Monday, May 6, 2019

Problem solving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Problem resolution - Essay Exampleerience and judgement bias, facilitates easy assessment of situations, and allows the management to remain on the right compensate of organisational goals (Wilson 2000). There is a need to solve problems so that decisions dissolve be made effectively.Young individuals betwixt the age group of 16 and 24 years argon valuable resources for a nations future. They are oftentimes overlooked instead of offered community support system to foster creativity, productivity and development. There is a misconception that youths are essentially bad whereas research indicates that (Godwin 1998) adolescents and youths of today come under much pressure from society such(prenominal) as stress, fast-paced lifestyles, responsibilities at home, emotional upheaval, victimisation, and associate pressures. This is why young people today more than than before tend to engage in drinking alcohol, violent crimes, promiscuity, and offences against the law. The widespread risk behaviours have essential a generation of young delinquents who require extensive help from the community. Some of the risk factors include neglect of education, poor parenting and drugs problems according to Adamsons report on youth crime (2003).The problem of youth risk behaviours can be analysed by using the Fishbone diagram (Wealleans 2001). In the following diagram one can remark that youth risk behaviours are caused by individual attitudes (man), poverty (material), lack of education (machine), poor parenting (management), and peer pressure and lifestyles (environment). These causes also have sub-causes such as the need to be recognised or to breakthrough excitement lack of education whitethorn be due to dropping out of schools poor parenting whitethorn be due to absent working parents or belonging to single parents and peer pressure may include victimisation or gang bullying. As a result of these causes and sub-causes, youths engage in the preceding(prenominal) risk behaviours (effect).The Fishbone technique, a part of the cause-and-effect group, involves the identification of

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