Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Institution of Slave Trade Essay -- Caribbean History Slavery Cult

The Institution of Slave TradeThe institution of slave transaction and the actual experiences of sla truly that occurred in the Caribbean were to form a monumental crock up of that regions culture, society, and everyday interactions, both in the past and in the turn in. The culture that is present today in the Caribbean is the head of many different influences varying from those introduced by ruling colonial countries, to influences that the slaves stressed, and even from brand new colonies being developed. The divers(a) and multifaceted culture that is present today is a direct result of the institution of slavery. The reason that forced all of these cultures to become intermixed and entangled was a result of slavery, but more specifically a result of the phylogeny of the sugar plantation. With the increment demand for sugar and its various by-products, like molasses and rum, development in Europe so came the demand for more plantations. Obviously with the growing demand for plantations, came the growing demand for a labor force to blend in these plantations while still producing a profit for the owners. This really left however one option for these owners and that was for the introduction of the reading of slave labor. Pirates that were supported by these European imperialistic countries began to work in the trade of slaves from India and Africa to the Caribbean, to begin operative in the fields. These pirates role in helping the country that they were tied to was very simple, and that was to attack only those trade ships that were of a rivaling country from there own. This practice not only ensured the slowed or diminished growth of rivaling countries, but as well aided in boosting the economy and thereby the power of their own country. ... ...d to the impertinently freed Afri smokes. This extreme racism by these plantation owners made it very catchy if not impossible for the freed slaves to purchase any land with which to produce sustenance for their day to day living. Even though the institution of slavery is what brought to the highest degree the rigid social and racial class separations in the Caribbean, it would take some(prenominal) more then just the abolishment of that institution to dissolve those distinctions. some of those social hierarchies can still be seen today. Despite these separations, the culture and society of the Caribbean still remains one of the about diverse and colorful that can be found. Each of the small pieces of beliefs, cultures and practices that were brought over during slavery have organize together to make a beautiful and ornate mosaic that is among the most rare of social cultures. This is the Caribbean.

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