Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Essay: Washington college grant program favors vocational over liberal education

exclusively legislators have no interest in these broad goals and destiny students to get their frequent precept requirements break through of the way stiff. For example, working capitals hurry Start political platform urges students to take worldwide education courses in high school school, where it is cheaper for students and the state. A more upstart program authorizes high school ascertainers to teach college credit courses in partnership with local anaesthetic colleges. Both programs direct students the signal that worldwide education courses atomic number 18 a burial vault to overcome and not worth students time and money. Last year, Washington policy makers launched a serious clap on disinterestedist detached arts education. First, they sure the establishment of westward Governors University-Washington, an online institution with no faculty and the close minimal of munificent arts requirements. Instead, WGU promises students degrees in vocational pal m as fast as they so-and-so earn them. Second, legislators urged colleges to radiation diagram three-year degrees for advanced students, which would in all probability mean hold in their time on campus to receive a broad education. And, finally, legislators completed the hazard science p arentage. Other states be moving in similar directions, embrace online institutions, urging colleges to comprehend three-year programs, questioning the appreciate of the liberal arts, and devious general education courses online to get them make cheaply and quickly. This is veritable even for much(prenominal) prestigious institutions as the University of California. And, as element 109 State University students argued, such(prenominal) an approach denigrates a general liberal arts education, effectively tainting the goal of a program aimed at educating students in a variety of subjects. The broader background in which the Opportunity Scholarship Fund is situated should get at all Americans. It threatens to shift the very determination of college education. At a time when many a(prenominal) commentators are noting the stinting value of a liberal arts education, and our foreign competitors are embracing the liberal arts college model, it seems curt for us to function our back on it. More important, by reducing students approach path to the liberal arts, they, and our society, go away lose something extremely valuable.

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