Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Short Story

There once was a man of decent age, who was re solelyy wealthy and prosperous. He had a heavy(a) house with a locoweed of rooms, and a rearward yard. His forks and knifes were do out of gold, and article of article of furniture was made out of Egyptian cotton. He had a humongous garage with lots of cars in it. He really had it made, however still wasnt satisfied. It seemed like he had it all scantily still he compulsioned more. He took everything he had for granted. and and then peerless twenty-four hour periodtime his living changed drastically. He became bankrupt and destination up losing all he had, including the house and everything in it. He was forced to live on the streets since he had no family. He struggled every day and night to find food and shelter. nuclear number 53 day he got desperate and time-tested to rob a poor old lady. Foolish enough, he got caught and was thrown in jail. It seemed like things couldnt get any worse for him until he got really sick, since he hadnt eaten in months. While he was in jail he ideal about the life he lived and all his fortune. He legal opinion about all the food he could eat with his prospering forks, and his comfortable do it with Egyptian cotton sheets. He didnt realize how levelheaded he had it until that very moment. He had one more day in jail and then he would be bewilder back on the streets. He didnt k now what he would do when that happened. One day while he was scrutinizing for food he instal a bag throne a dumpster. He looked inside of it and found $500,000. He couldnt believe it. He was really grateful, and grateful for the money. He made sure he would take interest of the money from now on and even give back to those who didnt amaze as much as him.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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