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Value of Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Value of Music - try out ExampleMusic listening is such(prenominal) an involve manpowert that facilitates a healing environment. Music allows people to adjoin their emotions with themselves and gives them a feeling of self-awargonness which leads to a better life overall. Music is a safe, cheap and easily use tool for helping people to manage pain, confusion, and other such issues that are wrongly interfering in their lives. Music sure female genitals lead to an emotional response and arouse certain emotions in a mortal however, it can also form emotional habits in a person and when he listens to a certain physique of music his emotions do not need another stimulus to arise. Aristotle wrote about this phenomenon in these words by music a man becomes accustomed to feeling the right emotions (Marshall, 1953, p. 229). If music is employ in healing environments it would prove to be helpful and would assist in the promotion of genial as well as physical health. It is said that music is a universal language that allows understanding among contrastive cultures similarly, music is also a universal language within the body and it leads to better living (Gardner, 1990). some(prenominal) genres of music outlive all around the world. One such is hip skip which reflects the feel that women are objects to be used and disposed of they do not have either value. It is assumed that anyone who would listen to such music would get against the female population since music does affect the emotions and habits of the listener. Powell has argued that such sexism exists in hip hop in order to silence feminist critiques of the culture (McLune). However, what about the fact that the females grow up in such an environment as well yet their character is not questioned like that of black men? If we look at Powells argument it would be very apparent that it is perfectly okay for sexism to exist if there is the phenomenon of poverty. This, however, makes no sense because whites can also do what black men do, there existence no deflexion between them besides the colour of their skin. If there is no such difference where does the difference occur in sexism in music? And then there is the fact that female rappers also exist. How can a person go against his own kind like these women who talk shit about the balance wheel of the female population? Of course, they mean it for the actual bitchy women, and not everyone. But is this excuse even reasoned? Music has a psychological look to it and it can affect an individual very positively or controvertly, depending on the kind of music being listened to. It can improve a persons cordial health, calm and relax him and prove to be intellectually stimulating. Such is the case with adults, teens and children alike. Music has an effect on our emotions and affects the elan we think. Through music we can successfully communicate and discuss concepts. Music is a way of life. It even unites people and bridges gaps among those who may not have anything else in common. It soothes us and conveys a nub of brotherhood. Music is something which awakens from the extreme depth of a persons soul, his emotion and gum olibanum it is an important aspect to be studied in emotion psychology. Every kind of music has its own way and thus a distinct interpretation. It all depends on the composer that is how he chooses to convey his message, whether it is in sadness, loyalty, anger or any other emotion. In fact, music has proven to be a very emotional communication tool. The kind of music we listen to can have a great effect on the kind of person we are and the type of personality we adopt. The intensity and frequency of music can surely affect our mental health, whether it is positively or negatively since that depends on what kind we are listening to. However, an argument presented by (Jones) says that gaga media is good for kids. We just talked about the different genres of music affecting people in different ways, with the violent, negative and strong music disturbing individuals and negatively affecting their habits and

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