Thursday, February 21, 2019

Created in the Image of God Essay

The opus Created in the Image of graven go out is express that everyone is special and no human life should be wasted because God wonders us wholly equally and has a plan for everyone. This theme excessively explains that everyone is created divers(prenominal)ly for a reason. The yell Dont Laugh at Me is about the people in the world that ar made diversion of and Mark Wills is saying that in Gods were all the same.The stress Dont Laugh at Me represents the theme Created in the image of God because Mark Wills is explaining that God made us all different for a reason and he loves us all equally and we shouldnt be treated different because we have braces or because we atomic number 18 blind we should all be treated the same. The theme of Narcissism is a self-centered love. Narcissism is when you love the focusing you look more than you love others, it is being obsessed with the way you look.The TV show Jersey land is a show where there are eight people surviving in a ho use and they go partying every night and they are all obsessed with the way they look. The TV show Jersey prop up represents the theme of Narcissism because the cast members of Jersey shore are all obsessed with the way they look, they go to the gym every day, they spend way too much time on their hair and on their clothes. The theme When Love Goes Wrong is explaining to us when we should k outright that your relationship is not pricey anymore and if we realize these things happening in our relationship, we should get out of the relationship.The song The Best Days of Your aliveness is about a guy victimize on his girlfriend and he got the other girl pregnant. His girlfriend is now trying to get over him. The song The Best Days of Your Life represents the theme When Love Goes Wrong because the couple in the song, their relationship was finished when the boyfriend cheated on his girlfriend. The theme of inclusivity is including everyone and making them feel welcome eventide if y ou arent best friends with them.The picture I chose of children melt downing shows the three children seated down matching and one child standing and it represents the three children let the one child play with them. The picture of children playing represents the theme of Inclusivity because these children are letting the one child play with them even though they whitethorn not like that child, they are being nice and letting him play with them, because they are doing the catholic thing to do by letting him play with them.

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