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Architecture as Functional Buildings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Architecture as Functional Buildings - Essay ExampleIt can be fictitious that the contraventions ar not l unitarysome(prenominal) because of the amicable welfare and expectations for an orphans asylum. More important, there is a sense of difference because of the social and cultural ideologies and how this is represented through available resources and expectations within the orphanages. The concept of architecture as only a functional building is one which is often acknowledged by those looking at the bodily structures for social welfare. However, it is also noted that architecture means something when looking at the social welfare of individuals within a country, economic structures, governmental expectations and philosophies which are held by those who are building the different pieces of architecture. The concept of architecture is one which becomes redefined not only as a building used for functions or assistance. Instead, it is one that consists of a fable of life that i s associated with the community. The philosophies of a specific architect are based on representing the metaphors so it best serves the project of the building while reflecting the values that are associated with the culture (Leach, 1997 17). ... The front carries a middle pond, grass and frolic areas for the children that are in the orphanage. The home is residential, meaning that the care takers live with the children and also have a room within the orphanage for complete care (Rita Home, 2011). When looking at the home, it is noted that there is a zest to create a home like atmosphere. The slanted roof tops, windows in the front, bright coloring and the accents with grace and other looks all add into the home like aspect that is important to the culture. The exterior landscaping, including the central pond and the trees, were known as important for residents to help with cooling the area and offering practical solutions to those living in a residence. This is combined with the brightly colored walls that are in both the interior and exterior of the building. These are all common attributes of the traditional looks of architecture in Malaysia, specifically for residential home areas (Tan, 1994 5). The master(prenominal) concepts of the orphanage in Malaysia are compared to the Monte Pio in Australia (see Appendix B). The first concept noted with this is with the main layout of the buildings. A separate assembly hall, laundry area and dining room and dormitory are within the main property. This is combined with a main area used for the lessons and needs of the girls that bear oned in the Monte Pio school. This allowed all the activities to remain separate while the girls were staying in the orphanage. The structure was followed with the ideas seen through the layout, such as with the toilet block. Similar applications of lines and structure are seen in the laundry room, assembly hall, dining area and other interior areas. The main draw near was to cr eate order, structure

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