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Psy/285 Final Week 9

PSY/285 Elizabeth Davis November 11, 2012 Bettye Griffin I am well move, freelance, and unique. I conceive that beness well rounded means that you be non just champion way or an new(prenominal). It means you present a little bit of every thing. I see that independent means for a soul to be divulge on their witness in liveliness. It means to be sufficient to counter cargon of them selves in animation, on with an some a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) masses. I am independent not interdependent. I do not rely on others for either thing. Meaning I do not captivate garter with bills, money, school, child, car, or any other aspect in life. Interdependent means you push help from others or depend on other to do things for you.I conceptualise that self serving preconceived notion is some thing that every one has to some degree or another. I study that it is a influence opinion that enhances or widens your ego or self esteem. For me I am self bias towards my self in the f scrap that I am a very vain person. I believe I am very attr turn of eventsive meaning my self esteem is great some how I look when others ar around. Locus of control theory is where slew believe that they foot control events that can affect them. External venue of control is a person that believes the whole world is bug surface to get them, luck does exist, and that life is unfair.Internal locus of control is when a person has feelings of being responsible for the outcomes that happen in their lives. I inhabit that confirmation bias is where a person has a tendency to favor information that goes on with their own beliefs. A person does this by gathering or when they recollect information by picking out pieces of it. I work out consequently that confirmation bias is some thing that we entirely do. I write out for my self I ready selective hearing. With this I pick out what I exigency to hear from a conversation, perceive it, and use it how I want to.My exper iences that I take hold had with beliefs generating from their own confirmation read not always ended well. I do it that nothing in life go away happen exactly how you want it to. I do this all the time and plan out how others entrust react in a certain situation I am always wrong. I know that my behaviors influence my placement a lot. I simply raise my desires and actions first. My attitude or my intention only pushes my desires and actions further. Our text did suggest that there are several ways that genetics influence gender personal identity. My gender identity is influenced by my genetics because I was raised by my great eminent parents.This means I am more(prenominal) apt to take on the old fashioned ways or believing in what a cleaning woman should act or be. I think that my gender identity has been shaped by the environment that I was raised in. I think that some evidence to support this would be that I do believe that me as a woman should do the cooking and cl eaning. A woman should be married to one man in her life. A woman place in the world is behind her man. A woman moldiness be able to do what a man does and cook as hard as they can. I think that now in life that I am not at a great attempt of conforming.I know that growing up at one point or another I was influenced to conform to a great many incompatible aspects of life. I am stable in who I am and what I am today. I think as a person grows fourth-year in life it is harder to sway to conformity. I just dont feel the lack to impress or to be or act like some thing I am not. I have always had a hard time with some(prenominal) authority and as well obedience. I think that in my opinion they go consecrate and hand with each other. I think that fear of authority or the self-possession of just not wanting to both has a clear watch of wherefore the obedience result then not look.I think that the tooshie in the door technique has had a lot of influence on me doing things in my life. I think the biggest stand in the door was when I was younger and with my friends. When I would hang with them and they would start to do some thing illegal or dangerous. That means I would have a prime(prenominal) of walking away or since I am all sprightly there so why not concept. Oh, of course I have utilise the foot in the door technique on others. This is used in peer pressure situations when some one does not want to do some thing but convince them to using the foot in the door.I think that when I am in the presence of others I am very stand back and watch kind of person. I like to take in what is going on around me. I think that with or around others I know that I act with respect and honesty. When alcohol is involved that bearer that was there to just sit, watch, and be kind of shy is lost. When that is gone I am just total of confidence and the life of every one else around me. I know that no matter what group project that you get your self in to that there will always be some kind of genial leafing.I volunteer at our church a lot, and at the veterans hall we work in groups and there is always one or two great deal who I have to pick up the slack from, because they refuse to help in any way. I dont think that it will get any better in the future. I dont think that it will because I can not change other people and how they see life. Only that person can make the certain decision to change is them selves. I believe that Deindividuation is a concept that is in the main thought of as one loosing their self awareness in other groups.I think that deindividuation is where people sway into other groups other than what they would usually. It is acting opposite in a group than you would usually, that would be completely out of percentage for you. People that are in groups oer time lose their own self awareness and self restraint because of the group they are in. At this point they would loose their own self as an individual and begin more lik e the others. I think that people whom are in groups would do things that they would not on the account that the person would then be less responsible for their own actions.I think that I was influenced and have gotten in a lot of trouble in the past because of deindividuated presence of other people. I am not now though taken over in any group nor do I want to be my life is fine with out getting in trouble. I think that there are many different levels that a person can be attracted to another person. I think that at first it is the hook of what a person looks like. I think that personal things you have in common helps. I also think that being around a person for long time will increase the chance of being attracted to one another.There is so many things that can make a person attractive to me. I do know that the preference at attractor is different between each person. I think that there are many things that you can do to help sustain births. Here are some of the things that I do to help sustain a relationship is trust, compassion, compromise, and respect. I think that all of these are needed to have a healthy relationship. I think that trust is big to be able to feel at ease. Compassion is needed for your self the most to put it into the relation ship, and also to be healthy for you to have compassion towards other things in life.I would say that compromise is like picking your battles. This would come along with talking to your partner. I would also say that to have respect is both for your self as well as the other person. When I have to resolve a conflict there is just a some things that I do to help with this. I first pick a time to talk about it. I make sure not to go into talking about it when I am angry or mad. I would also take into consideration to bring in an out side party to monitor the conflict, if we can not come to a compromise or agreement about the conflict.I am glad that this row has opened my eyes to so many different views and ideas of what I need to take a look at in life. I think that it is good to know what the things are that centers around who I am and also why I am that way. I think that I have been able to change some of my views and ways from what I have intentional in this course of study. Although, I do know that even though this class has made me aware of some of my actions and beliefs, that I am just not ready to take control of and change. It has also made me aware of why others act in the way they do.I will not be so judgmental of certain behaviors or actions in the future. I am more aware of the world around me, including my self and other people who I choose to surround my life around. I loved what this class has taught me and will keep it with me in my mind and thoughts for ever. I wish that other people would take vane and learn why things are what they are. To find fence for behaviors this makes it so that maybe some time knowing why will become action to change to some thing better.

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