Monday, March 25, 2019

The Mr. T. Experience, Yo La Tengo, and The Knitting Factory?...Oh... :: Free Essays Online

The Mr. T. Experience, Yo La Tengo, and The Knitting Factory?...Oh... Tonight at Tramps, Chisel, fuzzy and Velocity Girl, seven dollar cover, all ages. Before I became indie reel literate I would not tolerate been able to record the above quote from a concert flier. Someone who is indie rock illiterate might read it as an add for a brothel, featuring the intake of tools, and hairy fast women of all ages. On the other hand, someone who is indie rock literate would bash to read it as tonight at the concert venue called Tramps there will be a scan featuring the bands Chisel, Fuzzy and Velocity Girl, it costs seven dollars to get in and you may be any age to attend. I used to watch my friends mike and Zoe with awe and jealousy. They had found a way into the seemingly elite populace of indie rock (independent rock music). They bought the records, wore the clothes, and close to importantly they spoke the row. The language was one that sounded a lot like English, but it was fill ed with actors line and phrases like Brownies, Bikini Kill, and all ages show. It was clear that although these could be taken as normal English words they had other meanings, meanings with which I was not familiar. I wondered how these friends of mine had managed to obtain their passports into this land of mystery, wonder, and seven-inch singles. I now know that there is not a secret handshake that gets a psyche into the indie rock scene. Nor is there a panel of ultra-cool guardians hiding extinct in rock clubs deciding whos in and whos out. There is merely a certain type of literacy that one eventually picks up if one observes and listens and lets oneself drop dead part of the scene. Just like any other kind of literacy, nothing is born with it, it needs to be learned. My transition from illiteracy to literacy in this body politic has become something of a blur for me. Im not sure when or how I became indie rock literate, but I am now. One of the most important aspects of t his form of literacy is that it enables me to talk to people about something that I am interested in. Being indie rock literate, it is easier to clearly convey thoughts and ideas that have to do with the world that particular subculture within American popular culture.

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