Saturday, February 2, 2019

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Education     In some different ways, the Statesn cultural life during the Jeffersonian Era began to out as a reflection of the Republican vision of the future. The Republicans had observed some(prenominal) modernizing trends, some of them favorable and others detrimental to their view of an ideal rescript. American theology began to adjust to the spread of Enlightenment philosophies. However, one of the most notable alterations was the sore emphasis placed upon education. As more and more opportunities for learning arose, the nations literary and artistic life began to digress from the European influences which had governed early colonial society for years. In many respects, the forward-looking culture was the antithesis of many Republican ideals, and the new education system fell into that category.      The foundation of the Republican conception of America was based upon a virtuous and educated population Jefferson himself called for a charge up against ignorance. Unmistakably, the Republicans believed that a nationwide system of schools should be created to produce the first reel of an educated populace, which they believed was necessary to the advancement of society. Under the Republican view, all dust coat male citizens would receive a free education. Nonetheless, they were unable to actualize that ideal. However, many of the Republican efforts to better education would in turn spur a movement later on in which an erudite society would thrive...

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