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Scientific Management in Mcdonald’s Operation

This is an act about scientific focusing in McDonalds operation, I regard the largest spry feed McDonalds is the most successful model on scientific management. scientific management is a branch of classical feeler Taylor said scientific management is banalisation which means muckle in arranging should be uniformed by order rules or form _or_ governing body of government which argon some written documents. Scientific management is a in truth chief(prenominal) part in management area, since look at the invoice of management. People are living in different groups such as school, factory, hospital and company etc.If there is no group to elevate passels life, whence our society wont be developed so far. But only organize deal is not enough, we overly lead to manage those batch to do their furrow to a greater extent(prenominal) than efficient. So scientific management is a system learns from previous experience. The solid ground we using McDonalds example in th is assignment, because its the largest fast food organization in the world and also it the most successful display case for scientific management. McDonalds management system is perfectly following scientific management system from producing to selling, even though McDonalds brother neer studied scientific management (Eric, 2001, p. 9). McDonalds is the largest franchising cooperation in the world, so it essential deeply understand the concept copy and standardizedization. In the substitute of the essay I would wish to write this topic with indentify quartette primordial scientific management concepts, and how they applied in McDonalds case. Also I am going to discuss quadruple critical arguments according to those four concepts. overcompensate great deal identical a machine is mavin of the concepts in scientific management. By my get understanding, this concept means letting people to do the homogeneous job again and again to maximising organizational profit.As Hawtho rne said management system of covering people like a machine buy the farm on improve the productivity efficiently. ( Campling, J. , Poole, D. , Wiesner, R. , Ang, E. S. , Chan, B. , Tan, W. , & Schermerhorn, J. R. , 2008, p 95). People conk out in McDonalds must follow its instruction to do the job, commonly one psyche in one position. People dont have to move too much steps in their make up place. McDonalds has their own Made for you system, which means they make fresh when you order.For example, when custom-built order a big mac combo, people who make nates will toast the bun and pass it on to the person who do burgers, and wrapping it up ready for the custom. People who dose fries will put it into the box, fin all toldy people who in the front counter puts all these together for the customer. Everyone in McDonalds just dose their job and pass it to the next. Each person repeatable does their own job for that shift. So tameings in McDonalds doesnt need too much skill , moreover a highly repeatable job, and this is the chief(prenominal) point of scientific management. efficient achievement of clear organizational endings is another main concept of scientific management, as Taylor said management should maximum benefits for both employers and employees (Campling, J. , Poole, D. , Wiesner, R. , Ang, E. S. , Chan, B. , Tan, W. , & Schermerhorn, J. R. , 2008, p 91 ). Therefore, employers benefit is getting maximum profit by minimal landmarks. Scientific ordering people to do the job is the essential piece in scientific management, for example, two people equally to do one project may not do it efficiently.However, if we order one person to do the main part, the other one as the supporter then the result would be more efficient. That is scientific distri exception. In another word, the managers need to clearly understand organizational goals and efficiently achieve it no depicted object what method they use. (John, 1982, p 159). In McDonalds case, their goal is making maximum burgers in certain time therefore, scientific management instead of people management is the only way to r apiece this goal. In New Zealand, more and more 24hrs McDonalds feeded in last 5 years, I remember in 2002, McDonalds in New Zealand normally open from 7am to 10pm.From 2005, McDonalds started using Made for you system this is a classical scientific system since employee must follow particular instruction making the food, therefore, this system save 80% waste compare with before. The big saving is also the sugar for the organization. In other way, this improves the efficiency of the achievement. Every organization has its own policy and procedures they are standardising and consisting the company by these policies and procedures. Policy and procedure are some written documents.Organize a small group may use people management, since there is a certain size of it to peg down however, if only use people management to manage large company li ke McDonalds wont be that easy. Scientific management will be perfectly suit large organization McDonalds is the most successful case in the management world. McDonalds find each product in certain cooking time, for example, 3 transactions for fries, chicken patty for 100 seconds, 9 pieces 101 patties each grill, and 6 for 41 patty. So every crew in McDonalds learning all these procedures by doing their job.Each of them follows the procedure and supervisory programs instruction to make sure keeping the same standard of McDonalds all around the world. The result of the costing price dropped with a massive number since people clearly follows the procedure so instantaneously custom can enjoy the same quality of service at any McDonalds in the world. People like making finish by their feelings, however, intuitions are not always right. So compare with that, dictatorial digest is more accurate and efficient in the organization. authoritative analysis is a main and key period of scientific management.The main job is the communication between analyser and customers. Back to McDonalds case, people who work in marketing department need a interrogation of whats hot and whats not of their products, and then they need to get knowledge from customers, frontline employees and some publics. So after analysis the report, they get a neat result much more accurate than just feel from the cursory experience. Nothing is perfect, even though scientific management is a majuscule management system it still having some disadvantages in some situations.Treat people like a machine is the classic sign of scientific management, personally I worked as a part timer for McDonalds for one year, I have to say this management system is groovy for efficient performance, at the mean time it makes me feel really like a machine not a human. By the way, they pay tokenish wages but actually ticklish works. So I wasnt enjoy working there at that time, thats why fast food organization like McDonalds always has high cater turnover rate because they dont treat people powerful so young people like us only go there for money and some experience. Made for you system give shift rate a big drop, but old employees still lose the old system a lot. Before MFY came into McDonalds, we feel McDonalds like a big family, we like to asking front counter people how many burger they need, and how many fries we need to prepare but now it all controlled by computer, there is no communication, no decision making and no interaction at all. Sometimes I found I lost myself, I am just a burger making machine. hotshot key concept of scientific management is write repeating work is the main responsibility of workers.It is good on keeping low cost of mistake, but people stay in the same environment and copying same working from the past. This restricts innovation and creativity from both managers and workers. McDonalds main menu hasnt been changed for over 30 years its hard for them to create new products. Also it will be a huge cost of getting a new line of new products because each product in McDonalds has its own production line such as special machine for buns, regulation on oven size, same size of patties and so on. (Kincheloe, 2002, p. 59).Standardizing is an important element of creating global brand managing big organization all around the world must keep them on same standard, and then people trust this brand. Customer keeps the company running is the base concept for any business. Keep good standard is the most important guarantee for the company however customer may get tired of eating same food in a long term period. Policy and procedure are two key things to keep the standard of the company, good policy and procedure will reduce cost and mistake, but also decrease employees skill development and regulate them to know more inside McDonalds.This could make people unsatisfied with their job. (Pica vet, 2009). Since McDonalds opens everywhere in the w orld, each country has different culture and background, too much policy and procedure will restrict their development in certain countries. Systematic analysis is doing well in McDonalds case its a great idea in management. Things are always good and bad, imperious analysis gets information and after select useful information it makes result. From apprehension point of view, thats more accurate than experience management.In contrast, people who become manager levels depend on their experience more than the qualification of systematic analysis. Business is a real world, it is a real practise. So sometimes manages make decision from their past experience are more efficient. This essay is around scientific management concepts and how it applies in McDonalds operation. Scientific management is a system using data analysis and institute a scientific production line to get maximum profits for both employer and employee.The essay introduced four main concepts of scientific management including treat people like a hand rather than a people Focus on efficient achievement on clear goal standardising through policy and procedures and using scientific analysis rather than intuitions. The nett part of the essay I discussed four arguments based on those four concepts, it shows both advantages and disadvantages in real life. Reference Campling, J. , Poole, D. , Wiesner, R. , Ang, E. S. , Chan, B. , Tan, W. , & Schermerhorn, J. R. (2008). Management (3rd Asia-Pacific Ed. ) Milton, Queensland John Wiley & Sons. Eric, S. 2001). abstain food nation the dark side of the all American meal. capital of Massachusetts Houghton Mifflin. John, E. K. (1982). Scientific management, job redesign, and work performance. London New York Academic Press. Jonathan, R. t. ( 2005 ). constitution theory and public management. Belmont, Calif Thomason/ Wadsworth. Kincheloe, J. L. (2002). The sign of the burger McDonalds and the culture of power. fall in State Temple University Press. Picavet , E. (2009). Opportunities and pitfalls for ethical analysis in operations research and the management sciences. Omega Dec 2009, Vol. 37 Issue 6, p 1121-1131, 11p.

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