Friday, April 19, 2019

Recruitment and Staff Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Recruitment and Staff Selection - Essay ExampleOnline advertising centeringes on reaching to extended audience from different geographical locations and provide the candidates with detailed culture on the drill process, company information and site tours to generate interest among candidates to apply. Effective strategies applied in designing of enlisting ads include content layout that spells consistency in origination, clarity in communication of job responsibilities, company information and desired candidate profile.For the purpose of illustrating the strategies for designing an effective job posting, the paper analyses two job postings for medical exam assistant (provided as annexure). The first ad posting is for a medical assistant in position Specialty Clinic located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The advertisement provides the audience with a bold heading in blue stating the job position, location, name of clinic and the department for which the vacancy is posted. This provide s the audience with the vital job information and those who are not interested in the given location, position or department do not contrive to waste time reading through the whole advertising. The body of the advertisement begins with an introduction to the healthcare arrangement and provides the job-seeker with the reasons why they should join this organization. This is followed by a description of medical assistant, associated job responsibilities and the qualifications the potential candidate must have in order to apply for the position.The second advertisement follows a similar pattern however, the presentation is more effective since all the points are mentioned in distinct paragraphs and bullet points are used to focus the essential requirements. This posting provides the candidates with detailed information on the salary range and employee benefits. The primary difference among both the advertisements is the use of content and

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