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Drug Addiction Essay Example for Free

Drug Addiction testThis essay allow for enlist the main points for an addict and will serve as a return for an addict or family of an addict. Addictions ar very chancy for a psyche, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. There three main points to an dependency, the authentic dependence and the symptoms, the addiction speech rhythm (downhill spiral), and how to treat or where to treat an addiction. This essay will hopefully out filiation the main points for an addict and will hopefully serve as a guide for an addict or family of an addict. Addiction Addiction is defined as an over lend virtuosoself of any affection that sorts the natural chemical oddment of the brain.Most addiction specialists agree that addiction includes biological, psychological, and behavioral factors. There be many opinions as to what causes an somebodyistic to become susceptible to medicine addiction. Many believe there are underlying physical and genial issues that contri bute to d eveloping an addiction. There are many divers(prenominal) causes of addiction. Regardless of how or why an addiction began, there is a definite cycle of addiction that many individuals get trapped in. This addiction cycle is often referred to as the downward spiral.Breaking the addiction cycle gutter be a eagle-eyed and difficult process, depending on the nature of the addiction. There are many different types of addiction. An addiction can be developed by anyone it is non reserved for certain personality types, social standing, or career fields. The lift out defense and recovery tool against addiction is education. Individuals caught up in the addiction cycle often yield to hide or disguise their addictive behavior. They even try to hide the addiction from themselves. There are certain types of behavior that can assist a loved one or family member in identifying drug addiction.Once the drug addiction is identified, it is alpha that someone confront or intervene with the indi vidual suffering from the addiction. Drug Addiction Cycle A cycle, simply put, direction something that goes around and around wish the wheels on a bike, or a brightly painted carnival carousel. Cycles can be a confirmative thing much(prenominal) as the annual review and raise that one mightiness vex at work, or they can be negative. When is a cycle a negative or dangerous pursuit? When it threatens to destroy a quality life. If the Earth does not take a crap snow and rain in the winter season, it dehydrates and is parched in the summer.It starves and so do we. If the wheels on the bike stop moving, the bike and rider fall over. If an addict cannot break promiscuous from the destructive and life threatening patterns of drug and alcohol addiction, they and/or others may suffer and die pick uplessly and harshly. The cycle of drug addiction never has a positive outcome and all efforts should be made to achieve a healthy, productive and long-term recovery from this grubby and sinister downward spiral. To recreate a new pattern of living from a torn racetrack will be the greatest and most empowering inner expedition an addict will ever encounter.The initial step is to truly want itso sincerely that a person can think of unretentive else other than getting clean. It may be for oneself, a loved one or better even so a combination of both. Unfortunately, the reality of the addiction cycle and breaking free from its grip, is not that uncomplicated. Breaking free can be a very difficult process with occasional periods of personal let down, but this fact cannot in any way be allowed to discourage those seeking freedom from drug addictions. A persons body, in almost every aspect of its being, is addicted when one is a batty to chronic user and abuser.The nervous system, brain, and muscle tissue are all living in expected value of the next high. So, for the addict, it is crucial that the cycle of behavior, is broken. The addict needs to pull up the anchor t hat keeps them from moving forward. This means changing environments, patterns and even sometimes friends and social associates. Once an addict has made the personal commitment to change old habits, the next step is to establish new, safe and positive influences in their life. These can be make up in quality support groups, hospital warmness abuse centers and drug rehab centers.No matter what the setting, it is key to be around strangers. Being in proximity to familiar places and people may promote the inclining to fall back into old thoughts and behaviors. Of the aforementioned options, private drug rehabilitation retreats seem to be gaining popularity, in part, due to the impressive success rate they boast. What parents should ac be intimateledge or so drug addiction Drug and substance abuse among children, especially teens, is substantial. According to the most recent statistics available, (http//www. nationalyouth. com) 1. million of our youth age 12 to 17 meet the diagnos tic criteria for dependence on drugs and approximately 1 million of our American youth (http//www. drugabusestatistics. samhsa. gov/) are being treated for alcohol dependency. Although these statistics may be surprising, there are many things that parents can/should know about the prevention of drug addiction including how to recognize the signs/symptoms of drug/alcohol addiction and what they can do to help their child once a problem has been recognized. Studies ease up shown that parents are often the first line of defense in the prevention of drug addiction.Numerous public service commercial announcements advertise parents as the anti-drug. Parents need to go out that ignorance is not bliss. Parents need to be well armed with the facts on prevention and treatment. Parents need to spend quality time with their children and be open to discussions on drugs and alcohol. Parents need to know who their childs friends are, where they are exhalation, what they are doing, etc. Parent s need to make their expectations very clear and establish that they will not tolerate drug use of any kind. If all of these factors are utilized, children will be less promising to use drugs.It is overly important that parents educate themselves about the types of drugs currently available. Although some of the standard drugs (drugs that may start out been popular succession the parent was a youth) are still around (marijuana, LSD, etc) there are also a number of new drugs that are very popular with todays youth such as the inhalants (huffing). Conduct research on the Internet or attend a local confederacy meeting regarding substance abuse. There are three categories of substance abuse Use The occasional use of drugs without developing tolerance of withdrawal symptoms when not in use.Abuse The continued used of drugs even while knowing that the continued use is creating problems socially, physically or psychologically. Dependence Where three of the following factors must be pr esent the substance is taken in large amounts over longer periods of time their child has an complete(a) desire for the substance and has been unable to control their use child may suffer from repeated periods of alcohol addiction or detoxification child continues to use even though the substance is causing problems and the child takes more of the substance in order to relieve any withdrawal symptoms they may be experiencing.It is important for parents to note that different substances lend themselves to different groups of drug addiction symptoms. In all cases however, the most visible symptom is a radical change in behavior. If a parent suspects that their child is abusing drugs, consult with a personal doc or pediatrician, an educational consultant whose expertise is this area, an addiction therapist or a drug counselor. These professionals will help the parents assess the situation and seek the proper addiction treatment.How to Find a Drug Rehab amount of money The first step is to contact a Doctor or a health professional. They will be able to point a person in the direction of a good drug rehab center. It is important that they be consulted with since they know the person and a bit about their history. They also might know and understand the addiction, and therefore be able to direct the addict to a drug rehab center that can add to specific needs. If this option does not work, try to talk to local authorities that deal with drug addiction treatment.Most places that deal in mental health or in health practices will know exactly where to find good drug rehab centers. Free clinics and walk-in addiction counseling go, will have a lot of information regarding drug rehab centers. Another place to look for drug addiction treatment is the Yellow Pages. Researching on the internet might get you more information about the drug rehab centers a person is thinking about going to. There are also many online drug rehab referral go that can assist a people in mak ing a decision.No matter how a person goes about finding a drug rehab center, there are important things that have to be kept in mind while doing so. Does the rehab center deal with this particular drug addiction? What are the costs and are they affordable? Is this particular facility covered by insurance? Is it covered by Medicaid? In addition, keep in mind that there are many state and government drug rehab centers that are available at no cost. These might be a big help as the cost of recovery is expensive.Another very important thing to keep in mind, are the services that the drug rehab center provides. Do they have in patient services as well as out patient services? Do they have counseling sessions that one can attend afterwards the in-patient treatment is completed? Do they have information that they can give the patient/ family to read, and do they have any services for the addicts family and loved ones? Make sure to find out about the staff to patient ratio, and how much t ime is going to spent at the drug rehab center.Most importantly, one should seek a drug rehab center where one can feel safe and comfortable. An addict is going to make the most progress in a place where they feel at ease and can be themselves. Recovery is a long and hard road, and if it is done in an environment where a person can feel the most comfortable, and just be themselves, they are going to be the most successful. acquire help for an addiction is something that is not easy, but a drug rehab center is a place where it might all seem to be a little bit less difficult.

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