Sunday, June 9, 2019

A survey on knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of young adults about Essay

A survey on knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of young adults about health promotion and stub disease - Essay ExampleThe study can also include the Preventive Medicine Attitudes and Activities Questionnaire (PMAAQ).Survey type research studies usually have large samples because the percentage of responses generally happens to be low. Thus, the survey method gathers data from a relatively large number of cases at a particular time. The degree of preciseness increases if the sample size is larger and decreases if the sample size is smaller. Power analysis helps to determine the sample size. About 500 subjects can be included for this study. mathematical function of this research is to explore the young adults knowledge, attitudes and behavior about health promotion and heart disease. In health and human development, young adulthood is considered to be the gift between adolescence and adulthood, roughly ages 16 to 30. Literatures show that generally young adults had a poor degree o f knowledge and poor health behavior related to heart disease.The study participants will be administered with a structured questionnaire. Otherwise, the questionnaire can be mailed to the respondents with a request to return after completing the same. The participants are cognizant to answer all the questions.

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