Sunday, February 21, 2016

Summary: Galileo Galilei

\nGalilelya influence on the development of mechanics, optics and uranology in the s heretoforeteenth century. invaluable. His scientific activity, the enterprise of huge importance, scientific courage were the vital victory of the heliocentric system of the globe. Galileos puddle is p cheaticularly substantial to establish the underlying principles of mechanics. If the basic laws of proceeding and non expressed Galilel with the clarity with which it did Newton, hence in middle the law of inaction and the law of assenting of crusades they were fully soundless and applied to take in practical problems. recital begins with static Archimedes falsehood dynamics opens Galilel He first introduced the estimation of ​​the relativity of motion (Galileos principle of relativity), solve a consider of major mechanized problems. These include mainly the adopt of the laws of discontinue precipitationing bodies and their f completely on an abandoned plane, the laws of motion of a body thrown and twisted at an pitch to the horizon, establishing conservation of mechanical energy of hertz of the pendulum. Galilel stabbed dogmatic peripatetic nonions of bodies is light (fire, air) in a publication of ingenious experiments, he showed that the air - severe body and even identified its limited gravity congeneric to water.\nBasis observation tower Galilel - recognition of the purpose founding of the world, ie, its existence breakside and free-lance of human consciousness. The world is infinite, he believed, publication is eternal. In all the processes occurring in temper, zero is destroyed and not generated - there is single a transform in the usual arrangement of objects or their parts. Matter is dispassionate of indivisible atoms, its motion - the only ordinary mechanical movement. heavenly bodies like the existence and obey the identical laws of mechanics. Everything in nature is survey to unbending mechanical causal ity. The neat purpose of perception Galilel seen in conclusion the causes of phenomena. According Galilelyu, acquaintance of internal necessity of phenomena is the highest level of experience. The startle point of our knowledge of nature Galilel considered observation, the foundation garment of science - experience. Rejecting attempts to lend the truth out of scholastics comparison of the texts by recognized regime and abstract philosophizing, Galilel argued that the toil of the scientist - ... this is a peachy book to study nature, which is the real subject of philosophy ( parley Concerning the Two chief World Systems ptolomeevoy and important Moscow - Leningrad, 1948, p. 21). Those who imitate blindly the opinions of authorities, not wanting to independently study the phenomena of nature, Galilel called slavelike minds considered them unworthy of the entitle of philosopher and branded as cramming doctors. However, the limited conditions of his time, Galilel was n ot consistent, and he divided up the theory of persona truth and sustain the divine initial shove.\nCleverness Galilelya not limit the range of mountains of science, he was a musician, an artist, a devotee of art and smart as a whip writer. His treatises, most of which is write in the popular Italian though Galileo had mastered Latin, skunk be attributed withal to the works of art in its chasteness and clarity and spotlight of literary style. Galileo translated from Hellenic to Latin, studied the antiquated classics and Renaissance poets (of Notes to Ariosto, reexamine of Tasso), performed in the Florence academy for the study of Dante, wrote a burlesque meter Satire on wearing a toga. Galileo - co canzone Salvadori A. On the Medici stars - the moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo in 1610.

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