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Explain Possible Influences On Dietary Intake Essay

health FactorsThere atomic number 18 m any health patterns that end in proper(postnominal) nutrient needs, and influence what people fuck and squirt non run through. It is important that people curb a healthy forage, and get the needful nutrients, nut it end be complicated when you keep to stay a vogue from trusted fodders like argufy regimen to maintain a balanced diet.Diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus is a condition where the endocrine insulin is not being naturally do by the pancreas, is being made in small gets or is not being used mighty by the body. If left untreated, the most sever type of diabetes would lead to reliable death because of the lack of glucose in the cells and vital organs. Type 1 Diabetes is the little austere form of diabetes which is N juvenile-onset diabetes (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus). Type 2 Diabetes IDDM is treated with insulin which potentiometer be treated with insulin injections, unlike NIDDM which apprise be treated either just by the individuals diet or with diet and tablets.Coeliac ailmentThis is having intolerance to gluten, which can be imbed in wheat, barley and rye. Gluten causes the immune system to guess antibodies, which attack the lining of the bowel. E This can have an effect on the bodys ability to absorb nutrients from food, and can lead to genus Anemia and osteoporosis. It also can increase the risk of bowel cancer.The symptomsAbdominal b some otherationDiarrhoeaConstipationBloatingFailure to gain weight in maturenessAnaemiaPeople who suffer from coeliac disease need to exterminate all foods that have wheat, rye, and barley in them from their diet. Gluten-free products argonsold just they are quite expensive. If a soulfulness has been medically diagnosed with coeliac disease some gluten-free products can be obtained on prescription. Food lists can be obtained from Coeliac UK.Irritable Bowel syndromeIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a condition where the function of the b owel is disturbed, causing abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating and either constipation or diarrhoea, or both. barely, through examination there is no found business in the bowel. The cause of it is unknow, save the nerves in the gut has been found to be everyplaceacting, and some individuals can palpate certain foods that cause their symptoms. sometimes IBS can lead to diarrhoea caused an infection. any(prenominal) people discover that they have these symptoms after taking antibiotics, which kill the normal unharmed bacteria that is in the bowel. There is a mount of varied advice that has been topn to people with IBS, but the best thing to do is experiment with the diet to try and capture step forward which foods will make the condition worse, and stay away from them. milk sugar intoleranceLactose is the natural sugar that is in milk. This tolerance is very common and can be mild or severer. Children who are lactose intolerant do not produce lactase, which is an enzyme that breaks checkmate lactose into glucose and brain sugar before it is absorbed during digestion. Children who suffer from the server form of this condition start come to the fore it hard to put on weight and suffer from diarrhoea. This happens because the lactose ferments deep down the bowel, which causes bloating.Food allergySome people are allergic to certain foods. A food allergy is sometimes confused with food intolerance but it is a lot more serious. An allergic reaction can be severe and life-threatening. Nuts, eggs, soya, and wheat are common allergies in adults. However any food can cause allergies.SymptomsHaving contact with the food that you are allergic to, can lead you to show the following signs and symptoms within minutes/hoursItchy mouthSwollen lips, mouth tongue and/or pharynxRashWheezingVomiting and/or diarrhoeaRed itchy eyesSome people can develop a severe reaction called anaphylactic shock, which is rare but can be fatal. The symptoms can develop all ove r the body, causing swelling, a rash (hives), sack of consciousness, low teleph mavin line pres for certain and breathing problems. It is vital that every bowel movement is made to prevent the person from being given the food that causes this reaction. Anyone who is known to have a severe food allergy should be confident(p) an Epipen, which they should carry with them at all times.Loss of ability to yield one by oneSadly some people are uneffective to independently provender themselves, either throughout their lives, or following and accident, leading to paralysis, or the increase of a debilitating condition. Another reason could be that they cannot consume food through the mouth and have to be provide through a tube. If some degree of a patients independence can be maintained then it should be, because there are a wide range of tools that can used to aid people who are struggling to feed themselves. Some of these tools include a wide range of handled pick outlery, plate guards and non-slip mats. Another way of maintaining a service substance abusers independence would be to cut their food up into manageable proportions.Sometimes it is impossible for an individual to feed themselves. Which whitethorn be due to a cognitive impairment, like advanced dementia, where the person cannot recognise that there meal has arrived. Whatever the reason may be for requiring full support when eating and drinking, it is vital that the service users meals are served while they are still hot. The service users should not odor like they are a burden or feel like they are being a pain, so you should create a relaxed situation, where they can enjoy the meal. Some people need to be fed through a tube. This is usually due to problems with digestive system. Swallowing issues, known as dysphasia, can cause a person to frequently choke, or find in difficult to maintain a healthy nutritious diet. A stroke or cancer of the oesophagus can cause this dysphasia. dietetical habi tsMeal patternsMeal patterns are about the way a person takes their food made. Some people prefer to have three meals a day. However, there are many contrasting variations. Some families eat together, but in the busy world that we live in people are eating fast food, and microwave meals.SnakingEating in between meals, which was one time opposed, is now the norm in the UK. If the snacks were healthy foods like fruits. However, snacks and sweets usually are usually high in fat, salt and sugar. Those who eat a lot of junk food significantly increase their risk of obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease as they get older.Personal tastes more or less people have a preference when it comes to food and very hardly a(prenominal) people like every food that if offered to them. Some people look at that eating animals is wrong and prefer become vegetarians. Some people go even further and become vegans who dont eat any products that come from animals.Food availabilityAnother influen ce on the diet is the food can be purchased. It is important that healthy food is for sale or you would just start to eat junk food solely because it is in the house. People who live in their own houses, which are unable to cook or shop by themselves, would need to make sure that the food and drinks that they would need to buy are available when they are needed and wanted. Lunchtime can usually be provided by the local meals. eager meals are delivered daily. The food should be kept above 63C to prevent food poisoning. It is less of a risk to keep the food hot than to reheat it, however if the food is being reheated after cool down down is still must be hot in the middle(a) of it. For other meals the service users may be able to manage them by themselves as long as the food is in the house. A substructure care assistant or a relative or a neighbour for help.LifestyleEating at homeEating at home means that you can have complete control over what you eat. Cooking with from raw ing redients will highlight the bad things that you are put into your body which may make you want to eat healthier. Research that was carried out in 2006 which stated that the British public spent 1.9 billion on ready meals and 30% of adults in the UK eat at least one ready meal a week. In 2008 a Tesco survey was carried out in 2008 on home cooking, which was then reported to The Daily Telegraph, ascertained that people in the UK were cooking more foreign foods than traditional British foods.Social eating and drinkingAccording to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the amount of money that is spent on eating outside the home has forked between 1992 and 2004. The risk of regularly eating out is that the temptation to eat fatty and salty foods is there, which can be eaten in moderation. The Food Standards elbow room website give advice and information on making healthy choices.Exercise/ military action levelsPeople who take part in demanding actives will have different needs rega rding their dietary needs. Athletes usually have their own personal dieticians to give them advice on what diet is appropriate for them to stick to. The international Conference on Foods, Nutrition and Sports in Lausanne (1991) decided that the following nutrient intakes for most sports 60% -70% of calories in the diet form carbohydrates.12% from proteinThe remainder (19-23 per cent) from fat moment that eating a diet that is high in carbohydrates, and is low in fat and protein, than the average. Carbohydrates are important for athletes, because it gives them fuel. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles, and are released slowly during exorcise. It can be broken down easily to give the athlete energy, but in small amounts. The otherimportant element of the diet for athletes is fluids. Water would usually suffice, however for dull amounts of activity isotonic and hypotonic drinks are useful to help fixture up the process of the transportation of water to the b loodstream.BibliographyLevel 3 wellness and Social care

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