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Is Stereotyping Contagious? Essay -- essays research papers fc

Is Stereotyping Contagious?"Recent enquiry indicates that the gap between potent and female students mathematics achievement is gradually beginning to diminish (Gutbezahl, 1995) however, female students argon still underrepresented in advanced mathematics classes as well as in careers involving mathematics (Kerr,1994 demo & Maple, 1996)" (Drzewiecki and Westberg 1). This should concern lodge including parents, teachers, and students. Carmen Keller is nonpareil that has explored the topic of a male driven mathematical field. The goal in her clause, " Effect of Teachers Stereotyping on Students Stereotyping of maths as a Male Domain" is to discover and prove one aspect to this male domain. This being, students of teachers who run for to stereotype mathematics also tend to stereotype mathematics. Throughout the entire article, Keller supports her thesis actually well. The data she uncovers and develops is reliable, because she considers and eliminates featu res that could possibly factor into her research. She controls external and internal influences such as drill grade, school track, previous achievement and interest and self-confidence, respectively. Great research data and psychoanalysis helps the reader feel supported and the logical information helps connect society and sciences. The stick toing information is a summary of the data and interpretations provided in Carmen Kellers article represent in The Journal of Social Psychology.Keller examines an internal influence that make education, students perception of mathematics as a male domain. With support of other research she provides, in short, the students beliefs and their performance are correlated. Meaning that when comparing graphs of student beliefs on gender success in mathematics and actual success, the graphs follow a similar pattern. Through personal experience, I have make this to be true. Students that have positive views about a particular bailiwick tend to be more interested, thus performing better. This also whole kit on the other end of the spectrum. Negative views deem less effort, which produces results on a lower floor possible accomplishment. The student is not all at fault for these beliefs they are influence by an international source in some way. Whether this outside influence is a fellow student, parents, siblings or teachers I feel I still need some more proof. Keller is tryi... ...nces that she did not control. Carmen Kellers article was very informative. Some of the data may have been slightly complicated for an average out consumer, not educated in statistics. I have always questioned why I have found more males in my math classes passim my education and while researching my possible mathematical careers. nary(prenominal), after reading Kellers article, I have more of an understanding about one of the contributing factors found in the gender-divided mathematical field.Works CitedDrzewiecki, L. and Westberg, K. &quo tGender Differences in High drill Students Attitudes Toward Mathematics in Traditional Versus Cooperative Groups." The National Research nucleus on the Gifted and Talented. 1997, Spring Newsletter.Gutbezahl, J. "How Negative Expectancies and Attitudes Undermine Females Math self-assertion and Performance A Review of the Literature." ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 380 279. 1995. Kerr, B., "Smart girls too." Ohio Psychological Press 1994.Stage, F. K., and Maple, S. A., "Incompatible Goals Narratives of Graduate Women in the Mathematics Pipeline." American Educational Research Journal (1996) 33, 23-51.

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