Sunday, February 3, 2019

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     I for one think that driving a car is swordplay. I alike think that during the hot summer, when you are out in the sunniness, it is nice to communicate a little damp and cool absent. Driving convertibles is also nifty in the summer if you have the top down, so you get a chilled breeze through your hair. And since I like those things you would think that being a little damp would help someone deterrent cool and having fun in the sun while driving your convertible. But I imbed out that people weart appreciate you helping them stay cool and moisturized while they are driving in the ferocious sun.     As it turns out, most people or a 25 year old male with dark hair, a dark complexion, and a red convertible, dont like you assisting them in the process of beating the heat. They find it kinda rude actu exclusivelyy, especially when they are driving in their nice sweet car. I for one, would especially appreciate some hooligan kids hi tting me with a water balloon to cool me down. A splendid display of sympathetic kindness if I was driving in ninety degree weather. non to mention the fact that there would be a blazing sun that would be beating down on my neck constantly. Also I would, and did find it quite funny.     It was the summer of my eighth grade year. Alex, Rudy and I were bore rigid. We could find nothing to do in my room or my house. We had already rode our bikes, played Nintendo, and trashed my room. Then we saw them. They came to us vivid and glowing. The answer to all of our problems. No longer would we be jaded, but we would rise up off the couch and enjoy ourselves. While at the same time doing our confrere humans that happened to drive by us a favor. We picked up the balloons and modify the tub, we were going ballooning.     All three of us grabbed a 20 congius bucket from the garage, and loaded it up with thirteen or fourteen balloons. We do drugs the m painfully, as we had filled them up with too much water, to our campsite in the shade. After a couple of missed shots, our one chance for the eventual(prenominal) "favor" came to us. Coming towards us at a whopping 25 miles per hour, the red convertible drove nearer towards us, and our desire to help a fellow human being got stronger.

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