Friday, September 13, 2019

Making Choices about Exigency, Genre, and Readership Essay - 1

Making Choices about Exigency, Genre, and Readership - Essay Example Thinking about genre will enable the writer to consider the style and manner of writing. Considering about readership will compel the writer to engage with the subject being written and not just to write to comply to the requirements of an assignment. I have to admit that the only person I thought of in my previous writing classes is my teacher on how to satisfy him or her so I can get better grade. Writing for an ideal community of readers compels me to find ways to meet the expectations of those who are already interested in my topic and for them to consider my perspective, accept my explanations, arguments and proposals. Writing for a class is primarily motivated by compliance or as a response to the requirement of a class. This may or may not engage the writer as he or she writes the paper. Writing for â€Å"real† readers on the other hand, engages the writer about the subject being written in order to convince its real readers to adopt his or her point of view or be convince with the persuasion of the

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