Saturday, April 20, 2019

United States Probation Officer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

United States Probation Officer - Essay ExampleFurther, serving as a witness in lamentable court proceedings shows my commitment to justice and offenders behaviour modulation. I have also been able to engage in security circulation activities amongst clients and colleagues, acquiring vital verbal and written communication skills in the process. These skills allow be paramount in successful execution of my duties as a probation officer.I will be highly honored to use learnt skills, to serve the community, as a probation officer with the United States Probation Department in New York. I am up to the challenge of serving as a proficient sociable worker capable of handling the wide array of offenders, together with their families whether in court, prisons or even in mainstream community. I will fulfil my duties with diligence, to foster the departments success in rehabilitating offenders and preventing them from reengaging in criminal activity. I intend to achieve this by challenging offenders behavior, and helping them reform their attitude and demeanor, thus defend the general public from possibly of multiple offenses. I have also committed myself to learning large number and their behaviour, as part of my passion for law enforcement and due to recognizing the fact that a probation officer deals with diverse personalities and duties. unconstipated though a career in law enforcement is bound to be challenging, I am confident(p) that being a federal probation officer will give me a unique opportunity to optimally utilize my analytical, academic and immense work experience. I recognize that a principal part of my lineage will entail extensive interaction with law enforcement agencies and justice establishments like courts of law. For instance, in order to go through that offenders abide by the law I will need court orders and decrees to set offenders in the upright path toward correction. Further, in the course of administering my duties to the community, I will need to advise individuals to seek justice from the courts

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