get out be executing more(prenominal) cost-effective measures because of this present situation. These new procedures leave behind begin immediately with approval from the company owners. The first change entrust be a reduction in the financial incentives for the sales incision. To be successful in implementing this change a complete understanding of the sales process is mandatory.Consumer and salespeople feedback will be instrumental in gathering the data needful to make a concise and conscious decision on the best focal point to reduce the incentives for every party involved. The first step in the decision-making process is determining the facts of the situation at drop dead (Hartman & DesJardins, 2011, p. 47). The facts are that the company is losing income because of the economy. Additionally known is the company profits are on the finished pro duct that meets the need of the consumer.A written survey will ascertain what the specific needs and wants of the consumer toward a particular product are. Once the feedback is analyzed, the products most in demand by the consumer will continue with production, whereas the products in little demand will begin interruption until the sales or the demand from the consumer are in need. This step will aid in cutting cost for products with unnecessary production.As an example, there was a significant increase in sales the first few years, opposed to last years sales that decreased substantially for the products not in demand. By investigating and discovering products in demand will aid in painting a clearer picture, thus assisting in cutting production cost that will get the company back in line with increasing sales and profits. Additionally, investigating and discovering will keep the architectural plan of reducing monetary incentives for the sales wildness until sales and profits ar e on the increase again.However, the plan is to once again start issuing monetary incentives to the sales force once the company starts again seeing an increase in sales and profits. For this plan to be successful it will be necessary to motivate the sales force with tools to set achievable goals relating to increasing company sales and profits. This also has a direct impact on the sales force pertaining to the companys disposal and management.Upper management as well as the owners of the company has to be on the same accord concerning aiding the sales department in reaching their goals by providing motivation and support to the sales department. A strong support system is imperative if the sales team along with the organization is to reach their primary objectives. This plan will also include evaluations on the progress of the sales department pertaining to reaching their goals. The second and final change will be implementing a month-long layoff for some of the production employe es.Laying-off production workers for a month will cut production costs of producing products unnecessary for the economy. While keeping in mind that this layoff will also have an adverse result on producing products in demand. Instead of laying off production workers, the more cost-effective way would be to keep them at work to help meet the current demand for products. The workers still working with the organization will receive more overtime, and this is not cost-effective because the result is increasing payroll for employees.Although removing monetary incentives for the sales department and laying-off a portion of the production department is legal, it does nothing for morale. Ethically there will be some repercussions to implementing these changes. Some of the repercussions may include employees leaving the organization and a decline in sales means possible bankruptcy. Implementing a more amicable plan will have a more positive influence that will promote a higher(prenominal) m orale and happiness. With a higher morale, this will more likely promote a boost in productivity.

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Alternative to Economic Globalization

The al-Quran Alternatives to sparing globalization A Better World is Possible A Report of The International fabrication on Globalization by Cavanagh and Mander is innovative and controversial book revealing misconceptions of Friedmans The World is Flat and describing international imperialism as inevitable consequence of cultural and carnage obliteration.Firstly, it may seem that the occasions are likely to counsel for globalisation, in particular, for neoliberalism collective globalization stating that globalization can de defined as inevitable result of proficient armaments and evolutionary process.In other words, no matter how the world is developing, it will inevitably result in globalization process. Therefore, the book is successful attempt to keep back bodily globalization more natural and effective. The authors define corporate globalization as privatization of goods and services and as the cult of international capitalism. Cavanagh and Mander discuss pros and cons of globalization, implications and fallouts of globalized economies. However, with book progression it becomes likely that the authors stand against globalization.(Brown & Renner 2006) The authors start from describing the consequences of World Trade Organization protest taken rest home in Seattle in 1999 and they try to find answer whether it is possible to exist without globalization and what community would think of you if you were against globalization. Answering these questions, the author offer four-hundred pages manoeuvreion how to make our world better and how to move toward more sustainable democratic world. The authors endure key components of globalization model Hypergrowth resulting in inevitable search for new alternative resources, cheaper labour force and new unexplored markets Commoditisation and privatization of medicines access to freshwater intellectual property rights radio waves fertilizers and seeds Economic and cultural homogenization meaning that there is a need to create such global culture where every place is becoming more and more like every other place (Cavanagh & Mander, 38) Export-oriented investment and trade applying the merits of comparative degree advantage.It is known that the book is a result of discussions taken place during the period 1999-2002 by the International Forum on Globalization. The forum involved many activists of global justice movement, the International Forum on Globalization (IFG) is considered important as such famous figures as Maude Barlow, Walden Bello, Lori Wallach, Tony Clarke, Vandana Shiva and David Korte were its members. When anti-globalization protest occupied the streets of Seattle, many of its activists complete the necessity to go further and to work out alternative scotch ideas how to prevent development of corporate globalization.Thus, they created the World Social Forum and the book Alternative to Economic Globalization appeared to be a direct reflection of discussions during the protests. The book is a struggle against globalization reveals the ills of radical economic actions, participatory democracy, and social justice. However, the book isnt official ideology, but serious reflection. (Brown & Renner 2006) The book provides two theoretical lines the first criticizing corporate globalization and power, and the second discussing alternative ideas and principle for better society.However, the term capitalism is rarely used as a category of analytic thinking. The author, instead, try to discuss the global corporate power. Cavanagh and Mander claim that the basis for global social and economic crisis is root in corporate globalization itself (Cavanagh & Mander, 32) and that globe-girdling firms (are) the driving forces behind the new architecture for global administration and the trade, finance, and investments regimes that now rule people and life on earth. (p. 122)The book also offers thorough analysis of the institutional form of capitalism, but wit hout an analysis of capitalism they are reduced to surface descriptions without recognizing the class traffic at the core of global corporate structure. To prove their position, the authors state that the absolute imperative to make a profit and the imperative to continuously grow and expand (p. 130) are likely to be rooted in the institutional forms and structures of corporate behaviour.Nevertheless, these imperatives are more likely to be rooted in the morphologic logic of capitalism which is exhibited in the form of global corporations. If too look deeper, it becomes apparent that the mentioned imperatives are to throw out class societies relations with the purpose to distort current principles and beliefs of culture and civil society. Profit making and intricacy are the key goals of global corporate structure in the current world.

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The Seeds of Discouragement

The seeds of discouragement in work with y out(a)hful nation INTRODUCTION Discouragement by definition is the act of or instance of beingness discouraged, the reconcile of being discouraged or something that discourages. In other words it is simply the vox populi of despair in the face of obstacles. Young people may suffer defiant or hard if seeds of discouragement be sown into their lives specially during their tiddlerhood years. This essay ordain seek to demonstrate how discouragement preempt be used despoticly by a child and youth cargon worker (CYCW) to try to do the youths they work with increase arbitraryly.It will discuss how CYCW behaviors encourage or discourage youths by addressing the four bionomical hazards linked to the profiles of discouragement. The 10Ds of deviance will be explained and then it will further explain what the moveion of personal theories of behavior post be. This paper will conclude by tone at what the impact on estimation will be if the child or young person feels discouraged by his or her interactions with the CYCW. CYCWs argon in daily contact with children and young people and they assume a very large and important role in their lives.Gannon (1990) suggests that they interact, observe and spend a lot of prison term with them hence they know them and their ways very well. Gannon (1990) further suggest that CYCWs represent children and youth, shargon their hopes and aspirations for the future tense as mature, responsible and independent adults. A CYCW sewer use discouragement in a positive way so as to try to develop appropriate behaviors and attitudes by discouraging them from engaging in dangerous and negative activities that peck affect their amazeth, development and achievements.This tummy be achieved by focusing on transitions within their environments instead of concentrating on the negative traits of troubled children. Four ecologic hazards which are destructive relationships, climates of fu tility, wise(p) irresponsibility and loss of purpose can be used to address this. Destructive Relationships Children affected by this hazard are for example those children who are unclaimed or rejected by their families. Their needs are failed to be met by their caretakers.This usually leads children to lose the ability of being able to realize conveyful and veritable attachments with anyone. They feel like outcast and in most instances those in foster homes are moved everlastingly from one home to a nonher. Stout & Kipling (2003) suggested that those who practiced detachment effectively distanced themselves from the source of hurt, whether by shutting down, not speaking or hearing or joking and laughing about the source of pain. They end up being involved in delinquency such as stealing, drugs use and abuse and even harlotry. nigh end up having suicidal thoughts.Ackerman (2012) suggests that one of the elements of reclaiming discouraged youths is by earning their trust wher efore the CYCW can discourage this negative behavior by gaining trust and building a meaningful relationship with these children. By this they can be influential in the childrens lives, discourage them from negative activities and behaviors and correct and comment them when their behavior is unacceptable. Climates of Futility This ecological hazard consists of children who fear failure because they feel inadequate. It looks at achievement or mastery.Grose (n. d) suggests that most children like adults can be stung by discouragement and if they receive enough of it, their self-esteem takes a dive and they attempt to take fewer risks for fear of being criticized for making mistakes. These children are seen as ignorant and arrogant. A preferably negative, cynical and pessimistic approach does not work because negative discouragement by a CYCW can lead to negative futility being breed. Punishing them can also lead these children to be more tricky as boredom may be the main cause of t hem following destructive paths.They are unmotivated, accept up easily and avoid risks hence the CYCW should discourage these traits and encourage them to focus on their strengths, be creative, brutal and motivated in what they do. This can be achieved by creating non-threatening environments and having experimental activities that involve social engagement by teaching those concepts and not facts. Mentoring and teaching them accountable cooperative learning can discourage them from engaging in the negative activities they were once involved in or might get involved in as a sense of a future and purpose is created. Learned ResponsibilityThis ecological hazard consists of children who are unmanageable and defiant as they try to mask their sense of powerlessness. This in most cases leads these children to join gangs in hunt club of a feeling of belonging. Another reason for these gangs to be created is for these children to look for loop holes and go against authority. This is be cause their needs are not being met by the existing social structures. This may lead to drug and alcohol abuse, theft, prostitution and even killings. Responsibility cannot be learned because of these negative and destructive ways that would have been learnt.CYCWs can discourage these children from gangs by teaching them to become independent, self-sufficient, responsible and self-disciplined. This can help these children from refraining themselves from negative and bad ways of living as they would be obedient to authority, respect social responsibility and have self-control by having inner evaluates. Loss of Purpose It is portrayed by self-centered youth in search of meaning in this world that is full of confusing values. Many of these children end up using drugs on the path corners if they are poor or in their mansions if they are rich.Regardless of their different backgrounds and social statuses, these children find it hard to develop a sense of own value if they do not have th e opportunity to be of value to others. Instead they become affectionless, selfish, bullies and narcissistic. The CYCW should use discouragement of drugs taking and self-centeredness in order to encourage them to be caring, loyal, sharing, generous, empathetic and supportive. This in turn helps children learn to be responsible, courageous, do things for others and be hooked on helping, create attachments to other people and have empathy for the condition of those who are less fortunate. 0 Ds of deflection The 10 Ds of deviance on approaches to difficult children help us understand how a problem is viewed by adults and what exemplary responses that often follows. It shows the link between naming a problem and the ordinary responses that often follows. There are ten Ds of deviance exactly only tether are going to help explain the link between the naming of the problem and the typical responses that follow. smell at the educational theory, children are often viewed or the problem is always named as them being disobedient. The typical responses are that the child can be reprimanded, corrected or expelled from school.Argyris (1958) states that studying human behavior in schools as in organizations involves ordering and conceptualizing a buzzing confusion of simultaneous existing, multilevel mutual variables. So it may not be the case that the child is being disobedient but simply looking for attention as there might be things that would be troubling the child and they might not know how to express themselves. This is seen in children who bully other children as they usually come from broken and ignominious homes where they might have been or are being abused.Expelling the child will not help anything but instead the best response is to try to get help for the child by counseling and defend them. Redshaw (2011) suggests that from establishing a caring and nurturing therapeutic environment, focusing on developing their personal strengths, interests and talent s, providing intensive support for targeted behaviors, to ensuring that day? to? day practices around discipline and corrective guidance are focused on teaching and treating, quite an than punishment.The special education theory suggests that children are labeled as being disabled and the following responses are likely to be segregation or remediation of the child. In medieval times disabled children were seen as a curse and were usually killed at birth. Segregating the child will only further damage the child psychologically and emotionally. Instead resources at the adults disposal should be used to develop the child based on their needs and condition so that they can become independent. The folk religion states that children are labeled to be possessed by a demonic being.The response that would follow was an exorcism, chastise or the child being banished. Possession might not be the case as the child might be having psychological or behavioral disorders that require a different a pproach to cure or treat them. At times it is not necessary to label children as being possessed before ruling out every other alternative because the whole exorcism process will traumatize the child especially is it does not work. Positive Personal Theories of Behavior These theories try to explain how behaviors attributed by challenges faced by and the positive traits of the youth affect them leading them to take certain actions.Cognition esteeming labels show positive traits which the youths possess such as being strong, competent and worthy. These positive traits affect the youths positively as they get affection and attraction. They feel cherished and in turn reciprocate the feeling. They most likely get involved in activities that help them grow and develop. They are able to create attachments and hence the chances of them disassociating from the world are low since they have mentors such as the CYCWs who help shape their character on positive ways. They are nurtured and empo wered with positive skills that will help them aspire in life.Empathizing labels make them feel like they are being rejected, discouraged and frustrated. This affects them because they become concerned and they sympathize about being labeled like that. They use this for the positive as they defriend those people who bring negative things in their lines or they may be encouraged to work harder at laborious to be better than those people that discourage, frustrate and reject them. We are all different, and a lot of people believe in themselves and use this negativity to their advantage if they are in the care of caring CYCWs, mentors or guardians who will help them channel it in a positive way.On the other hand the negativity can depress, unmotivated and bring a child down because of its discouraging and frustrating manner. In conclusion assessment will become difficult if a children or a young person feels discouraged by their interactions with a CYCW. This is because discouragement will only encourage the same old behaviors to be maintained and therefore the CYCW might not be able to assess the child properly as they will however be blocked out by the child. Assessment requires creating an attachment, opening up to each other and feeling comfortable around each other.Even though assessment is affected negatively if the child feels discouraged by the CYCW, the CYCW can pick up some of the negativity in the childs behavior and manner of speaking or even by how they will be interacting. WORDS (1831) References Ackerman, R. J. 2012. Developing Resilience and Achievement Skills in High Adolescents Victory or Violence Conference. Lexington, KY, July 11, 2002. Argyris, C. 1958. Some problems in conceptualizing organizational climate A case study of bank. Administrative Science Quarterly, 2(4) 501-520. Brandton, L. K. & Brokenleg, M. 2002. Reclaiming Youth at Risk Our Hope for the Future. Bloomington, Indiana National pedagogy Service. Gannon, B. 1990. Staying san e as a child care worker. The Child Care Worker. 8(4) 10-12 Grose, M. (N. d). How to Help your Child at Sport Without Embarrassing them or yourself Our Kids. A newsletter for Parents. Redshaw, S. 2008. Meeting the needs of children and young people in care What is the ethical response? Australian College for Child and Family Protection Practitioners, Stamford Grand, Adelaide. Redshaw, S. 011, theurapeutic Residential Cre Porgram Model of Practice. Sanders, M. R. 1992. Every prove A positive approach to childrens behaviour. Sydney Addison? Wesley Publishing Company. Seita, J. R. 2006. Troubled but talented Finding hidden strengths. Reclaiming Children andYouth, 14(4) 194? 195. Stout, M. D. , & Kipling, G. 2003. primary people Resilience and the Residential School Legacy. Ottawa, Ontario Anishinable Printing Walsh, J. , & Aubry, P. 2007. Behavior management through adventure. Reclaiming Children and Youth, 16(1) 336? 339.

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Discuss how Arthur Miller suggests dramatic conflict at the beginning of the play ‘Death of a Salesman’

The beginning of any play is vital to the storyline, as it gives an audition or reader initial opinions on the characters in-personities it also gives information on the picture and atmosphere contact the play.Death of a Salesman begins with very precisely detailed stage directions. Dramatic strife is immediately suggested by the melody played upon a flute which suggests softness, dreaminess creates an almost romantic atmosphere, and this dreaminess created in sound is in personal line of credit with the towering, angular shapes representing suburban New York City. There is also a very noticeable contrast among countryside and cityscape involved in the music, as the music is telling of grass and trees while there is an indignant glow of orange on the stage. This contrast in the visual aspects of the play emphasizes any conflict between characters during the play.The theater is presented as small and fragile-seeming, dwarfed by a wall of apartment blocks which contribute to t he trapped and somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere created before there is any dialogue in the play.The initial word of the play, spoken by Linda, the wife of Willy, is said with trepidation, therefore Linda is expecting there to be a problem, and this is the first sign on conflict within linguistic communication. Willy reassures her, however Linda still appears to be anxious and is expecting there to be something wrong did something happen?. Linda seems to be very hesitant with her speech and she tends to speak carefully and delicately as if she is afraid of what her husband, Willy, is going to say to her. Willy makes a recognition to a time before the area in which he lives has changed, and when there were two beautiful elm trees this suggests that Willy has not fully adapted to the way his area has changed, this also emphasizes the contrast between the natural countryside and the cityscape.At this point Miller establishes Willy as a troubled and fairly misguided man, it appear s that Willy is a dreamer at heart, and wants to be luckyly, however it appears that Willy is mainly unsuccessful, and it could be argued that Willy may have lost his enthusiasm and had some of his dreams defile by the fact that he is now in his sixties. Linda, in contrast, displays much less intensity than Willy she is quite a dependable and extremely kind, attempting to smooth out conflicts that Willy might have encountered. Linda has a similar dream for an consider past, but has learned to forget most her longings. The fact that these two central characters have an entirely contrastive outlook on vitality is an indication of future conflict between the two of them.Another orotund conflict is between Willy and one of his sons, Biff. Conflict between these two characters before Biff appears on stage. Willy seems to deal that Biff is a lazy bum this could be due to Willy seeing himself as hard-working and has criticized Biff Willy asked if he was fashioning any money whi ch was seen as criticism in Lindas eyes. The mention of this criticism seems to have brought tension in speech between Linda and Willy Willy becomes angered due to Biffs inability to live up to his fathers expectations.There is a major conflict between dreams and reality, which are juxtaposed against each other throughout the play, and are introduced at the beginning Willy is at the prat of the hierarchy in a capitalistic world. He owns nothing, and he makes nothing, so he has no sense of achievement. Robbed of this, he develops the theory that if a person is fairly popular and has a fair deal of personal attractiveness, then all doors will automatically be opened for them. Willy built his life around these dreams. These illusions convert reality in Willys mind. He tells lies to his family about how well liked he is in all of his towns, and how vital he is to New England Im the New England man.In my opinion, the reason behind the conflict between Willy and his family is his ou tlook on life as a whole, particularly his inability to confront life with genuine integrity and faith in himself, all faith and self confidence he may appear to have is false, and his lies could arguably follow him, this is because he has the wrong perspective on the way he should be living his life and has a certain longing for things to very different, he has grown to be very unhappy within himself, and about what his lifestyle (his home, his area) has become.The beginning of Death of a Salesman, therefore, is a play in which we see a telephone number of central and significant themes being developed immediately with the help of Arthur Millers use of techniques such as setting and symbolism. These themes include inadequacy and lacking awareness of reality. The exploration of the theme of failure within a successful society is something which has relevance for those who believed in The American Dream.

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Non Verbal

I suffer sent the followers communication to my professionals through a observe and shown on the observe board Coming Second weekend to complete our objectives or the month a evaluation congregation is organized and all should be symbolise at. If any professional Is not able to be present at should find out the literal of the conference from their colleagues without fall. But my communication went wrong and out of 10 professionals, only three professionals pick up joined at 4. 0 PM who checked-in with me plenty of duration of the conference. Following were the limitations of communication which was standing in the way of my communication The Channel I save selected communication by Receivers did not make trusted the invoice of the communication was missing the Chronological context The second Weekend being a non running(a) day. The communication has designed a Psychological noise by not referring to perfect duration of the conference and misunderstandings have been designed .The social context also is virtuoso of the causes for the failing of the communication as I have not taken all my professionals into assured by providing any enhance training or a objective of the conference previously. Lessons learned in order to support over these limitations of communication My communication was iridescent by not providing actual duration of conference. The press I have used Is he move the observe on the observe panel, Instead had I distributed to all the devices and acquired their signatures by asking their accessibility or reviews my communication would not didnt work.I have selected a wrong day a holiday though the march was a schedule one. I could have managed good interaction with my professionals for success of my communication. Overcome the communication limitations when you drop out a conception, you plan to connect significance, but the concept Itself does not contain significance. The significance prevails In your thoughts and In the brain of y our recipient. To comprehend one an new(prenominal), you and our recipient must discuss similar explanations for terms, actions, style, and other signs. . Variations In detection The globe regularly bombards us with Information attractions, appears to be, fragrances, and so on. Our thoughts arrange this flow of feeling Into a mental map that symbolizes our knowing or truth. In no case is the knowing of a certain somebody the very(prenominal) as the globe itself, and no two charts atomic number 18 similar. As you perspective the globe, your thoughts takes up your encounters in a exclusive and personal way.Because your views are exclusive, the concepts you want to show vary room other Individuals regular when two individuals have knowledgeable the same occasion, their psychological pictures of that occasion will not be similar. As senders, the most appropriate and common, a process known as particular knowing. As devices, we try to rival new information into our current design. If a details does not quite fit, we are more than belike to change the important points rather than change the design. 2.Incorrect filtering Filtering is testing out before a concept is canonical on to someone else. In business, the filtration between you and your recipient are many staff, staff, receptionists, espousing to devices, etc. Those same gatekeepers whitethorn also translate your receivers concepts and reactions before touching them on to you. To hire over filtration limitations, try to set up more than one communication route, remove as many intermediaries as possible, and reduce distortions by condensing concept information to the simple requirements. . Terminology problems When you select the terms for your concept, you indication that you are a participant of a particular lifestyle or sub-culture and that you know the mold. The characteristics of your rule enforce its own limitations on your concept. Barriers also are available because terms can be considered in more than one way. Terminology is an irrelevant rule that relies on distributed explanations, but there happens to be restrict to how completely any of us discuss the same significance for a given term.To get over language limitations, use the most specific and particular terms possible. Always try to use terms your viewers will comprehend. Increase the precision of your information by using language that explains rather than analyze and by introducing visible information, activities, and conditions. 4. Inadequate listening perchance the most common hurdle to wedding celebration is merely a lack of raise on the receivers part. We all let our thoughts walk now and then, regardless of how hard we try to concentrate.Everyone is basically likely to get to sleep when they are compelled to give attention to information that is obscure or that has little immediate safekeeping on their own lifestyles. Too few of us basically do not pay interest well To get over limitations, paraphrase what you have recognized, try to perspective the problem through the throne of other sound system and avoid moving to results. Explain significance by asking non-threatening questions, and pay interest without disturbing. 5.Varying psychological states Every concept contains both a content significance, which offers with the topic of the concept, and a liaison significance, which indicates the characteristics of the interaction between e-mailer and recipient. Connections can break down when the recipient responds adversely to either of these explanations. You may have to deal with individuals when they are disappointed or when you are. An disappointed individual tends to neglect or change what the other individual is saying and is often incapable to present feelings and concepts successfully.This is not to say that you should prevent all communication when you are psychologically engaged, but you should be mindful of the higher prospective for misconception that comes with turned on feelings. To get over psychological limitations, be aware of the feelings that occur in yourself and in others as you connect, and make an cause to control them. Most essential, be mindful of the higher prospective for misconception that comes Differences in qualifications can be one of the toughest communication limitations to get over.Age, knowledge, sex, social position, financial position, social qualifications, disposition, health, elegance, reputation, religious beliefs, governmental perception, even a moving feelings can all individual one individual from another and make knowing challenging. To get over the limitations associated with differing background scenes, prevent predicting your own qualifications or lifestyle onto others. Explain your own and comprehend the qualifications of others, areas of knowledge, individualistic and views and do not believe that certain actions mean the same thing to everyone.

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Chosen business: Tesco Essay

There argon different types of reading that Tesco exercising these be Verbal data This is spoken breeding it could come from the node, it could in like manner come from Tesco if they let any promotions over the tannoy. Written schooling This is selective development that is indite in a document, Tesco uses this type of data in its leaflets, receipts and collects this discipline from customers with comment cards etc. Onscreen information Tesco eitherow use this type of information in their TV adverts so that they sack get a lot of promotions crosswise to their potential customers, they sack withal use this to show customers how good they argon comp ared to their competitors and that their products are cheaper. Multi-media This type of information is a lot of different witnesss involved in, it includes pictures, presentations, videos and eject include on screen information, Tesco does non normally use this type of information because they tend to use types o f information that they undersurface easily communicate with their customers much(prenominal)(prenominal) as verbal or written in the form of a leaflet or poster. Web based This type of information is minded(p) out or collected through the internet, Tesco bear a website that they use to communicate information on the business to their customers. Customers batch in addition give information through this by buy products online and giving reviews on Tesco. Tesco use these types of information for many different purposes, these are Updating admitledge They use information to modify their endureledge on things like what products are selling the most and which whizs have high demand, they washstand and then make sure that they supply all of these products for the customers, they ass dress this out by questionnaires etc. and also written sales figures and this allow for update their get it onledge on what products are their silk hat sellers so they can labor these. -In forming future developments They use information to inform their future developments because if they can get lots of information from their customers then they can use this to make plans for their future developments in order to make their organisation better, they can use customer feedback via written information.-Strategic direction They use different types of information in order to locate which strategic direction they are going to take, they can use sales figures and department feedback to butt against what is reservation Tesco do so well. If they come across a problem, like they do non have comely sales then they can use this information to change their strategic direction. -SWOT analysis They use both internal and out-of-door forms of information in order to see what their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. Tesco allow for use sales, customer, department, competitor and outgrowth information in order to conduct a swot analysis they get out then fin d that their strengths are having specialist market expertise because they are much(prenominal) a huge organisation they roll in the hay what they are doing. They also have weaknesses such as a large amount of competitors that could overtake them such as Asda and Morrisons.An opportunity could be the development of technology such as self-scan machines that they can use to abet their business. A threat could be how Asda is currently top of the market and this means that they hire to come up with more ideas to get above Asda. -Offering competitive insight They will use information such as market share and published sales figures from other their competitors to see how good other competitors like Asda are doing they can they use these to see what they can do better. They will also use the on-screen information such as the TV adverts to get a competitive insight because they will see what offers their competitors are doing and label to match or outdo these. -Communicating sales p romotions They use both written, on screen and verbal information in order to communicate their sales promotions, they will do this because by using more than one method of information they can get more information and better information out to their customers and it will mean that more of the customers are in all likelihood to see the promotions and buy the products.-Inviting support for activities They can use onscreen and written information to do this because if Tesco are holding a fundraiser then it is important that they can get this nub out to their customers and module so they will hand out leaflets on the activities they are holding and labor it on the television for plenty who are not coming into monetary fund this will invite support. They can also use written information such as messages on bulletin boards in the faculty room to invite support for mod technology in the business such as new ICT and then staff will be able to voice their support or non-support for this new computer software etc. There is lots of places that Tesco get this information from, these can be both internal and external Internal-Financial This is a place where Tesco can get their information from because if Tesco is doing well and generating a profit then they know that they are doing something well and may not need to change their strategic direction if they are constantly growing and generating more money. - serviceman re rises This is a place where Tesco get their information from because they can tell them if the staff are good enough to do their job for example, do they have the amend skills to do their job. Human re artificial lakes can also give them a lot of information such as training that they are giving then Tesco can use the staff for different things because they will be trained to do this.-Marketing This is a place where Tesco can get information on how departments are doing but they will also use this to give information out to their customers for e xample Marketing can advertise the promotions and create the adverts, they can also market new products that come into the business so that customers know what products exist so that they can buy them. -Purchasing This is a place where Tesco can get their information because they will get information such as if they are getting a good deal on all the products that they are buying for their stores, they will also get information such as are they having good suppliers where deliveries arrive on m.-Sales Tesco gets information from their sales because they can look at their sales figures to see what products are selling the best and what kind of products have high demand, they can then make sure that they make the most of these products and promote them more so that customers buy more e.g. Warburtons because customers buy bread very often so it is often on promotion in Tesco. -Manufacturing Tesco make their own brand products, they get information from this because they know how much it is costing them to manufacture these products, they can then put a reasonable price on the products so that they are giving their customers the best deal and they will be able to make remuneration if they know how much the product is going to cost them to manufacture.External-Government Tesco get information from the government on things like how much they can legally pay their staff e.g. minimum wage, this is important information because they can use this to not spend too much on wages if they dont need to but also to protect their staff. -Trade groupings Tesco can use the information they get from trade groupings for things like their competitors because they will be meeting with these race and can then gain more of an insight into their business and Tesco can improve to be better. Databases Tesco can use the information they get from external databases in order to booster their organisation, they can find out independently published databases on the sales of individual pr oducts that they sell. They can also get databases on how other competitors are doing so this information can help them to change their strategic direction if they need to.-Research Tesco can do their own primary research into products and their customer service to see how they are doing but they can also use external secondary research, this can be do on forum sites where customers have reviewed Tesco and they can also do secondary research from people who have already published research and they can use this. -Reliability of data sources If Tesco does a lot of secondary information then it is important that they find out how reliable to sources of the data are, if the person who took out the research is a reliable source e.g. a government source then they can use this well because they know that the information is reliable and will not mislead them but if it is from an anonymous source then it is not likely to be reliable and may be biased so it might not be the best idea to use this as it may lead to Tesco making wrong decisions.Task 2 (M1)Verbal information is an appropriate way of communicating and gathering information in Tesco because it allows for Tesco to get their information to their information to the customers quickly and would allow for Tesco to get all of their promotions out quickly and often verbal colloquy is a more persuading way of giving information and by giving the promotions verbally Tesco may be able to persuade their customers to buy more, so this would be an appropriate way for Tesco to get the information it necessarily across to its customers. The source of verbal information can come from sales, I think that this is an appropriate source for verbal information and for information in general because it comes from the customer themselves, it is normally a one on one encounter with the staff and the customer so this means that information is less likely to be manipulated because there is less people for it to go through before it can get used, so this source is reliable and valid because the information is coming direct from the customer or the information is coming outright from the seller for promotions etc.Another type of information is written information, when Tesco uses this it is normally in the form of leaflets so that they can show their customers what is on offer at Tesco, it is an important and effective way of getting information across to the customer because it means that they can read it anytime they want, even when they are not in the store they can pick up the leaflet and see what is uncommitted at Tesco. Written information allows for the customer to view the information any time they want and it allows for Tesco to get the information out to many people at once, verbal information may not be appropriate when trying to get a lot of information out to a lot of people because it is often not possible to prattle to many people at once other than a tannoy and also verbal information will onl y allow for information to be passed to people who are in the store at the time whereas written information can be given to people who are not in store.The source of written information could be marketing within Tesco, this is an appropriate source of written information because marketing has the right skills in order to make an effective leaflet that gets all of the information needed to the customer, they know from other departments what information needs to go into the leaflet e.g. what promotions are on or what jobs are available via human resources so they can then market and advertise this in a way that will attract customers to take and read the information. The final type of information that Tesco use is on-screen information, this is in the form of TV adverts and sometimes on screen adverts in store, this is a good way of getting information across to the customer about things that might be going on at Tesco e.g. new products or events that are being held.On-screen informat ion is a good way of giving out information because customers will pipe down remember what they have seen even after the advert has finished and this means they will remember what is contingency or what products there is and if people see something they are interested in then they are likely to go and buy it as a result of the on-screen information, it also allows for Tesco to run adverts even when the stores are not open, it also allows for them to advertise directly to the customer in an environment that they are comfortable with because most people watch the television at home and will be relaxed and more likely to take in information.It is reliable because it has come directly from Tesco which means all of the information is what they want to share and all the information is correct. A source of on-screen information at Tesco is the marketing department, they are responsible for advertising and marketing all new products and generally advertising the organisation. They will be able to make the information clear and lovely using multimedia and on-screen and if customers are attracted to an advert they are likely to listen and be interested, allowing for the information to be shared to the customer. Marketing is a good source of information for on-screen because they know what they are doing and have the right skills to make an effective advert that is fit for purpose.

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Market Analysis and Manufacturing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Market Analysis and Manufacturing Plan - Essay Example50% of the respondents were of the view that they consider it most(prenominal) Copernican if they have the ability to track their cargos around the world. Similarly, 50% of the respondents likewise conceptualise that they must also have the ability to know if their cargo has been taken off course during transit. Further, 15 respondents also showed their willingness to counterbalance as often as $600 if a hardware unit is provided to them which can interface with their cargos to provide them solid time location and other information (which has been sought in questionnaire). Further questions were asked as to what other go are required if hardware is provided and what cost. Most of the respondents agreed to avail a bundled package which offers hardware as well as other allied services to avail such facilities.Our analysis, based on the canvass responses, suggest that at least 50% of the trade is willing to have such a sci entific backing to help them to track their cargos during the different phases of its transit. Thus there is a great marketplace indispensability for at least the basic facility of providing hardware support to different potential buyers in the market who are willing to use fail control over their cargo during its transit in high society to minimize the losses.It has also been observed that a base harm of $600 will be an acceptable proposal of marriage for our product for sale in the market. The price figure has been decided after respondents our survey showed their willingness to pay that much amount for basic services. The base price of $600 is also fair in nature because of the fact that it is near below the average price which industry buyers are willing to pay. Since our firm will be potentially engaged into B2B marketing wherefore considering the higher bargaining power of customers, our market analysis suggest that a base price of $50 per month would be a fair quote f or monthly subscription. This price is also below the mean therefore we consider it a fair price to charge.It is also important to note that we have accounted for the inherent risk in the survey method of conducting primary research therefore a +/- 5% or 95% confidence level is assumed while analyzing the data from questionnaire.Overall, we believe that there is enough demand for this type of product and considering the various uses of ATM, this market can offer callter diversification opportunities also in order to control and minimize the overall external risk.Manufacturing Plan Our market need analysis suggest that there is an strong demand for ATM systems and market is willing to bet $ 600 for each unit to be sold to them therefore based on this healthy and positive assessment, adjacent section will present the manufacturing plan for the product. It is however important to note

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Multicultural Organizations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Multicultural Organizations - Research Paper ExampleCompetition is culmination from totally continents. Organizations be being compelled to be open to change and creative in order to prevail war-ridden. This can only succeed through embracing diversity. Modern day management entails taking supreme advantage of workplace diversity. Managing diversity remains one of the challenges facing organisational leadership. Organizational managers must fascinate acquainted with the skills necessary in a multicultural environment. The setting entails competitors, employees, partners and consumers. This paper seeks to look into the characteristics of multiethnic organizations and its competitive advantages. Inter-and intra- organizational connections are growing in terms of complexity and scope. Traditional organizational model and competence necessarily to be extended to include cross-cultural competence. Cross cultural competence becomes an organizational competitive advantage. This is transcend when an organization is operating in different cultural settings. The business environment is changing rapidly. According to Lucia and Lepsinger, the rapid change is being fuelled by cost management, downsizing and intensified competition. People are viewed as the name to organizational success. The role of people in the internationalization context cannot be enhanced without focus of a multiethnic or multicultural approach. Individual competence becomes useful in organizational models because they determine the organizational alignment and internal behaviors (Earley & Mosakowski, 2000). Individual competence leads to organizational competence. The changing realities of mean its important and seasonable to investigate the effect of managerial customs on multicultural organizations (Adler, 1991). Globalization efforts and consequent shift are demographics have created a state where multicultural organizations are to be accepted as norms. In the global environment, emplo yees are able to work in person or virtually. Globalization thrives through the creation of a digital or virtual space where people from all continents adopt a global coating in the online platform. This has brought together people of different races, ethnicity and cultures (Dodd 1998). Organizations are beginning to appreciate those conventional methods of management or business may not make much difference. Organizations have been forced to look for ideas that offer a competitive advantage. Multicultural organizations are a response to the growing need for globalization and profitability (Williams &OReilly, 1998). There are organizations where the disabled are given preference, and the voice of the minority is protected through organizational structures. A multicultural organization is heterogeneous in nature. In a global and pluralistic society, all groups in a multicultural organization must be seen to be integral parts of the organization. transformation is managed and accept ed as part of the organizational culture (Earley & Mosakowski, 2000). Multicultural organizations deal with employees as individuals with unique sets of strengths and weaknesses as opposed to members of certain groups. This minimizes generalizing and stereotyping within an organization. These organizations take advantage of the abilities and exceptional skills with an aim of developing the organizational processes. arrest groups are helpful is maximizing the benefits from the special groups within an organization. Multicultural organizations maintain their effectiveness through sacramental manduction responsibilities equitably. All employees are involved in review of the organizational practices and norms. The approach means that all employees are supportive of the organizational goals. Shared responsibility has implications of the behavior change and may require organizations to

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Close reading a poem and thesis-driven essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Close reading a numbers and thesis-driven - Essay ExampleUsing various literary devices, Dickinson follows stepwise the deadness or the feeling that is experienced when a terrible incident happens.In this poem, the emotional pain was discussed. Indeed, numbness is initially experienced in the first place one feels that pain. An illustration that can describe this situation better is the electric automobile band breaker. Excess electric current causes the circuit breaker to trip and eventually cuts off the electricity so that the connected devices ar not blown up. In the same manner, the excess anguish will trigger the emotional circuit breaker that is numbness temporarily so that we dont experience pain. The experience may be encountered by rough of us or are undoubtedly bound to be experienced some time in future.In stanza 1 of the poem, the use of alliteration has been set to emphasize a undertake aspect. For example, the f sound in line 1 and the subsequent stanzas, the s s ound is used. Heart and He sounds are tied together by H sounds. In the subsequent verses, the alliteration is also identified but sometimes only two words are used. In this poem, there is no speaker, no 1. Dehumanization of the sufferer occurs until the last two lines. In line 1, the victim is taken as the object. In this sense, formal feeling is the work on him or her. He or she is passive and bowed in a way that there is no freedom of defense during the period when pain is world subjected. The description of the sufferer is in terms of body parts in the form of the heart, the nerves, and the feet. Additionally, the gender of the victim is not revealed. One might wonder whether depersonalization is a technique of portraying the emotional numbness. In the description of this poem, I decide to give gender to the sufferer, and hence I take it to be a female. It is to reduce or technically remove the constant repetition of using sufferer or he or she. Enjambment used in