Friday, May 31, 2019

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Matt B2/14/05PY129Persuasion PaperHello, woman who sits in the front of the class. I may not have your name, but I do have some unfortunate news for you. You should never go come to the fore with me. We all know it would have happened. Everybody knows whats on a womans mind, and how could I not notice things like the way you stare at me in class, its barely so distracting. Im just trying to stop this very attractive problem before its too late. This paper will save you from years of therapy and gallons of Ben and Jerrys cookie dough. Dont feel bad, its not you, well actually it is but you stack still choose from the other 10 guys in our class who mysteriously all sit in a circle around you I just dont think things would work out between us. I believe that I have a pretty good idea of what figure of a person you are from being in your logic class and never talking to you once. Our close and personal relationship gives me insight to who you are, and why we arent right for each ot her. First, your too predictable and boring for me, second, your not willing to turn, and third, I dont think you could satisfy me.Variety is the spice of spiritedness Mix things up a bit. You sit in the same seat every day, who does this? Dont you ever wonder what it feels like to sit somewhere else? I wouldnt be able to stand that kind of compliancy. Another testament to your predictability, is the fact that you never have a story to tell most how your weekend was. This means either one of two things. 1) You do nothing on weekends. Your idea of fun is watching the Lifetime channel. You go to Six Flags and savor such rides as Teacups, Ferris wheel, and Dirty bench by the hotdog stand.2) Just the opposite. Maybe you frequent S&M clubs or rob orphans on the weekends. whatever it is, it probably makes the baby Jesus cry. You disgust me.So start enjoying the finer, more fun things in life. Until then, though, I just dont think your set up for my kind of excitement.You most likely do a variety of things, or have some qualities that are unattractive to me, and you are also unwilling to change them. I know this because of our many interactions together, where you have revealed to me your deepest secrets and habits.

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