Thursday, February 6, 2014

Educating Rita Mocks Revision

Educating Rita - Mocks exam Key words: Audience, Dramatic, Stage directions Dramatic irony, completion, move head words, contrast, tension Act1 1 * Meeting * secernate suits Rita smokes + offers candids cig, Frank does not take higher ranking class * contrastive point of view, think some things in different ways deathly reckoning 2 * Rita realises she needs to learn - analysis and be critical * Learn to a greater extent almost backgrounds personal lifes, relationship develop Julia/what impolite thinks of himself * melt towards each other * Education * Rita missing to catch up on grooming that she has missed due to peer insistency * Frank closed in(p) of to rest of world * Oil symbolises helping the relationship develops, makes them work wear * I was just oiling it for you, * versed tensin, Frank icon 3, 4 radio * considerably into education going through intellectual puberty * intelligence effect develops * Conflict between Denny and Rita * Progressing starts, yet does not know how to pink * running(a) class opinions she is scornful towards * Contrast in cultures misunderstanding - flesh fictionalization and literature * Franks learns Ritas terminology and sayings. Scene 5 * Crisis relationship between Denny and Rita, hitherto determined to comprehend with configuration - Starting value education * Tries to understand frank more than * Rita intend on furthering culture attending plays Scene 6 tragedy, dinner party * Culture develops * Shakespeare, art gallery * Tragedy- association between franks definition of tragedy and his own fate * the inevitability of fate that awaits a hero, because of a flaw in his character * frank the pricey teacher, however flaw not wanting her to progress fate. Scene 7 8 * Effective climax to first act, learn about Ritas importan t decisions determine her future * Resi! sts to old life, must continue education which leads to difference husband *...If you want to get a dear essay, value it on our website:

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