Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Marketing report 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing report 1 - Essay Example Reports from social media comment that 75% of internet users actively participate in social platforms, which shows that online review of products will continue, and companies will not have control of the same. Similarly, consumer preferences are dynamic; hence, consumers are gradually becoming the brand managers. From such a standpoint, the consumers will continue sharing their opinions because they want companies to make or produce products in a particular manner. Such has a variety of implications, one; consumers are going to rely on online reviews to consider buying or consuming particular products. In addition, marketing will take a different dimension, in that; the ads on different products will gradually lose meaning. This means that, the message on a certain product will not serve as a motivator to consuming behavior. In other words, brands will not control the message because consumers are gradually becoming brand managers for the products they consume. Companies that fear online brand review should change their tact. Doing so is strategic, and consumers will find a sense of belonging, in that; they can give, their opinions and companies use them to create preferred products. Similarly, the feedbacks are not only beneficial to consumers, but also offer insight to marketers; hence, they can incorporate user-generated reviews into their marketing strategies (Adamczyk). Concerning the function of social media in marketing, the Gap Model of Service Quality applies. From the article, it is evident that renowned brands are shunning consumers from giving their feedbacks, particularly negative reviews for their products. However, considering that the consumers are becoming brand managers; therefore, there is a clear gap. The online reviews are suggestions on what the consumers expect, and what companies perceive they want. As for such, the companies fail to appreciate the consumer’s

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