Thursday, March 28, 2019

Gymnastics Essay -- Sports, Oldest Sports

Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, dedication, and determination. However, gymnastics also requires the ability to be graceful and delicate. For legion(predicate) years people obtain been dedicating themselves to this sport, training for either artistic or rhythmic gymnastics.The sport of gymnastics has been around for many years. Originating around 2,500 years ago makes it one of the oldest sports. People believe that the premier(prenominal) apparatus used was actually a bull. Men would grab onto the bulls horns and when they were propel in the air they would try to perform the best stunt sooner landing (Gutman, 1).Gymnastics originated in Greece where they believed that physical fitness was very important, still only to work force. It was so important that there was an open-air gymnasium in every city. The gymnasiums were also used as schools where philosophy, literature, and music were taught. The athletes, who were only men eighteen and olde r, trained all day every day. When they would compete they threw the javelin, climbed ropes, ran races, wrestled, and move weights. The athletes would perform without clothes on, and all women were forbidden to watch. Unlike Greece the Emperor of capital of Italy closed all the gymnasiums in A.D. 393 (Gutman, 2-3, 5).Years later around 1800 a German man named Johann Frederich Guts Muths developed a system of exercises that were ground off the exercises that the Greeks used. He also added climbing, balance causas, and military drills. Muths also wrote the primary real book on gymnastics (Gutman, 6).According to Gutman the true let of gymnastics was a German professor named Frederich Ludwig Jahn. He opened the early modern gymnasium around Berlin in 1811 and modeled it after the ancie... ...ragg, 22).The ordinal and last event is the horizontal bar. It is eight feet long and hangs eight feet to a higher place the floor. Gymnasts perform skills similar to the skills th at women perform on the uneven bars (Bragg, 23).The scrap and less known type of gymnastics is rhythmic gymnastics. It is performed on equivalent floor as artistic gymnastics and gymnasts show body movement and dance moves long with music. At the same time, they have to handle a small apparatus such as a rope, hoop, ball, clubs, or ribbon. The routines pot also be performed in groups of five people performing simultaneously (World, 2).The sport of gymnastics is known to be demanding and it requires a great learn of determination and dedication. However, it is becoming an increasingly popular sport. For thousands of years people have dedicated their lives to artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.

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