Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Affix Dictionary

A dictionary of Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms from Webster s Third newly external Dictionary, Unabridged 2002 Webster s Third New internationalistic Dictionary is now online visit for a 14-day free runnel Abbreviations in This Work The abbreviations in this list are regularized to oneness style without periods, although they may appear with periods in context, depending on whether printed in roman character reference or italics. abl acc act adj adv AF Alb substitute anat aor Arm Av biol bot cgs system chem comb. form conj contr crystallog D Dan dat dial dim E esp F fem fr freq fut G gen geol Gk Gmc Goth Hitt IE imit indic interj IrGael irreg ISV It ital L LGk light up Lith LL masc ablative accusative active procedural adverb Anglo- cut Albanian alteration anatomy aorist Armenian Avestan biological skill botany centimeter-gram-second chemistry combining form conjunctio n capsule crystallography Dutch Danish dative dialect diminutive huckster especially french feminine from frequentative future German possessive geek geology classical Germanic Gothic Hittite Indo-European counterfeit indicative interjection Irish Gaelic irregular international Scientific Vocabulary Italian italic Latin new-fangled Greek literally Lithuanian Late Latin virile MD ME med MF MGk MHG MIr ML modif n neut NL nom n pl obs OE OF OFris OHG OIr OL ON OPer OProv OPruss orig OS OScan OSlav OW part perh pers Pg pl prep pres prob pron Russ Sc sing Skt Sp specif superl Sw Toch A Turk usu var vb VL W mediate Dutch warmheartedness English medicine Middle French Middle Greek Middle High German Middle Irish chivalrous Latin modification noun neuter New Latin nominative case noun plural obsolete sexagenarian English white-haired French hoar Frisian of age(predicate) High German Old Irish Old Latin Old Norse Old Persian Ool Proven al Old Prussian ahead Old Saxon Old Scandinavian Old Slavic Old Welsh par! ticiple perhaps person Portuguese plural preposition present probably pronoun Russian Scots singular...If you fate to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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