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The author of this novel, Nathaniel Hawthorne, is mostly known for his unique and descriptive writing style. In The Scarlet Letter, he describes his repri earthly concernd of the leading characters morals clearly. For example, before Hester Prynne emerges from the cold and dark prison, she is scorned by a group of women who believe in a harsher penalisation for Hester. Meaning, instead of being made to stand on the scaffold bearing the scarlet letter on her bosom, they suggest that she she should be put to death or have it branded into her skin, precisely on her forehead. Since early times, Puritans have had the reputation for strong discipline, their religious beliefs, and harsh punishment for those defying their beliefs. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a novel that portrays the Puritans as cold and unfeeling.The Puritans feelings were so lacking of compassion that they were stern enough to look upon her deathwithout a murmur only when had none of the heartlessness of another social state. This quote depicts that when the public is faced with a death of a sinner, they would absolutely have no reaction what so ever. These worries and c at one timerns are focused on a passage in chapter one in which Hester is being nagged by a harsh group of women. The one woman, perchance the ugliest of them all, goes too far in advocating the death of Hester due to jealousy Nathaniels whole step reveals how he feels towards the Puritan society. He begins early in the novel by describing the Puritans as being of the most intolerant brood, stating the lack of understanding they had toward one another. Finding out about Hester and her beautiful baby Pearl, the town at once without any word from Hester filled their hearts with hatred towards the two. Meager, indeed, and cold was the sympathy that the Puritans offered against Hester in her vulnerable moments aloft the scaffold. Again, Hawthornes choice of words indicates his harsh tone towards Puritanism. Nathani el Hawthorne shows again that the Puritan society as cold and unfeeling in his descriptions of Roger Chillingworth and his reaction to relationships. In his search for revenge, Chillingworth responds to his adultery prone wife by sacrificing his flavor in order to figure out her secret lover. He used be a scholar but now is disguised as a doctor who put forth his best years, to feed the hungry dream of knowledge, but now he is out for something else, revenge on the one man who made love to his wife.

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