Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Personal Narrative: Hiking Accident :: essays research papers

more years ago when I was a freshman in graduate(prenominal) school, an event run acrossed to me that changed my life for the better. My wiz invited me to go hiking with him and his sister. He was going to go hiking in Yosemite. The following day I prepared myself mentally and physically in order to accomplish this hike. While on the road my friends sister and I got to know each other precise well. We talked virtually how we were doing in school, and many other things. As time went by we could see the mountains getting closer and closer to us. We could not wait to stand up El Capitan. When we finally arrived, we unpacked and got ready to hike El Capitan. On the means up the hike we had a great time because as we hiked up we talked ab proscribed how cool it was going to be up there on top of the world.After three hours we arrived at our first break stop. We halt at a section that was on top of the waterfall. The view was terrible and spectacular because we had never seen any thing like this. As we continued our hike afterwards several more break stops, and nine more hours of hiking, we finally arrived at the top of El Capitan. Once we got to the top the view was amazing. We could not hypothesize how beautiful it was up there on top of the world. After about half an hour we started heading tooshie down, when all of a fast out of no where I felt someone push me out of the way. A man that was in a hurry to get back down pushed me so hard, that I lost my balance and fell of a twenty foot cliff. At that moment in time I could see flashbacks of my life. After a couple seconds of falling I somehow landed between two rocks which shattered my right foot. After that happen every one that was there tried to get help besides unfortunately cell phones do not work in Yosemite, only if the man that pushed me over the cliff had a walky-talky and he called for help.

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