Sunday, March 24, 2019

Labyrinth and Star Wars :: Movies Essays

Labyrinth and booster cable WarsIt is amazing how in many stories a group of the most unlikely characters can get the better of the most impossible odds. The battle of good vs. evil is reenacted in kB upon thousand of movies. A lot of the times in these movies the group of heroes consist of truly ordinary or odd characters, those who seem to possess fewer heroic traits. As seen in the movies Labyrinth and the first made lead-in Wars, a group of small and seemingly powerless characters can get well great evils.The movie the Labyrinth tells a story ab by a group of unlikely heroes trying to make their way though a maze in order to defeat the Goblin King. The story starts out with the main character Sarah whom, without even realizing it, wishes her baby brother to be taken way by Jareth the Goblin King. He tells her that if she wants her brother back she leave have to make her way finished the labyrinth and to the castle beyond the Goblin City. She altogether has 13 hours to complete the seemingly impossible task or her little brother toby jug will be morose into a goblin. While making her way through the twisted and unfading maze Sarah runs into many weird characters. The first person she encounters is Hoggle a very untrustworthy dwarf whom is under the influence of Jareth. He is selfish and does things only if there is something for him to gain. He betrays Sarah many times throughout the movie, but in the end he proves himself to be more than a traitorous coward. Ludo is a yeti and despite looking vicious is a gentle and lovingness monster. Ludo also has the power to control rocks. Sir Didymis is a loudmouthed, but noble gymnastic horse who displays his valor throughout the movie. The four heroes manage to fight their way through the perilous labyrinth. The Goblin King Jareth is defeated and Sarahs brother Toby is saved. Though the characters in this movie seemed to be nothing more than ordinary, and if not odd, they fought their way through lab yrinth and conquered an entire army of evil goblins and their king. (Labyrinth 1986)Star Wars also tells of a similar story the most unlikely make up of people can stop an entire evil empire. The movie begins with Princess Leias capture by the evil empire. In an attempt to save herself and her delegation plans, she sends two robots, R2D2 and C-3PO, to deliver a message to the illusive Ben Kenobi.

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