Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Teaching of Saint Gregory Essay -- Christology, God, Creation

A. The pedagogics of Saint Gregory contains many theologically concepts as God and Creation, Christology, adult male Sin and salvation, eschatology and resurrection. Owing to the limited space, I will only look for some key elements which I think are worthy to be discussed.First, Gregory depicts the Gods attributes it begins with the faith of Trinity- God created the world and pityingkind, the Son relieve humankind and the Spirit sustained the world (259, 263, 362). There is no unrivaled before God and there is no creator (259). God is recondite and almighty (259, 366). God created two kinds of creatures visible (the creatures in the world) and invisible (angels, embroil the evil Follower behind) (262, 278). Second, man was created in Gods imagewhich gave man rational mind and independent will so that man will be aware of God. (273), praise God (261) and spirited in a good life with God. (Enochs life 294).Third, in Christology, Gregory emphasizes the incarnation of the So n is not a sudden idea, not a phantom (402) but an eternal redemption plan of God. All the prophecies was foreshadow Christ (342) and concerning Christ (377). Gregory skims the life and teaching of Jesus but emphasizes oftentimes in Christs close and resurrection. Jesus humbled Himself to the indignity of death (385, 587-595), came to bridge the separated, to build up what was destroyed (591). In Gregorys view, the move through of Christ is the anti-type of the tower of Babel. The tower stands for scattering, represents Gods wrath of humans sin the cross stands for gathering that Jesus redirects people support to God (584, 585). With the promise of Gods spirit dwelling in the believers, Gregory further insists the Martyrs live and intercede for men (596-597) which ... ...however, find a glint to solve the problem of illiteracy. Armenians is the only nation who maintains Christianity as the national organized religion to recent decades. Reasons for success are many, like a d istinct geography, recurred prosecutions, and the martyrs joined with national pride could be the dominant factors but also, the book of Teaching of St. Gregory is definitely a significant reason to keep the Armenians faith in the long history. Its non-difficult, comprehensive, systematic way explaining Gods demand, humans sin & responsibility, Gods protection with whom in prosecution furnish reason, strength and faith for Armenians to live their lives faithfully. Another important thing the church service can do is to adopt new technology, A-V computerized aids to polish the traditions of Christian faith and provide a fresh expression of Christianity to our neighbours.

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