Thursday, April 25, 2019

Effects of Entire les Murs On Traditional French National Identity Essay

Effects of total les Murs On Traditional french National Identity - Essay ExampleThis report stresses that soul who views this plastic film for the first time may be obliged to have a negative attitude towards French civilization due the fact that pupils are a force to learn it at schools. The fact that this instructor enjoys French does not mean that everybody will like it and unsuccessful person to understand that will cause someone who might have been willing to learn the French culture to have second thoughts about it. If a certain pupil does not understand this language, then definitely he/she will assume that their culture is not that pleasing as well hence dislikes it. This paper makes a conclusion that the Entre les murs is a candid representation of the French education system that has its guiding rules from the western ideas. However, these ideas have caused problems by affecting opposite cultural groups without taking into consideration their rights. Although publ ic education is free in France and it has been every citizens right to memory access it, the way it is made available violates other peoples culture and rights. This is because the education system is public centralized and incorporates requisite French language classes that are not liked by many. This film widely focuses on ethnicity and the failure of the French education system to incorporate other peoples ethnicity into their system. If that were not possible, then the education system would label to avoid making the French culture compulsory to foreign students who were interested in learning in France.

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