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A Guide to the Not So Wonderful World of lysergic acid diethylamideDiscovery of lysergic acid diethylamideLSD (Lysergic pane of glass diethylamide) come from a fungus that grows on rye and other grains. Albert Hofmann, working at Sandoz, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, produced LSD for the first time in 1938. He was hoping that it could be used to stimulate circulation and respiration, though this idea failed. Hofmann forgot about the new found drug, and didnt use it for five years. In 1943 he accident bothy ingested LSD and experienced some effects of the drug, such as visual distortion, dizziness and restlessness. He experienced the drug again, though this time not on accident.Forms of LSDLSD can come in many different forms. Three more greenness forms are paper blotter, liquid, & gelatin. Paper blotter, the most common form of all, comes divided into " squares called tabs. These tabs usually have between 30 - 100 ug of LSD. These papers are made by taking a sheet of sor befacient paper, usually decorated, and soaking it with a dilution of LSD. All the dilutions are not the same, for the can vary greatly from batch to batch, LSD2and there is no elbow room of telling exactly how much LSD is on it.     Liquid LSD is usually water based, though it can be based with other solvents. A single drop of liquid LSD could be up to 50 times stronger the regular paper blotter because it is more than the normal dose. It is not all that common for people to address liquid LSD because there is no way to be sure of its potency. It is usually stored in small eye dropper bottles.     Gelatin LSD, also known as "window panes", is made by mixing liquid LSD with gelatin. It has to be formed into small, thin squares after that. A single gelatin tab usually has around 50 - 150 ug of LSD. This method of making LSD is generally better because it protects the LSD from being assailable to the air and sun, which can break down the drug.Cost of LSDWhen LSD is sold as paper blotter, the price usually ranges from 3 - 10 dollars per hit, though it can be more expensive depending on where it is sold. Being sold from friend to friend it is usually less, but places such as raves will sell it for more. Less common LSD will go for more money then blotter paper will.

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