Monday, February 4, 2019

Technology in Education Essay -- Technological Classroom Computers Ess

engine room in EducationIn our lives today we expect technology to make a difference, and particularly in furthering our preparation. We see technologies effects as beneficial. We look for it to change, and improve, what has come before it. Technology is the set of means without which certain kinds of constructive activity would be almost impossible. It supports our efforts to appeal to different learning styles which give us a course to interact with each other and extend the learning experiences. It is a adept way to extend the essential skills and knowledge of students. By integrating technology into our educational programs it provides students with additional tools to enhance their learning. Technology allows us to demonstrate article of belief strategies and also provide teachers with skills to succeed in the classroom. It changes the structure and the manor in which we learn. Such technologies used in education from the past, present and beyond atomic number 18 the t ypewriter, computer games, internet, and communication.The relationship between technology and education can be characterized as a process of change and innovation. In the beginning societies depended on oral communication then the written language was developed. Making an first principle made learning to read and write much easier then in the past. As technologies of written language became prevalent and more people became literate social structures formed. The next big step towards a better education was the industrial revolution. The technology that occurred during the revolution created a need for workers in the fresh created factories shifting learning to prepare kids to work in much(prenominal) factories. Technologies such as the typewriter and printing press made it easier to make documents i... ...k/elearning/story/0,10577,1336801,00.html6. Hinchliffe, Lisa ( 2002) parcel Early Childhood Teacher Education Learn about the meshwork ( 2004) arly puerility.html-19k7. New Horizons for Learning (2002, September) http//www.newhorizons.org8. Christopher Latham Sholes (2005, March) Typewriter http// Kerr, Stephen T and Rehage, Kenneth(eds.) (1996) Technology and the prospective of schooling. Chicago The University of Chicago Press10. Isenberg, Joan P. (2003) Major trends and issues in early childhood education Challenges, controversies, and insights. New York Teachers College Press11. Monroe, Barbra Jean (2004) Crossing the digital classify race, writing, and technology in the classroom. New York Teachers College Press.

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