Sunday, February 10, 2019

Graduation Speech: Leaving the Coolest Place on Earth -- Graduation Sp

When I was in heart and soul school, I thought high school was the coolest place on earth. The kids who went to high school took real classes, bid English instead of block. They study history, not social studies. And their science classes had recognizable names like biological science or chemistry, not Fast I and Fast II. They could drive they could follow through R-rated movies. They got seven minute passing periods and pop machines.The last four long time have not been one cool experience after another, like I imagined in middle school. Walking through the maze of halls on the first day of freshman course of study was a nightmare. Some of us barely survived the sophomore year slump we have how many months until step? Many of us lived on 30 minutes of sleep a night our entire junior year as we tried to proportion school work with our college search, a social life and a job, so we could pay for the car we thought was so cool in middle school. Senioritis struck many of us arou nd September of our junior year, although the pestilent has certainly worsened in the past few weeks. Our senior year has been a constant battle...

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