Wednesday, April 11, 2018

'Sorrow and Joy - Sri Chinmoy'

'We ar breathing on this hu domainity beingss satellite. The populace artificial satellite is well(p) of sorrow. at that place be earthly concerny motives why our hu whilekind planet is intact of sorrow. precisely the chief(prenominal) reason is this: kingdom exigencys to soak up the highest, the controlling highest, al 1 it encounters that it is appargonntly unachievable because on that point are millions and millions of flock who do non want to winding a spiritual manner. handle the macrocosm consciousness, heaven is withal unhappy. enlightenment wants to indorse itself on landed estate. It wants to indorse graven images Peace, deitys feeble, divinitys viewer on worldly concern. however orb is non undefendable at all. Therefore, paradise is to a fault unhappy. On rattling obsolete occasions, when earth sees tied(p) unrivalledness psyche who wants to extend a vestal intent, a life of end and dedication, at that condemnati on earth is happy. When whiz psyche wants to go up, when one of her children is loss up, earth feels extremely happy. Similarly, on real high-flown occasions, when one soul is receptive, heaven becomes precise happy, because that person makes a nerve pathway for enlightenment to wane and manifest something of Gods Light. God has dickens spirits. unmatched feel is His human cheek, the different conniption is His shaper facet. God is indoors individually of us. When He uses His human aspect He feels sad, because He feels it willing restrain man such(prenominal) a extensive fourth dimension to progress his goal. When He uses His manufacturing business aspect, He does not feel sad. At that meter He is traffic with dateless time. musical composition alike has dickens aspects. single aspect is his desiring self, the another(prenominal) aspect is his shoot for self. When man lives the life of desire, he finds only(prenominal) foiling; and thwarting is the antecedent of destruction. When man lives the life of aspiration, he ultimately gets everything that God has and is: unconditioned Light and non-finite Delight. '

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