Sunday, March 3, 2019

Lecture Summary

The lecture is about trade congestions, which is one of the major problems in the UKs expatriation system. The lecture consists of 2 main points which are, firstly, the effects of the congestions and secondly, how the British government have tried to mention the problem by creating the Integrated becharm Policy. The first point make by the lecturer is that overcrowded roads have its effects. First of all, they affect in a flash in the countrys economy, as all the lost meter have its repercussion decreasing the productivity.Similarly, the pollution affects the local and global environment. In addition to this, has a detrimental effect on public health. In order to solve this problem, the lecturer states that the British government created the Integrated Transport Policy. They carried out a consultation and find out that the improvement of the transport system was not very successful and people prefer to implement their own car. Finally, the lecturer moves to explain some succes sful measures that the government potbellyonical with the purpose of reducing congestions.One of the measures was to enable some fast lines in the motorways for cars with more(prenominal) than one occupant. The other one was to charge car user to collar access to the city centre from London. Both of the measures were successful and the money that they discombobulate from the congestion charging was invested in improving the public transport system. To summarise, the lecturer affirms that the exceed solution to the problem of overcrowded roads is to implement some small measures to from each one specific problem, instead of trying to one big solution which can solve all the problems.

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