Friday, February 8, 2019

Comparing Social Commentary in Dover Beach, Second Coming, and Church Going :: compare and contrast essay examples

canvas Social Commentary in Dover Beach, Second sexual climax, and Church qualifying Human society has ever struggled with the conflict of cartel versus technology. Faith has ever been a symbol of order, and increasing technology has always been the scapegoat for chaste anarchy. When faith ebbs, technology or new scientific concepts are blamed. technology is a convenient target because when people lose faith in the church, science is a hard-based, factual thing in which to look at. The increasing snake pit in society can be blamed on the diminish faith in morality that has been shifted to technology. After the fall of the Roman Empire, European society was in chaos. Since no other civilizing force in which to believe was in existence, when the Roman Catholic Church made itself a organizing power, it come in up a precedent that attached itself to the mind set for the following(a) few centuries. Religious beliefs are synonymous with the calm and the peace that loose lif es turmoil. For a long period of time, there was no other stabilise force, so the Sea of Faith was the sole source for easing the waterlogged ebb and flow of human misery. Tradition has kept this view of religion popular. Still, religion itself cannot hold the attention of human society forever. Eventually, as displayed in Dover Beach, faith in religion and its structure exit come about in the light of new ideas and new human inventions. Societys faith cannot always be full because as civilizations grow individuals become to a greater extent independent. They drive to think for themselves, which causes life to become more subjective. With less imposed structure, individuals will determine that they do not subscribe to all of what their predecessors believed, and they are left hand wondering what to look for. Technology often re tails religion because it is far more tangible than the concepts of organized religion that require blind faith. It is easier to believe in something touchable. In Church Going, this attitude is examined. A wistfulness for a time when faith came easier is apparent, but there is also an awkward reverence for the ways of religion even if they are no longer believed. Once people place their faith in technology rather that something spiritual, they will find that piece of music technology is concrete, it does not provide guidance for social behavior or the human spirit as most religions do. In The Second Coming the world is spinning out of control.

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