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Disagreements amongst jewish groups in the middle of the first century b.c.e.

Theology 1000 During the middle of the first century B.C.E. umteen Jews took different stances on important ghostly matters. These disagreements mainly refer the synagogue, Torah and the Messiah. These arguments caused assorts to spurt, which were the Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes and Christians. Each group took different stances on these important matters of the time. The study way Jews tie in to God was through sacrifice, which was conducted in the Temple. The Sadducees, who were the party of upper classes, believed that Temple sacrifice was the more or less important aspect of Judaism and emphasized it the nearly of whatever other group. The Essenes, who were a group that withdrew into the desert to hold for the oddment of the world, besides believed that sacrifices were very important but believed that they were conducted by the amiss(p) priests and that they were in fact the correct priests. Their belief was that until they were restored to the temple t he sacrifices would non be effective. While the Christians, who were followers of Jesus in do-gooder wanted re stress. They felt that the Temple had become corrupt and were pass off with the way the officials were running things and wanted change. Then there were the Pharisees, who were apparitional leaders that believed in Temple sacrifice but did not regard it as nearly as important as following the Torah. Torah is the Jewish word for Law. In its final form the Torah, or Jewish cannon consisted of three parts: the Law, Prophets and Writings. The Torah was most important to the Pharisees who accepted all three parts. They tried to go down one over the Torah to every aspect of their daily biography and when they could not they rancid to Rabbis who would make decisions based on what was write in the Torah. The Essenes also believed the Torah... The content is very general with minuscule information on disagreements, an! d how the groups in charge oftened perscuted others disagreeing with them. If you want to propose a bountiful essay, order it on our website:

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